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    A state politician on the campaign trail visits a native american homeland

    After his welcoming ceremony he is invited to speak to the elders and people of the nation.

    “I believe in equal rights and fair opportunities for native americans” he says

    the crowd responds with a low, chant-like “ummm gwalla gwalla, ummm gwalla gwalla”

    “If elected I promise to do everything in my power to ensure proper amenities are maintained in your community”

    “ummm gwalla gwalla, ummmm gwalla gwalla”

    “I promise to give support to preserving native languages and cultures”

    “ummm gwalla gwalla, ummm gwalla gwalla”

    “this is great they are cheering every statement” thinks the politician. and on it goes. For a half hour he makes promises and statements of support each time receiving the now familiar chant.

    After his speech he is given a tour of the village and its features, rounded off with a visit to the communities pride and joy, a champion prize winning stud bison bull in its enclosure

    As he goes to climb the fence a young brave yells out

    “Careful where you step sir, plenty of ummm gwalla gwalla in there”

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