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    has anyone else ever wondered what changes are made to the Red Dwarf episodes when they are dubbed or edited for overseas airing? there was quite a good TOS article a while back about the Czech dubs/subs of the episodes and their differences to the original (small off-duty tasmanian traffic warden, 14 year old wife etc.) and there’s a G&T article about how edited-down the Japanese versions of the episodes are. the titles for all of the episodes seem to be different in Japan too- for example, Justice is called Rimmer’s Sin And Punishment and Quarantine is called Holovirus Of Terror. with that in mind, does anyone know of any other interesting changes made to the episodes in different countries?


    Plastic Percy

    It wasn’t for overseas broadcasting, but edits were made to remove Lister’s virginity story and mentions of the jailbait ball girl in ‘Gunmen of the Apocalypse’, due to Craig Charles being charged with rape at the time.


    Pete Part Three




    some more of the japanese episode titles, because i find it interesting how altered they are (although in some cases i presume they have to be? there’s no japanese word for polymorph, surely)

    Kryten- Nice To Meet You, Sorrowful Android

    Meltdown- The Greatest Operation In History

    Emohawk: Polymorph 2- The Bride Is A Beauty And A Beast

    Epideme- Shut Up, Talkative Virus!

    Pete:Part 1- Those Mischief Makers on Floor 13

    Fathers And Suns- I Am My Father And My Father is Me

    the epideme re-titling is interesting because that’s exactly what i was thinking when watching the episode, oddly enough. (also if someone wants to correct me on these, feel free. i got them off japanese wikipedia so for all i know someone could’ve put them there for a laugh)


    Pete Part Three

    Timeslides – The Photo Portal to Yesteryear


    Ben Saunders

    >Shut Up, Talkative Virus!
    That is an extremely pithy review of the episode.



    Demons & Angels- Devils And Angels: Our Two Faces

    Psirens- The Temptation Of The Evil Sirens

    Holoship- Love In A Hologram Paradise

    Marooned- Friendship Falling On A Snowy Planet

    Nanarchy- The Dwarf’s Micro-Miracle

    red dwarf must’ve been one of the hardest programs to translate in any country, i guess? considering a lot of the titles are based around puns that only work in english, and there’s no real other-language version of “smeg” so i suppose changing the titles is a necessity.

    i wonder what they’ll call timewave when it’s translated?


    Pete Part Three

    Future Echoes – Visions Of The Yet To Come
    Dear Dave – A letter from a lover
    Legion – We are many
    Pete Part 2 – One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing
    Terrorform – Help, We are stuck in Rimmer’s Mind!
    The Inquisitor – The Nasty Robot



    Future Echoes is actually “The Future Came Too Soon” and Dear Dave is “With Love, From Earth”. dunno what the others are as i can’t be arsed to translate them all.


    Pete Part Three

    This Japanese>English dictionary I’ve just pulled out of my arse is worthless, then?



    how did you fit a whole dictionary inside your anus?


    Pete Part Three

    Lube and determination.



    Confidence and Paranoia – Lube and Determination


    Ben Saunders

    Wow, some of those Japanese titles are poetic. I love “Friendship Falls on a Snowy Planet”


    Ben Saunders

    One of our Dinosaurs is Missing is fucking funnier than any in the episode



    unfortunately i think that was a joke, its actually “Our Bird’s Become A Dinosaur” which i suppose is a pretty accurate summary of the episode



    Better Than Life is “The Gift Of A Nightmare Game”

    Duct Soup is a difficult one but it translates the most sensically as “Lost Path Of Love and Jealousy”



    i don’t know if sensically is a word



    Backwards’ Bulgarian jokes wouldn’t work in Bulgarian. What’s Bulgaria’s Bulgaria?



    Japanese Inquisitor cuts the entire sequence with the alternate Lister including the scene where they unlock the door, but retains the final punchline for Lister reveals the severed hand. So in that version the episode ends with Lister inexplicably brandishing a severed hand completely out of the blue.


    Pete Part Three

    Take a Red Dwarf title, plug it into Google Translate for the country of your choice, and then translate back to English.

    Sticking with Japanese, “Back to Reality” becomes “In the Case of Cancer”.

    And that’s so depressing it’s put me off this little game.



    presumably that’s why none of the japanese episode titles are literal translations of the english ones. people would get the whole wrong idea about the show


    International Debris

    Didn’t people use to call it Babelwhacking or something? Using the notoriously bad translation site Babelfish. Stick a phrase through four or five languages and then back into English again and see what nonsense comes out.

