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    Was it the Star that ran the bin men story originally?

    Bating the tiger again. Exagerated, out of context and apart from anything else a really weak picture caption pun. Pathetic paper.


    Seb Patrick

    “His diatribe didn?t end there and John- Jules even directed his fury at race supremo Trevor Phillips, something that could land him bosses.”

    Yeah, you want to be careful about landing those bosses.


    Does anyone really disagree with anything he said?

    Also, fucking hell, is Danny 48?


    When Danny said “What would you think if I said I don?t trust white guys?” I don’t think he was saying that he’s racist against white people.


    No that’s what I thought. They took one part of the sentence and put a spin on it.
    Still, they might have just written it for the ‘shock factor’ to get you to read the article. (Not that I’m defending them.)


    ‘Red Dwarf Actor Not Guilty Of Non-Custodial Crime After All”- Hardly a newspaper shifting headline is it? Especially considering the charges didn’t match the alleged crime that was reported anyway. The only reason this is getting any coverage at all is the return of RD generating interest- hence the slew of single sentance [sic] headlines about the RD cast (ok, mainly Craig Charles…)


    How’s the country ever going to stop being racist when that’s not what the government, or anyone high up, wants? Danny says ‘show me one positive story about a black actor’ and he’s pretty much on the money there. That’s because every story about a black actor would have to bring up race and racism because when a black actor’s involved that’s all that matters, obviously…

    Incidentally, even though they said they auditioned black actors for the 11th Doctor I’d be willing to bet ANYTHING that the BBC will have ‘advised’ Moffat to cast white. Not because THEY are racist, but because the TABLOIDS ARE. And what does Doctor Who need, lots of tabloid support, which they wouldn’t get if it was a black actor.

    Turk Thrust

    Are you serious???

    Tanya Jones

    I must have imagined all the media coverage of Paterson Joseph, then…

    Jonathan Capps

    A terrible article, based on one thing Danny said being preposterously taken out of context. He’s said some stupid things in the past (and his comments here are a little too simplistic and general) but this isn’t one of those times.

    Tarka Dal

    > I must have imagined all the media coverage of Paterson Joseph, then?

    I think he meant once the Doctor had been cast didn’t he? As opposed to speculation about his next incarnation. There’s a lot of pomp and circumstance around the potential for a Black doctor, whereas of course once they’ve done it, it ceases to be a story and instead they can all start saying how he’s not as good as Tennant. Which is totally going to happen.

    Not that I agree on the post overall btw.

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