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    i remember as a kid (probably not understanding sarcasm or understated humour that well) I had an idea, from something I had read, that Grant and Naylor were very reclusive to an unusual level. Like they were never photographed or interviewed and no fan had ever seen them or spoke to them. One of the Red Dwarf related books I read had a blurry photo of them with hoods up looking away and a funny caption like “they don’t post for photographs and don’t like to chat” or something similar.



    You might get that impression if you didn’t see them interviewed on TV/Smegazine and were basing things on their book introductions, where they liked to make shit up to keep some of the series’ origins enigmatic, maybe not realising how many of their fans were young and/or gullible and wouldn’t realise they were joking.

    Their Red Dwarf Companion introduction narrates a fictional story about a prefect named Rimmer, but I think they did go to school with a (male) Kochanski? The original beer mat™ in the Omnibus book isn’t real. I wonder if their favourite colour’s even orange.



    >their favourite colour is orange

    Does that mean one of them liked red and the other liked yellow? If so, it only took me 20+ years to get there.



    When I first saw Back To Earth, I thought the Creator character was legitimately played by Doug Naylor and that this was the actual creator of Red Dwarf since I had never seen him before. Imagine my shock when I saw the real Doug Naylor on the documentary and he was just a friendly bald man rather than some psycho with safety goggles and a stupid coat



    The first time I saw a photo of Doug was in the Last Human hardback book cover, when I was surprised to see a friendly looking man in a nice shirt. For some reason (those various magazine comments etc) I thought they were like real life Dibbleys and wore thick glasses and wooly hats all the time and never smiled.

    However, even a a kid I figured out the “beer mat” was a joke, because it implied they had created Doctor Who and Bill n’ Ted.



    > Their Red Dwarf Companion introduction narrates a fictional story about a prefect named Rimmer, but I think they did go to school with a (male) Kochanski?

    Can’t remember where but I think they’ve claimed a few of the original crew were named after people they went to school with, possibly including Lister and Rimmer, and Kochanski was the school bully.
    Incidentally, I noticed the other day that in the first novel Kochanski has a book called Learn Japanese by Dr P. Brewis. Rob and Doug worked with the composer Peter Brewis on Spitting Image and Son of Cliché. We all know about Gwenlyn. Anyone know of any other examples of this kind of in-jokey stuff?


    Pete Part Three

    Sam Murray, Peter Tranter pop up a couple of times in Red Dwarf history as different characters, so they were names they liked revisiting, or possibly real people.

    Not sure whether there was a genuine mystery about them. Rob is in Backwards, of course. And there were photo of the both of them in the Official Companion which was released in 1992.



    Ronald Littlewood from Give And Take was based on someone Doug knew irl too


    Bargain Bin Holly

    Maybe Ronald Littlewood was like Christopher White and requested a namedrop in an episode. Would explain Snacky’s mention of Mr. Littlewood having no effect on the plot whatsoever.


    Bargain Bin Holly

    Rob is in Backwards, of course.

    Doesn’t Doug also cameo in Krytie TV, I’ve heard this but everytime I watch the part he’s apparently in (the Attack of the Savage Completely Invisible Aliens) I can never spot him



    No I think that was just a rumour


    Ben Saunders

    There’s photos of them in that book about making Gunmen which I had as a child so I never got that impression

    My dad told me a story of when he was at a convention and asked one of the cast members where another one of the cast members was and they replied “down by the toilets where they belong” and I thought for years that that wasn’t a joke and that they’d all had a viscious falling out



    I’ve often wondered if Dave Hollins was named after Hollins Road in Oldham.



    Is it a coincidence that you get Hollister’s name by combining Holly and Lister?






    You can get Hollister’s first name by combining Todhunter’s first name with Rimmer’s uncle’s first name too.

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