    The most fun is by putting in one word repeated several times, because then the mistranslation becomes completely unfathomable. I did it a couple of weeks back, and found that:
    ‘Pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs’ becomes ‘Bruce product news and so on’
    ‘Astonishment’ (x15) becomes ‘Number of tables on the table’
    ‘Sausage’ (x20) becomes ‘Write this European championship’


    Flap Jack

    This Google Translate game is WILD:

    “Back to Reality” becomes “Return to Reality”

    “Timewave” becomes “Time Wave”

    “Future Echoes” becomes “Future Echo”

    “Skipper” becomes “Star Knot”


    Plastic Percy

    <<red dwarf must’ve been one of the hardest programs to translate in any country, i guess? considering a lot of the titles are based around puns that only work in english, and there’s no real other-language version of “smeg” so i suppose changing the titles is a necessity.>>

    If it helps, when dubbed into Czech they replace it with “Do kosmu”, which translates as “into the cosmos!”. In the Czech language, nobody says “oh shit”, instead they say “into the ass!” as a common expletitive.

    Also, with the line of “small, off-duty Czechoslovakian Traffic Warden” they keep it the same but just switch it to Tasmanian.



    How does is Taiwan Tony portrayed in, well, any Asian country? Do they have a racist stereotype of of their own foreign fast food chefs that they use?

    Or does Father’s and Son’s come across as a really well meaning western social commentary on the racism Asian expats encounter, to the Asian audience?



    the japanese title for Out Of Time is The Great Fight For Our Future, which is quite a nice title i think. i like how even though the japanese titles are more literal, they still have the intrigue of the original.

    >when dubbed into Czech they replace it with “Do kosmu”, which translates as “into the cosmos!”. In the Czech language, nobody says “oh shit”, instead they say “into the ass!” as a common expletitive.

    see that’s interesting, that they’ve still come up with an equivalent for “smeg” and not just used their country’s swear words. when watching one japanese episode they used the word “kuso” in place of smeg which more or less means “shit” if i’m remembering correctly. i’d be interested to see what every country’s version of smeg was because since it’s a made up word you would have to make up a word/phrase in your own language, or just use an existing swear word from the language when translating it.


    Ben Saunders

    Some of the Japanese names for Spyro the Dragon levels are pretty good.

    Toasty – Wonder Pumpkin
    Peace Keepers – Combat Garden Home
    Doctor Shemp – Doctor Cool
    Blowhard – Hurricane Hat
    Tree Tops – Speed Tree
    Jacques – Amazing Box
    Glimmer – Glimland
    Crystal Glacier – Minus Lands
    Breeze Harbour – Float Port
    Zephyr – Slime Ranch


    Flap Jack

    What is “Death? It’s like being on holiday with a group of Germans.” in German? A reference to a different nationality I assume, but which one? I know that Uter from The Simpsons is Swiss in the German version, so maybe it’s a similar deal?



    >Backwards’ Bulgarian jokes wouldn’t work in Bulgarian. What’s Bulgaria’s Bulgaria?

    i tried looking this up but there doesn’t seem to be any bulgarian subtitles for the show. or rather, there is but there’s only fan-made ones for The End. so i guess bulgarian translators never got round to it?



    All they did with the Bulgarian release was re-dub the vocal track backwards so they could understand it. No translation necessary.


    Pete Part Three

    They’re Bulgarians. They have very simple tastes.



    >All they did with the Bulgarian release was re-dub the vocal track backwards so they could understand it. No translation necessary.

    I nominate this borderline racist remark for Hall of Fame status.


    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin

    They’re Bulgarians. They have very simple tastes.

    We got one or two angry replies from Bulgarians for tweeting this during Eurovision.



    On a very, very vaguely related manner, does anyone happen to have a picture of what the title for Parallel Universe looked like on the VHS?



    Are you talking about the VHS cover?



    No, the VHS had the episode’s title superimposed over the beginning since it was originally broadcast without it. I’d just like to know how it looked.


    Pete Part Three

    Um, just the regular blocky red typeface (taking up the entire screen) that appeared for the rest of the episodes in Series II, but it appeared during the swoop under the ship a couple of seconds in.

    My videos are long gone, I’m afraid.



    I was just wondering if they’d gone to the trouble of making sure it fitted with the rest of the series, or if it looked like some of the title sequences for the old Doctor Who VHSes back when they edited serials into one big movie (i.e. crap).



    It fit with the rest of the series.



    To be fair BBC video did a great job of making it seem like the title was always there. Red Dwarf II Byte 2 was my first VHS because my off air series 2 was missing Parallel Universe.



