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    Seb Patrick

    Just to keep it out of the Batman thread (Marvel/DC crossover? NEVER!)… yes, I rather enjoyed that. Not quite a Spider-Man or X2, but nevertheless a terrifically entertaining Saturday night popcorn flick. The post-credits sequence was great (only about ten or so people in my cinema stayed for it, but they all cheered and applauded when he said “Avenger Initiative”), and much as I’m not hugely optimistic for Hulk, I’m going to have to see it for the universe-building if nothing else.

    I can’t believe Robert Downey Jr has never really headlined a top-line film like that before (well, I can, because of what’s happened to him, but still)… he was effortlessly great. Really liked Gwyneth, too (especially with red hair). There were a handful of duff notes, but largely it was just rip-roaring kickass funness. Amazing, though, that probably the best bits involved RDJ interacting with little robots (and robots that were skutter ripoffs, to boot!)

    I liked how they did “Jarvis”, as well… although didn’t clock that the familiar voice was Paul Bettany until the credits!


    The second Hulk trailer – as opposed to the teaser – let me a little more hopeful. I’m bound to be disappointed, simply because I really did like Ang Lee’s film, but I more keen than I was.

    I thought Iron Man was a blast. It did what the Fantastic Four films were attempting and stumbling over – a tone that played for pure popcorn, with a stack of good jokes, neat images, and spot-on casting choices, all working in the same direction. You get a film that’s never going for ‘dark’ instead of ‘comic book credible’.

    Maybe light on action – though I liked the last act more than most seemed to – but it did way more right than wrong. Empire’s three-star review seems sniffy, too. (They don’t have to be Batman Begins/Superman Returns to be ‘worthy’.)

    Unsung thingy: Gwyneth being given freckles to suit the hair colour. Rarely done, and it makes a lot of difference. Most actresses will allow the dye job, but when did you last see ‘flaws’ willingly added to a blockbuster’s leading lady this way?

    Seb Patrick

    You know, Rachel and I were talking about this, as I did notice it – it seemed strange to me that they’d actually add freckles to someone (of course, speaking as someone who really likes ’em, it’s No Bad Thing – I will never understand the majority of people’s aversion to them) – so I wondered if it wasn’t actually her natural colour and she’s just been dyeing it for years. Apparently not, though…

    Ben Paddon

    I did a Guybrush Threepwood review of Iron Man yesterday on my way out of the theater: “That’s the second-best comicbook movie I’ve ever seen!”

    I imagine that’ll change when The Dork Knight comes out, though.


    I liked it, despite being two hours I actually came away feeling it was, of all things, too short. Thought the main villain was an obvious one too. Not the character, the set up. I’d kinda hoped the terrorist thing would have went on till the end with an all out, knock down, drag out, robotsuit brawl. It did show how the less popular comic heroes should be done, like Blade did.

    Has there been backlash from the hardcore regular universe/616 fans on things like Jarvis? I’ve read that the Thor movie is going to be, or at least implied, to take place mostly in Asgard but I only want to see the Ultimate hippy/Jesus version :(


    > I?ve read that the Thor movie is going to be, or at least implied, to take place mostly in Asgard but I only want to see the Ultimate hippy/Jesus version :(

    I would love it if they went the cheese route and had it in Asgard with everyone talking like Thor did in Thor: Vikings but I have a suspicion that would put a lot of people off and wouldn’t be taken seriously at all, even for a comic film about a Norse God. So I’d be surprised if it wasn’t an Ultimate Thor-ish type of film.

    The Jarvis thing didn’t bother me, but I have let my caring about stuff like that slip in the last five or so years.

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