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    Ben Paddon

    …because I can’t find the old one. And I did look!

    Anyway, here it is. I looked at the Game Boy Advance port of Doom and Doom II, and also do some digging into the history of the other console ports of the game. It’s easily the best episode of PortsCenter I’ve done all year.

    Go watch it, please.

    I love you.

    Ben Paddon

    A brand new PortsCenter dropped in the early hours. This one looks at the magnificent SNES port of SimCity. Watch it here.

    This also marks the debut of a new spin-off channel, Chainsawsuit Games, which is devoted entirely to gaming videos and whatnot. I’d be very appreciative of anyone who decides that’s worth subscribing to and/or sharing on social media.


    That was bloody marvellous. I wasn’t a fan of SNES SimCity as it felt too cuddly but the music was cracking. The apex was forever SimCity 2000 for me before the bloat started to creep in.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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