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    Stabbim the Skutter

    What extras do you guys think we’ll get with the Remastered DVD? Post all your ideas and suggestions here.

    I guess it’d be nice to see something similar to Tikka Remastered for one or two episodes, with all the CGI redone with today’s technology. Or maybe some unseen deleted scenes, music cues, model shots and smeg ups. They could even do a section for the CG model shots from Remastered.

    Also, I wonder what they’ll do for the menus. While it’d be nice to have something new, I wouldn’t mind getting just the Series One DVD menus with CG skutters added on to them.


    John Hoare

    G&T Admin

    Well, confirmed so far are:

    • Series 1 docco
    • Series 2 docco
    • Remastered docco
    • The End: The Original Assembly
    • Bodysnatcher
    • Script Extracts

    It’s at this point that I wonder how much room there is for anything else! But they must have some stuff up their sleeves – they can’t have announced everything this early on…





    Tarka Dal

    > *giggles*

    Nude snaps of John?


    Jonathan Capps

    G&T Admin

    Commentaries from Doug Naylor.


    Tarka Dal

    Doug Naylor commenting on nude snaps of John?


    Jonathan Capps

    G&T Admin

    Yes. But I think Andrew’s deliberately holding those back for a future release, as he is want to do.



    – Interview about Rob Grant leaving the series, featuring Rob Grant with the rest of GNP wielding pitchforks green-screened behind him


    Tarka Dal

    – Resolution episode to the series co-written by Rob and Doug.


    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin

    Footage of Chloe Annett’s foaming twat.



    A giant witch.



    They better use the Mark Wilkinson artwork somewhere or im gonna be very upset >:(



    Another fan commentary maybe?? More mentions of Norm’s ‘legit’ story would go well.


    Danny Stephenson

    G&T Admin

    – Fan Film Runners Up (Full Versions) :D :D :D :D :D :D :D. ok maybe not…..

    Will they be doing Remastered Commentary Tracks?
    Has this been cleared up already?
    Is there any point?
    Am I asking too many questions?


    Pete Part Three

    TM:YNYN Remastered.


    Jason aka Smeg4Brains

    Geek Chase II: Revenge of the Surfboarding Killer Bikini Vampire Geeks!


    Mr Flibble

    TM:YNYN Remastered is half done and sat on my hard drive.



    If it’s only half-done it’ll fit wonderfully alongside the normal Remastereds.



    Don’t forget to cut crucial dialogue to fit in CG shots of cars driving to the office!


    Pete Part Three

    Free beer and money.



    I’m hoping that the Rob Grant interview includes his perspective on series VII, VIII and the Remastereds. Actually I’d really love for him and Doug to sit TOGETHER watching some of the Remastered episodes, and for the results to appear as commentary on the DVD. And then, I’d like them to be reminded of the good old days TO SUCH AN EXTENT that they decide they miss working together and then agree to write some more Dwarf as a partnership again. I want all of this to emerge gradually through the commentaries: an uncomfortable start and a brilliant happy ending. PLEASE FIX THIS FOR ME, ANDREW.


    Ben Kirkham

    >”Footage of Chloe Annett?s foaming twat.”

    Remastered, of course.



    Remastered into Chloe Annett?s gushing twat perhaps?


    Danny Stephenson

    G&T Admin

    I remember Rob Grant saying on an interview that Cappsy did ages ago on White Hole:

    How does it feel when you see Red Dwarf VII and VIII?

    It’s like watching footage of my ex-wife’s latest honeymoon …



    Would it be too much to hope for Ellard commentary on one of the documentaries explaining the process?



    How about twattage of Chloe’s foaming foot?



    Annettage of twat foot’s foaming Chloe?



    >Annettage of twat foot?s foaming Chloe?


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