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    I was doing one of my regular #RedDwarf hashtag searches on Twitter earlier, when I found a post by a @NicolaBeerjeraz containing this photo: http://pbs.twimg.com/media/A3ettqTCIAA-aw9.jpg:large

    I was pretty stunned to find that it was the ‘Celebs’ magazine from today’s Sunday Mirror, which had been sitting unread on our kitchen table all morning.
    It’s only the one page, and despite the reference to “Scrap Yard Challenge”, any mistakes are basic typos, only noticable to mega-geeks like us.

    If I get chance, I’ll try and copy/scan it later, if anyone’s interested.

    Danny Stephenson

    Please do, Si, it seems you are our Press Correspondent.


    Well, I’ll be buying all the TV listings mags come tuesday. I’ve still got a bagful for the w/c 11th April 2009.


    I used to do that, pick up mags and papers for dwarf related articles, or other articles of interest.
    Then I’d inevitably find a bag full of 10-20 year old newspapers and mags in my attic and think “what the blue fuck did I keep these for?!”

    Sometimes pays off though, I got a good wedge on eBay for some of my old copies of Look-in.


    I’m pretty sure I still have a copy of Radio Times with the series VII cover somewhere.

    Pete Part Three

    I went traveling years ago and had to have a clear out. Binned all my mags. SFX, Starbursts, Dwarf-related Radio Times, BTLs. For shame. Still got a few Smegazines just because it was so hard to track them down originally.

    With the internet as it is, it seems less important to have these sort of collections but I applaud your efforts, Si.


    Here you go:

    Pete Part Three

    Thankski. Actually quite a nice little interview. I actually thought DJJ has *always* worn a wig for Cat.

    (This is not a cue for more wig-based chat).


    Hmm, annoyingly that image is still getting compressed when I upload it even when I tell it not to. Still, if you click through it’s just about readable.


    Hm. I was just about to type it all out for you all to read, to give me something to do and make me feel useful and special. And now I don’t need to, do I?

    I’ll just share the last little bit from the very bottom of the page, that’s been cut off that image. Includes incorrect Freeview Channel number, plus the page number:

    Red Dwarf X starts on 4 October, 9pm on Dave (Sky111, Virgin 128, Freeview 19) 17



    No-one’s mentioned that spoiler(?) in the introduction:

    But the cherry on the cake of wonderful weirdness has to be what looks like a real monkey gambolling around the actors’ feet, until the director calls ‘Cut’ and it stands up on two legs and peels back a mask and a man gasps for air.

    What the fuck’s *that* about?!

    As for old magazines – I’ve got a cupboard full of Radio Timeses covering every episode of Doctor Who since 2005, all the listings mags for Back to Earth, plus three boxes with 13 years’ worth of SFX mags. Then I’ve got fifty-odd Buffy mags, Angel mags, Torchwood mags, assorted Cult Times, Starburst, Cult TV, newspaper articles, and eight years of Doctor Who mags. I’m a hoarder, can’t help it.
    I like having things in print – it’s good when you want pictures to draw.

    Seb Patrick

    I was on set the same day as the press, amusingly. I’m not going to go into spoiler detail about what they’re talking about, except to say that I was taken in in almost exactly the same way as that writer…


    Does ‘Back – With the Original Cast’ sound like a weird phrase in this context to anyone else?

    Or is it just me?


    Seems kind of obvious, I don’t think anyone was expecting a different cast.


    (From Thomas in the ‘Lemons’ front page comments:)

    TV and Satellite Weekly tomorrow…


    Been and bought this this morning. The double page feature inside is nice, too – it reads as though it’s written by a fan, or at least someone who’s familiar with the show.

    However, *none* of the other listings mags even *mention* Red Dwarf X on the cover, let alone feature it. I was pretty sure that the Radio Times would give the cover to Amy and Rory’s final episode of Doctor Who, with maybe an RD strap across the top, but instead, they’ve got a Strictly Come Dancing cover (it doesn’t start til friday night!), with a Doctor Who mention across the top. I was going to buy *all* the listings mags, like I did with Back to Earth, but then, I can’t really do that for six weeks. So, Radio Times apart, which we always buy, I’ll just flick through them in WHSmiths every week, and buy any that have any notable RD features.


    Oh Si your such a gentleman :D

    Ian Symes

    Radio Times makes Red Dwarf one of it’s Thursday Choices, with a nice little mini-review and a large attention-grabbing picture. However, it does entirely reveal one of the gags in Trojan – not a plot point, it just describes an actual gag.


    They are front cover of TV satellite mag. 2 page interview. Starts Off quoting a really Old bad review, then points out the last laugh of the shows sucessful longevity. Goes ön to talk About red dwarf x character comedy approach

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