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    Rimmer’s shrug and shake of the head as he desperately tries to think of something to say to Lister and reluctantly comes up with “how are you”. He manages to not even make it sound like a question.

    Lister’s sincere salute at the end when Rimmer comes in to be switched off.

    Both tiny moments, and not that funny, but they really add something to the episode.



    I was watching Me2 last night too and was thinking a lot the same thing, it really feels like everyone is settled into the roles and everything has been thought through a bit more, allowing for those little moments to come through.

    Craig has to do a lot of acting on his own too, talking to himself and making up little games etc, and you can see Craig is having a lot of fun with it.

    And I have, quite unintentionally, just read the turning off scene in IWCD this morning too. The one thing that sticks out is Cats inclusion in the episode. He doesn’t need to be there, but just having him off in the corner making snark remarks adds a little humour to an otherwise sombre scene.



    Yeah, Cat’s little interjections are a great way of bringing him in without him having care about any of it.

    Still not sure about him shitting in the cupboard though.



    It was Rob and Doug trying to give him more Cat like characteristics wasn’t it. He pissed in a locker in the book. I quite like it to be honest. He is really heavy on the cat stuff in I and a bit of II, then III on wards it tones down which can be read as him hanging around Lister and Rimmer more, he starts to act more like them.



    Yeah, I get that, it just seems a bit odd that he’s domesticated to an extent but still had a dump in a wardrobe.

    But I guess it’s no sillier than him washing his clothes with his tongue, which always makes me laugh.

    They returned to the cat characteristics a little bit later with the smell-powers for piloting Starbug, but I can’t think of much other than that.



    Presumably he licked his own arsehole back then too. What a long way he has come by the time of Dear Dave when he needs toilet paper



    They should have gone the whole hog and had him piss everywhere to mark his territory rather than just using that aerosol.


    International Debris

    The whole hog? Like it wasn’t hard

    Sorry I can’t do it



    > They returned to the cat characteristics a little bit later with the smell-powers for piloting Starbug, but I can’t think of much other than that.



    Plastic Percy

    I think the original intention for Cat was that he’d always be sort of aloof and off doing his own thing, rather than hanging around with Rimmer and Lister too much. Much like your average cat tends to do.



    I just started binge watching the show again…… for the millionth time lol. Just finished series 1 and will starting on series 2 later on this evening. Me2 was always way up there in my favorite episodes, just so much going on and all of it great. Mr. Barrie gave a virtuoso performance indeed. But then ….. so did Mr. Charles ……

    Anyway, as far as Cat crapping in the closet I always assumed that was just a “lets fuck with Rimmer” thing and not something he did as a matter of course.

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