    I just bought the entire run of Red Dwarf (minus Series VIII) plus Smeg Ups and Smeg Outs on VHS.



    >(minus Series VIII)

    is that because you don’t like VIII, or because it’s somewhat harder to find on VHS than the other series?



    I remember when series 6 was the difficult one to get a hold of. Late 90s early 00s before the DVDs came out (and even after they had started to be released) then the BBC had stopped producing the VHS I was hunting high and low for all of them and series 6 was gold dust. Everyone at every bootsale and charity shop would always have 3 copies of series 2 byte 2 or something daft but no 6 … finally tracked them down but it took forever.

    Days before the internet made it possible to buy anything from anyone anywhere were wild man I tell you, WILD!



    thank god that we have eBay these days, eh? it’s brilliant to be able to just type in what you want and find+buy it right away.


    Ben Saunders

    I’m glad I had them all on off-air recordings my dad made on VHS. I always thought they were recordings of the original broadcast, until the Terrorform/Copacabana debacle blew my world wide open, they must have been repeats, at least some of them



    Interestingly enough my brother actually did find a VHS of the Smeg Ups tape just sitting on the shelf at a Value Village in Edmonton about a month ago.

    Strangest thing though was finding a copy of Dark Ages on VHS from the Wabamun Seniors Thrift Store. Rural thrifts stores are awesome, at least in Alberta.


    International Debris

    Finding VHS tapes in charity shops is pretty much impossible in the UK these days, nowhere will take them because nobody buys them.



    Series V byte 1 felt the hardest to find in the “the only available Red Dwarf is the worst Red Dwarf” era (VII, VIII, Remastered), because I was desperate to see the legendary Back to Reality. I found most of the others for rent at Blockbuster and school, then found Smeg Ups second hand and watched it loads because it was the only glimpse of “best Red Dwarf” (IV-VI) I had. A sad case.


    Plastic Percy

    I remember buying an awesome VHS doublepack of Smeg Ups and Smeg Outs from the Virgin Megastore in Watford. Glory days.



    It’s so weird to think of there being a period where it was difficult to get hold of seasons I-VI (especially in the modern age of everything being available everywhere).

    As someone who came in around V and caught up on the big repeat run, I never experienced that sense of the ‘lost years’ in the same way (although I remember it being a pretty big deal when the first series came out on VHS).



    wasn’t the Series I VHS repeatedly delayed because everyone involved (wrongly) thought it was shit?



    Wouldn’t we have got a new release of double-packs for I-VI to replace the deleted tapes if only Doug hadn’t vetoed the crap covers?

    As suggested by this thread: https://www.ganymede.tv/forums/topic/unreleased-red-dwarf-vhs-covers/

    I would have bought all of them. Seems like a weird oversight that those never existed.



    there’s a bit in the VIII Scriptbook on Doug Naylor rejecting what (I think) are those VHS covers.

    “The video cover people like to take a photograph that’s out of focus, ideally from the wrong series, carefully ensuring the member of the cast is in the wrong costume before they get a colour-blind ape to draw a starfield with his left foot. They then invite me to a meeting and ask me what I think of the cover.”

    He makes a fair argument, i mean how/why would you put Rimmer from Holoship in his Enlightenment outfit on a VI cover?

    also “Polymorph 2: Emo” is hilarious


    Pete Part Three

    And Hilly on a Series IV cover. And a Series IV Kryten mask on a Series III cover.


    Ben Saunders

    Series III is almost ok.

    The real mystery of that thread is how somebody managed to edit their own post.


    Pete Part Three

    Oh, the edit button used to work in the forum but it…fell off.



    Holoship Rimmer and High Rimmer also randomly showed up on the abridged audiobook sleeves to show that Chris Barrie was narrating, but at least those photos were in focus. This is like the BBC were putting out their own pirate videos.

    Maybe the first draft of Blackadder II had the cast in World War I uniforms or a photo of Mr Bean before revisions. Even for Bottom, where it wouldn’t matter if they accidentally used a publicity shot of Richie and Eddie pulling faces in 1991 to represent 1995 episodes, I remember they got it right.



    There was that Brittas Empire series 3 VHS where they accidentally used the image of Rimmer stripped and oiled from Terrorform.



    The photos used for the Series I Remastered Byte Two cover are pretty infuriatingly wrong, inexplicably using Rimmer from VI and what looks to be a VII Cat. It seems a pathetically incompetent oversight to use a Series I photo on the first Series I tape and then randomly grab a photo of the same character in a totally different costume from years down the line. But then the Remastered and VII/VIII covers are obnoxiously bland compared to the original releases, particularly in comparing to Series I’s gorgeous painted cover art.

