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    Ben Paddon

    I’m hoping to visit my mum for her birthday this September. She’s not a well woman – last year she went into the hospital and I was told to prepare for the worst. Fortunately she pulled through, but her health has been deteriorating over the last year.

    The last time I was back in the UK was 2009. That’s nearly five and a half years ago. I still remember that trip well – John and Tanya very kindly let me and my girlfriend store some shit in their spare room for a week or so and crash on their floor the night before our flight. Seb gave me a copy of the Spider-man comic he’d prepared the story for.

    Importantly, though, it was the last time I was back in my home country. That’s five and a half years sine I last saw my mother. I don’t want something to happen to her and the last time I saw her having been half a decade ago.

    With that in mind, I started this GoFundMe fundrasier to raise the money to fly out to England in September and surprise my mum for her birthday. So far the thing’s at $1,143. I’m $457 away from being able to see my mother again. If you’re in a position to chip in, please consider doing so.

    This isn’t a Kickstarter or a pledge drive – when you make a donation it’s sent immediately, and I receive everything donated (less GoFundMe’s 5%). There’s no real deadline, but the longer it takes, the closer we get to the start of September, the pricier the ticket becomes and eventually it’ll move out of my budget.


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