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    Red Dwarf XIII on Dave: News, Holly, release date and everything you need to know

    We loved Red Dwarf XII, it was a real return to form for Rimmer, Lister, Kryten and Cat, featuring plenty of brilliant star cameos, with a strong ’90s nostalgia vibe powering it to some of the best reviews the show’s ever had.

    In fact, we loved it so much, we sat down with the entire cast to discuss each and every episode. We’re hoping to do the same for Red Dwarf XIII, which now looks as inevitable as Lister having curry for dinner.

    Smoke us a kipper, we’ll be back after we give you the latest updates.

    Red Dwarf XIII news: What’s the latest?

    Before Red Dwarf XII had even aired, Craig Charles was talking to us about the idea of another series. “I’m sure we’ll be doing more, having done these two series,” Charles told Digital Spy.

    “Because it’s right back to where we should be, it’s won comedy awards, so a lot of people appreciated what we did, and we’re really grateful for that.”

    That was back in March, and in September the lads had a more intricate response to the question.

    “I mean, we’re all up for doing more,” Robert Llewellyn (aka Kryten) told us. “There’s nothing confirmed.”

    “They want more,” series co-creator and chief writer Doug Naylor added. “It’s just a question of working out schedules and everything.”

    “Being successful and critically acclaimed kind of vindicates the decision,” Craig Charles said of the revival’s huge success.

    “Because there’s a legacy there, and you don’t want to f**k the legacy up. I didn’t want to go back to some shite.”

    “And I think we’re like that with every series,” Naylor continued. “We don’t want to overstay our welcome, but equally, if it’s being well-received, you know, we’ll do more.”

    Writer Doug Naylor was asked again in November, and gave a shorter, but more definitive, answer: “The chances are high to certain,” he said of a new series.

    More recently, Naylor’s commitment had solidified even further, saying that gang were “absolutely” returning. “We’re just trying to work out how and when,” he said. “Everyone seems to be keen so I think that will happen.”

    Smegging hell, that’s exciting!

    Red Dwarf XIII Holly: Will he be back?

    Holly is such a popular character, Dave hyped up his return long before series XII aired.

    “Yes, it’s true,” writer and director Doug Naylor said. “Holly, played by Norman Lovett, guest stars in one of the new shows in Red Dwarf XII. But which show remains a secret!”

    Happily, that return came in the finale of Red Dwarf XII – inspiring a huge cheer from the audience.

    So it’s probably not surprising that fans have taken to the internet to ask if Holly will be back for the next season. Our best guess is definitely, thanks to that extreme positive reaction to his appearance in ‘Skipper’.

    As the gang told Digital Spy:

    Chris (Barrie): “For me, the great moment of the show was Holly appearing and the audience’s reaction, which brought a new meaning to ‘riding a laugh’.”

    Doug: “We had to cut it down in the edit, it was too long.”

    Chris: “Cut to Norman, cut to me, cut to Norman, cut to me. How much of that can you do?”

    Craig: “But it did go on forever.”

    Red Dwarf XIII air date: When will it return?

    This year marks the 30th anniversary of Red Dwarf, but the actual anniversary date came and went without so much as a special. Which makes us think there’s something planned for later in the year.

    Stick Mr Flibble on our right hand and shove us in quarantine if we’re wrong, but we’d be very surprised if XIII wasn’t officially announced later this year.

    If this was Rimmerworld (where all our dreams come true), we’d also get to see it in late autumn, but that might be too much to hope for.



    >If this was Rimmerworld (where all our dreams come true),



    Pete Part Three

    Copy+Paste should be a privilege not a right.


    Ben Saunders

    If your dream is being surrounded by dozens of Chris Barries, fair enough



    >If this was Rimmerworld (where all our dreams come true)

    no, that’s Disney World



    Digital Spy typical click bait. Dump of a site. Turned comments off when they didn’t like people having different opinions to there’s.

    Biggest dump goes to Buzzfeed. 10 ways to come out with the most pointless click bait article. Fuck right off.

    Miss the old days of the web….Hotmail, Yahoo and Porn so much simple back then.


    Ben Saunders

    Buzzfeed is so disappointing because sometimes they’ll ask a genuinely interesting question, or a genuinely intriguing title, so you’ll go into it thinking “I know it’s Buzzfeed but I’m sure not every single one of their videos/articles is utter tosh”… but no, every single on of their videos/articles is utter tosh.



    Why do they keep offering actual dates, only to give us the same couple quotes about how they’d love to do more? Every single time.





    Ben Saunders

    Yeah the clickbaitness of that title followed by the complete lack of any actual detail in the article is truly shameful



    The real crime was posting the article here on G&T, as if it offfered anything even remotely new or noteworthy.

    Same on you, OP. Shame. On. You.



    On you!

    Shame on you!

    Fuck off and die, you twat-munching bastard.



    Well, I’m no psychologist, but maybe the bleak lonely pointless emptiness of our hopeless futile predicament is beginning to get to her.


    Ben Saunders

    Shame shame shame on you, do as we say not as we do



    If you really want the situation to feel bleak and hopeless, you should listen to the casual fans soapboxing about what they want to see in Series XIII.

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