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    Ben Saunders

    The Mr. Bean channel is wild, they do live streams all the time of old episodes and occasionally throw in some weird newer stuff that is clearly 1) not Rowan Atkinson and 2) aimed at children, and all the comments will suddenly turn into a wave of “this isn’t Mr. Bean” in really broken English


    International Debris

    It makes me happy that a pretty low budget ITV comedy with a tiny cast manages to remain this successful on an international level nearly 30 years after the first episode aired.



    Just took a look at it. It’s neat how they’re also making new content instead of just uploading clips of old episodes-but it’s incredibly obvious that all of the newer stuff is just Rowan Atkinson greenscreened onto a background for about a minute, and then for the rest of the video it’s just a completely different bloke’s hands moving around on a table doing weird shit


    Ben Saunders

    I found out recently that Rowan Atkinson performed all of the animated Mr. Bean episodes for the animators to base their drawings off of, and now I want to watch all the dozens of hours of that



    I understand the broad appeal, but it’s still surreal to think that my non-English-speaking nephew living on the other side of the world in 2018 is a big fan of something my nostalgia groups with The Brittas Empire and The Detectives.


    By Jove its holmes

    I managed to get BBC Local Radio interested by claiming i was a extra in Mr Bean. It didn’t go anywhere, but hey…



    I remember crying when his motor got crushed by the tank but consoled myself with the fact he was happy to have saved the lock.

    I was a sensitive child.

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