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    So as a random tweet yesterday I asked Norman whether, once Series XI is confirmed, he would like to reprise his Holly role, or whether that gig had been and gone now. To which he replied:

    It’s not up to me but I wouldn’t mind doing a Holly episode.

    So whilst a full time return looks unlikely, the premise of a reoccurring guest role for Holly would be something interesting at least! To be fair Holly’s old role was devoured by Kryten anyway, so a regular role would be a waste. However if the plot was written in a Queeg style and gave the character purpose, it could prove a hit.

    What do we think?


    Well it depends on whether the character is worth bringing back and I don’t think shklee is for a whole series. Guest role and/or flashbacks maybe but Holly returning for the sake of a recognisable face is pointless.

    We have Taiwan Tony now.

    Stephen R. Fletcher

    Guest role and/or flashbacks maybe but Holly returning for the sake of a recognisable face is pointless.

    Series VIII is a good example of that, IMO; Holly barely appeared in the episodes and didn’t get to do much – which was why they got rid of the character in the first place. The problem that Rob & Doug had with him/her in Series V (or III-V) wasn’t really fixed and he just seemed to be there for the sake of it.


    Perhaps they could bring him ‘out of retirement’ in a similar way to booting up Pree, only for him to be so useless, they realise that that was exactly why they retired him (after he’d dried out, post BtE) in the first place.


    I’m torn, tbh. I would like to see Holly back in some capacity, but I’d rather it was Hattie. Not so much because of Norman’s past behaviour (which he seems to regret now), more because I always preferred her version.

    Someone on TOS suggested a one-off ep bringing them both back, which could be a nice tribute to the character and would also be fair to both actors.


    The Dwarfers perform a program recovery but the Holly that returns turns out to be a massive virus which glitches between both versions in a manner eerily similar to P2P’s RD IX fan trailer. They end up having to kill Holly for good and everyone is very sad.

    Then one of the dispensers makes sex noises.


    My gut reaction is, no. Even if it were an episode such as Si describes, I’d be afraid of it feeling gimmicky or contrived a la Duane and Ace in “Emohawk” (especially since we already had that storyline with “Fathers and Suns”). If Doug could avoid that, and give Holly some solid woofers, then I guess I’d be willing to give that idea a chance – but Doug would be setting himself one tough writing assignment.

    As for bringing back the character full-time, I agree with Stephen and Ridley that it wouldn’t work. Having said that, if an episode contains good jokes and/or character development, I’ll probably like it at least partially.


    I missed P2P’s RD IX fan trailer! *off to YouTube


    I think Holly could be brought back in a battle against the Space Corps computer they seem to have been lumbered with during Series X.


    They should bring back Norman to play Hattie.

    Pete Part Three

    Norman’s hair is now far too long for a computer.


    They should bring back Norman to play Hattie

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner.


    “You can’t go home again”
    ― Thomas Wolfe

    It’s been too long, but I would like to see him again!

    Maybe an episode where they come across another model mining ship the same as theirs that was lost.

    Anything is possible in Sic-Fi. This is why Doug gets the big bucks!


    Bring back Norman and Hattie for one episode. I’m sure Doug can write around that one.

    Tarka Dal

    Like Marooned, but with just computers.


    Only if he’s still got that spot in the middle of his massive fuck-off forehead. Bald as a cunt.

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