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    So I wrote to KCET asking them to please pick up Red Dwarf X. They didn’t. (I’ve toldja all this before, haven’t I?) But here’s what *has* aired in prime time this week:

    ~ “Death in Paradise,” in which Danny John-Jules plays a guy called Dwayne. This week, Don Warrington was in it, too.

    ~ “Inspector George Gently,” in which the first murder victim is called Billy Lister.

    Come on, KCET. Do me a lemon. Let me watch tv in peace without reminding me what show you’re not broadcasting.

    At least it was Billy rather than Dave (or Sebastian, for that matter); if it had been either of those I might have shot my tv with a crossbow.


    Next week, a documentary about the magazine White Dwarf


    I don’t even bother with PBS much here. There’s really no point. However, if I want to Sit and Be Fit while watching the same Bob Ross episode for the millionth time, I’m good.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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