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    Chris Stokes

    Not sure if this is something people have seen? I’m no gamer by any means, even having read this I still don’t really know what XCOM2 is but you can get these for it apparently.

    Apologies if this has already been brought to light on here. Also, apologies if it’s of ZERO interest to anyone, I just wondered if everyone else was as starved of Red Dwarf news as myself.



    rimmer going “oh, bloody buggering hell!” as he caps an alien in the head with a sniper rifle made me do a lol.


    It is actually amazing how well everything gels considering how disparate the series he is grabbing the voice clips from are.

    Plastic Percy

    Rimmer in a fight? That’s a laugh for a start.


    Actually, I’d argue Rimmer post-The Beginning has gotten pretty comfortable in confrontations.

    In Give and Take he opens fire on Asclepius, stunning him, buying enough time for him and Kryten to quickly get Lister and Cat out of the asteroid storm alongside Snacky. Sure, he used Kryten as cover but still, he’s Rimmer, baby steps.

    In Can of Worms he goes down with Lister and Kryten to hunt down the polymorph spawn. Sure, he doesn’t go on the mercenoid ship that had the mother polymorph, but that could’ve been so he could man the radar.

    Plastic Percy

    I’ll cancel the order to find his mother, then.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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