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    “That’s a reality that there is a live show being thrashed out in Doug’s head at the moment. But we are all up for it [and] have agreed to do it if Doug finally has the time to write it because at the moment he is post-producing 12 episodes of Red Dwarf, which takes three times as long as an ordinary show because of various effects.”

    Am I alone in thinking this is a bad idea.


    That is quoted from an interview with Danny by my mate Joel. As with when he interviewed Robert, I fed him most of his questions. Including:

    “3. Push him about the live show because Robert Llewellyn was tellingly startled/nervous about it coming up when you asked it for me at MCM. And Danny John-Jules is biologically allergic to non-disclosure agreements. You might get a good exclusive.”

    As it happens he got two as Danny mentioned the September broadcast plan for XI.

    So yeah, I apparently storyline the news now.

    For what it’s worth I’m unambiguously excited about the live show. The new phase of Dwarf seems tailor-made to aim at the gap between the casuals and the diehards, and a big tour fits perfectly into that space. I mean, I know it’s probably going to be Chris Barrie shouting “how the SMEG did Starbug land in the SMEGging Southampton TalkMobile Arena And Conference Centre?!” to Robert Llewellyn in a wrong-looking slip-on mask while Craig Charles pretends to get his lines wrong but I’d be a liar if I pretending I wasn’t already putting forty quid aside.

    Stephen Abootman

    Comments in The Express about it again http://www.express.co.uk/showbiz/tv-radio/715876/Red-Dwarf-Doug-Naylor-Chris-Barrie-Craig-Charles-Robert-Llewellyn-Danny-John-Jules

    “In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, the 60-year-old confirmed all of the main cast were on board but it would be matter of sitting down and thrashing out the details together.

    “In terms of a live show tour, we haven’t sat down properly and spoken about it but all the boys want to do a live tour and it will be great,” he said.

    The star from Manchester went on to say that the audience would probably want “an hour-and-a-half or two hours with a story”, which would require planning and writing on his part.

    “So it wouldn’t just be like Python at the O2 doing sketches and a lot of dances and songs,” he said.

    Doug continued: “So it would have to be like a movie on stage with special effects and whether that then becomes incredibly expensive and therefore undoable, we don’t know until we’ve investigated it more.””


    Worth noting that my mate Joel mentioned above (who with the aid of my devious puppetry broke this ‘story’!) is now best known as the fellow behind the Miliverse Twitter account which I believe is “trending” as the cool kids say. He’s just had his fourth novel published.

    I have just eaten my sixth cheese and ham swirl of the day, which is about the same accomplishment-wise.


    Something about firing Smeg guns at the audience that are repurposed Splurge guns from Bugsy Malone.

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