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    I looked in the radio times yesterday cus it had fawlty towers on the cover. Seems it was because it topped a poll of voted best 20 sitcoms. Red Dwarf wasnt in there, but alongside shows I like, there was Gavin and stacey, dinnerladies, likely lads and dads army that i havnt really seen all of. Plus while I rate the detectorists as a show, it didnt always hit sitcom levels with me. So I was about the launch my mind into “what the hell do the readers of radio times know about anything” style reactionary thoughts, when I spotted one of the people who voted the list was Doug Naylor! Oh well that’s why Porridge gets a good place then! I guess not enough of the other “comedy experts” on the panel like sci fi then.




    Clearly there is a conspiracy

    That or the Radio Times isn’t interested in the audiences Red Dwarf attracts any more.



    We’re okay, the Daily Mirror’s got our backs. They’ve obviously watched at least four minutes of the first episode.



    I guess they could have gone for the welding mallet joke instead.


    Flap Jack

    I know it’s not strictly on topic, but may I use this opportunity to complain about how unusably shite the Radio Times website is?

    Because the Radio Times website is unusably shite.



    The Radio Times website used to be okay, but it’s turned into a sensationalist clickbait tabloid showbiz page.


    Flap Jack

    If only it was just clickbait… I tried looking up some TV listings yesterday, and just trying to get search results caused the browser tab to crash! =S



    You know something? I’d completely forgotten that they actually have listings on the website.


    Flap Jack




    The question is … do they still have radio listings?

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