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    Just spotted this on the EPG. For at least the third time (see, Red Dwarf is somebody’s specialist subject on this Friday’s edition.


    Pete Part Three

    I have the answers, if anyone wants a cheat-sheet.

    1. Smeg
    2. 2X4B
    3. Taiwan Tony
    4. Well, it probably is de ja vu. It sounds like it.
    5. He hits his penis with a hammer
    6. Cunt
    7. I’ve always had a bit of a blind spot for sevens.
    8. He’s raped in a cupboard
    9. Ian Symes
    10. Well, it probably is de ja vu. it sounds like it.
    11. It goes up his bottom and he does a face.
    12. His football was confiscated
    13. It’s just a really odd way of lifting up a vending machine.
    14. Rob Llewellyn
    15. Homophobia
    16. She falls out of an airlock because she’s a silly woman.
    17. No, it was already a shit episode by that point anyway
    18. Bobby Moore
    19. Archie, his runaway penis.
    20. Ed Bye everybody


    Ben Paddon

    Whenever anybody mentions Mastermind all I can think of is Bill Bailey’s jaunty upbeat alternative theme for the show.



    It’s the Two Ronnies sketch for me.


    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin

    I think of an old evil-looking fellow with a dyed goatee, with a Chinese woman slouching behind him.


    Ben Saunders

    I think of that quiz show on BBC 2



    >alternative theme




    Ha I get it Ian it’s like ha that old box for lol the game Mastermind ha lol



    I forgot to watch. Save me looking on iPlayer – how hard were the questions, and how many did they get right?



    They weren’t that hard (included “what was the title of the first episode” and “who took over from Norman Lovett”), and he didn’t get any wrong. Included a couple of XI questions.


    International Debris

    Just watched it. That was staggeringly easy.



    What color is Red Dwarf?


    Ben Saunders




    “What series number is Back To Earth?”



    Wait, are you trying to tell me everybody’s dead?



    Question 1: What would Red Dwarf have been like if it had started in 1998 instead of 1988?


    Ben Saunders

    Question 2: Who played Kryten (played by Robert Llewellyn)



    Question 3: Why haven’t we combined three questions into one?



    Question 4: Should Red Dwarf have continued after Series VI?



    Question 5: What was the real reason for Rob and Doug’s breakup?



    Question 6: Which is the Favourite of Red Dwarf among the fans? they said Krytie TV but the answer was Timewave.

    The Mastermind episode is now on Youtube btw



    Question VII: Nothing else less to burn?



    question: no



    Question VIII: Would you like any toast?



    Question X: What are all the series of Red Dwarf?



    12. His football was confiscated

    Can someone please explain where this joke came from? Thanks



    Question XI: how was the Series VIII cliffhanger resolved?


    Seb Patrick

    >Can someone please explain where this joke came from? Thanks

    Multiple tellings of an anecdote in various documentaries (first one I can recall is the A-Z but it may have turned up sooner somewhere).


    Ben Saunders

    Commentaries for every series he’s in, as well.



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