    Still, nothing looks worse than the VII covers. Those are inexcusably bad, using the same horrific stretched cast photo for all three covers. Rimmer and Lister for Byte One, pan over to Cat and Kryten for Byte Two, and zoom out to all four for Byte Three even though Rimmer isn’t even on the tape.



    Pete Part 2 – One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing


    The second dinosaur, not as bright as the first one, hid in Lister’s clean sock drawer and died of old age.



    it’s 3AM and i have nothing better to do so here’s some more of the japanese episode titles.

    The End- It Started At The End

    Stasis Leak- Greetings From The Past And Future

    Polymorph- Penetration! The Metamorphosis Alien

    Timeslides- Become A Millionaire By Changing Your Past

    Tikka To Ride- Human History Changed By Curry

    Entangled- ERRA: The Correct Answer Full Of Mistakes

    Backwards- Earth Turns In Reverse

    again, if anyone with better knowledge of the language wants to correct me on these feel free (i am not very good) but to my knowledge these are the titles. it’s odd how some of these are rather crap compared to stuff like “Friendship Falls On A Snowy Planet” for Marooned and “The Gift Of A Nightmare Game” for Better Than Life. did the title bloke run out of ideas, i wonder?


    International Debris

    The photos used for the Series I Remastered Byte Two cover are pretty infuriatingly wrong

    I thought all the Remastered covers were drawings? Mine didn’t feature any photos on the cover that I remember.


    International Debris

    Oh, I’ve just found this

    That’s nasty.



    Christ. They look like cosplayers.



    why is rimmer pulling a face like he’s just had a fuel rod up his arse



    It’s from the new Remastered epilogue to “Waiting for God”, which reveals that the second fuel rod, which was much less intelligent than the first, stowed away in Rimmer’s arse – where it died of old age many years later.



    why is rimmer pulling a face like he’s just had a fuel rod up his arse

    Presumably they’ve just moved onto the seventh page.


    Ben Saunders

    Christ that photo. There’s something so spectacularly off about it, especially Danny’s hair.


    Pete Part Three

    Danny’s wig is making a break for it.



    “….and Miles Jupp as Arnold J Rimmer…”


    International Debris

    Not the most consistent range in general, although none of these come close to the Waiting for God monstrosity…

    Where’s this image from?

    Pre-accident Rimmer and Lister in Series 2, there.

    That one’s not so bad.

    Genny Mutant getting a cover feature.

    The Sensational Reverse Brothers on the wrong video.



    That first one looks like it’s from The End – The Original Assembly: https://www.ganymede.tv/2012/07/dwarfcast-35-the-end-original-assembly-commentary/


    International Debris

    Oh, is it the elbow-titting scene? How in God’s name did that end up on a VHS cover?


    Ben Saunders

    >Pre-accident Rimmer and Lister in Series 2, there.
    Well, Stasis Lea- fucking hell



    The elbow titting picture was intriguing when I first saw it in the Red Dwarf companion. I must have been waiting for Rimmer to wear that jacket and point his finger out when series 1 was finally released the following year.


    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin

    Yes, that was a relatively commonly-used publicity photo considering we didn’t know exactly where it came from until 2007.



    >Yes, that was a relatively commonly-used publicity photo considering we didn’t know exactly where it came from until 2007.

    but the Series I DVD came out in 2002, and it was on the Deleted Scenes in that.

    > been waiting for Rimmer to wear that jacket

    he doesn’t actually wear the jacket in the “elbow titting” scene at all, he’s just in his regular shirt and tie



    he also points his finger directly towards the screen in the elbow titting scene, wheras in that picture he’s pointing off to his right.

    so where that photo is really from is still a mystery, maybe


    Pete Part Three

    This is true. It’s in neither the assembly cut or the deleted scenes.

    I suspect it’s simply a publicity photo, to go alongside ones like this.

    There weren’t a huge amount of them for series 1, so the same one gets re-used endlessly.


    Pete Part Three


    It’s the photo of Kochanski, Lister and Rimmer looking down a coridoor. Rimmer’s saluting, Kochanski’s doing a cheeky smile and Lister’s looking pissed off with a cigarette in his mouth. You know the one.


    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin

    but the Series I DVD came out in 2002, and it was on the Deleted Scenes in that.

    I hereby tender my resignation.



    Could it be a picture from rehearsals? That might explain why he’s wearing a jacket which isn’t especially Rimmer-esque, or fitting with the Series I aesthetic.

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