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    Just browsing on an online catalogue shopping site, and found this ‘Red Dwarf [25th Anniversary Boxset] DVD’, £95 (which I’m sure would be half that price on a reasonable website), due for release on December 16th.

    It’s the first I’ve heard of it, and it’s not listed on Amazon. Anyone know if it’s genuinely scheduled or not?



    I partly registered just to inform people of this, (I know, but it’s a slow day)

    This boxset, whatever it is, is availble to preorder on Amazon now too – http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00FC5DHHQ.
    It’s also on Zavvi, Sainsbury’s, The Hut and presumably on many more as well. All state it has 24 discs, and the prices range from £66.99 – £99.99. And the British Comedy Guide says it’s a complete collection of every episode to date.

    There. I hope my next post isn’t as… ‘info-heavy’.



    Twenty-four discs?

    Of the released DVDs I can count a maximum of twenty-five (I think), but…

    16 = I to VIII
    + 3 = Bodysnatcher
    + 2 = Back to Earth
    + 2 = X
    + 1 = Beat the Geek
    + 1 = Just the Smegs

    I can’t see them including the smegs assuming the I to VIII are the double-disc copies, can’t see them including Geek and and I would be surprised if they included the remastered episodes (unless the series 1 and 2 docs are on those discs and they are too lazy to move then to a separate disc with the main bonus stuff).

    I wonder what the last four discs will be, given the first twenty will presumably be all the episodes and series extras.

    Yes, this is interesting.



    VII and VIII are three discs and Bodysnatcher is four.



    Is there a cast commentary on X? No? I’ll be keeping my $150.



    Well, if the only new feature is a shiny box, I can’t see the more cash-strapped of us shedding too many tears about not owning it.



    I couldn’t be arsed looking at my shelves. Eh.

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