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    PETER: So, you come from a universe which is exactly the same as ours?
    JODIE: Yeah.

    PETER: –only everything’s … opposite?
    JODIE: Oh, I don’t know if everything’s opposite. It seems like that.

    PETER: So you come from a female-orientated Doctor Who Show?
    JODIE: Well, it’s not exactly female-orientated, not since that brief man in a comic relief sketch, or the male doctor on audio.
    PETER: Stop!
    JODIE: Haven’t you heard “Unbra-ded” by Big Finish?

    PETER: So, your history is parallel to ours as well? So, hang on… erm,
    who was the first Doctor?
    DEBBIE: Hartnell.
    DAVE: Ah, so he was a bloke.
    JODIE: No, she was a woman. Fannyam Hartnell

    JODIE: Yeah, She was in all the greats: “An Unearthly Childminder.” “The Rowomens” “The Dalek’s Mistress Plan” , “The Sewing Machines”

    REALLY CONCERNED WHO FAN WHO ISNT TAKING THE NEWS WELL TODAY: “But, it’s disgusting! It’s Lefty, you’ll probably be in the Tardis talking about Periods all the time! I feel really inadequate.”

    JODIE: You’re not one of those boring masculinists, are you? Of Course I’m always talking about Periods! (Leans over Tardis Console and whispers) Now then mister, where are you taking me, 16th century? 14th Century? 12th Century? (reassuring Vwharp noises as the tardis sets off on the next adventure)


    Good Luck and Best wishes to the Brilliant Jodie Whittaker, (Probably the second best doctor ending in aker)


    AHHHHHHH you have a woman’s skin, m’Timelord!

    Plastic Percy

    Honestly, a fair number of reactions from Who fans have been simply just sexist. Of course they all whinge back “but I’m allowed muh opinion!!” but that doesn’t mean I have to respect it. Not all opinions are equal.

    John Hoare

    Our favourite GELF bride is certainly Having His Say.


    > Probably the second best doctor ending in aker

    Yeah, Colin Baker is awesome.



    The show will just have to struggle on somehow.


    At least they got rid of Bill.

    She was fucking awful.


    I thought Bill was great, really good chemistry with Capaldi. It’s a shame she didn’t get started a couple of seasons earlier as Clara and Capaldi never quite worked for me.

    Ben Paddon

    Bill was great, Clara was great, everybody who didn’t like either of them is wrong forever.


    Clara was a bit boring but harmless and that’s fine. Amy was the best companion, ever.

    Bill was about ticking diversity boxes and once you start ticking boxes, you may as well give up.


    I don’t want to be the one to break it to you Patrick, but the 2005 series is full of black and gay characters too. Why, it’s almost as though they’re like normal people who appear in TV shows with the same or less regularity than they do in real life. BOX TICKING BASTARDS.


    Yes, full of black and gay characters, fine, but Bill was a very conscious nod towards introducing someone that personified a lot of that in a character that was part of the principal cast and past that, there was fuck all to her, just another shite companion that was created to bring in a wider audience and show off the ol’ diversity remit.

    I knew once Capaldi was cast that the next Doctor would be a woman, simply by following the pattern. You had a succession of younger Doctors, then he finds his way again and becomes a more mature, seasoned figure like Hartnell. So where do you go from there? You can’t cast another younger white man and you can’t go for a person of colour straight off the bat so you follow the natural curve, a nice, white, middle-class woman. I have no doubt that the fourteenth Doctor will also be a woman, and the series will likely reach its natural conclusion and end on the BBC in about seven years before being picked up again down the line, say 2035.


    I’ve read your first paragraph about four times and still can’t understand it.

    Bloody modern-day diversity remits – they’ll be putting black people in Red Dwarf next!


    (Also Jodie Whittaker is not “middle class”. In fact, her being of a similar background to me, only being a couple of years older than me and only living one county to the right is actually more important to me than the change of gender – people like me and my loved ones don’t tend to get cast much in stuff where we’re not mentally-challenged comic relief, where the whole show isn’t specifically ghettoised ‘northern’ (and if RED Productions didn’t exist even those wouldn’t be on), or where we’ve had to write stuff for ourselves to act in because no other fucker will. But no, I suppose that’s “DIVERSITY GONE MAD EH?” as well)


    Darrell, you’re clearly getting me all wrong and you’re playing the man, not the ball, so give it a rest.


    I can’t play any balls because you’re too busy talking them.


    Bill was written to be black, gay and quirky.

    They then forgot to write a decent character. I don’t care what colour a character is, their background, their sexuality, whatever they are or aren’t, I don’t give a tinker’s. But don’t write a character with those elements as a starting point and then forget to write the rest. Someone interesting, someone with a past, a present, whatever is needed to flesh out someone that is more than just a wink and nod to the audience and a one-dimensional sidekick to Peter Capaldi, who is the most interesting and contradictory incarnation of the Doctor since Colin Baker.

    I have this feeling in my gut that the next companion will be a young, go-getting, handsome fella to try and counteract the sway of the ship that a female Doctor is going to bring and in a sense, reset the show back to what we all know.


    It’s intriguing, because this is literally the first negative thing I’ve read about Bill. Everyone I’ve come across has thought she was brilliant (she’s the only new series companion my girlfriend has liked at all). I really liked her, which was particularly refreshing after Clara who I found pretty tedious.

    I honestly didn’t see any element of her being ‘written to be black, gay and quirky’. Other than those things were occasionally mentioned.


    I honestly didn’t see any element of her being ‘written to be black, gay and quirky’. Other than those things were occasionally mentioned.

    I agree. I can understand that people who got hung up on her being black and gay maybe couldn’t see past that, but she was a fully fleshed-out character in exactly the way P&B described. The backstory with her mother, the relationship with her foster family, the idea of her being a smart working-class girl picked out by the Doctor to attend university (and travel with him), her attempts to navigate her personal life… there was a lot of work done with the character there.

    Ben Paddon

    I’ve read negative things about Bill. Perhaps curiously, they’ve all come from straight cis men who see someone who isn’t them and immediately assume “box-ticking”. Perhaps there is a pattern!


    That’s the thing, I’m very glad the next Doctor is a woman as we get to see that shift in the dynamics of the show alongside the weekly adventures but it doesn’t smack of box ticking. It feels very natural that the Doctor should change gender now from a point of story-telling and from exploring the Doctor’s inner-self.

    It seems the Twelfth Doctor really has had enough, he didn’t want to regenerate but finish his story there and then and lo and behold, the First Doctor comes along and will show him why the Doctor is always needed. So ol’ Capaldi Doctor thinks… well, if I’m gonna continue along, let’s go for it.

    Hey presto, Jodie.

    Real storytelling is hard work, I know and at the point where you give a character a trait but expect that to be the work done, the exploration of the character done, you’re gonna have real problems and a character that just doesn’t work and isn’t going to be much remembered.

    I suspect Jodie might be the one we truly remember and celebrate from the second era of Doctor Who.

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