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    Unfortunately this year marks the 24th year since Ayrton Senna, who is commonly regarded as one of the greatest ever racing drivers, tragically died during a race in Italy on the 1 May 1994. Here’s a video of arguably one of his greatest ever drives during the 1993 European Grand Prix:


    PDVD_000<br />gif upload<br />


    Plastic Percy




    Every year marks the anniversary of everything that has ever happened in previous years.



    what’s the significance of 24



    Today is the anniversary of 1944. People did different things then, and lived different lives.


    Ben Saunders

    I can’t think of anything particularly interesting that was happening in 1944, can you?



    fuck off you cunts senna is a legend

    go and have a wank over anthony mcpartlin

    i’ll be around later to check



    wasn’t there a film about senna?



    Do you think Senna ever watched Red Dwarf, and if so, what did he think of it?



    This has gone beyond just being strange and into very poor taste now.


    Taiwan Tony

    Did Red Dwarf have a series repeat in 94?
    Red Dwarf and the death of Senna are very closely, though obscurely, linked in my head, too.



    the actual fuck is happening



    “Did Red Dwarf have a series repeat in 94?”

    It did and I remember watching it and thinking it looked really old even in 1994. It felt like a different show I recall.



    >wasn’t there a film about senna?




    I quickly looked on the BBC Genome and the last episode shown before Senna’s death was Marooned on the 15/4/94 and the first episode shown after his death was Polymorph on the 6/5/94.



    Does anyone remember Fiendish Feet yoghurts?

    <br />gif upload<br />

    Would you eat a Red Dwarf yoghurt and which one would taste best, do you think?



    smeg flavour


    Ben Paddon

    What the actual shitting fuck is happening to this forum?


    Ben Saunders

    Do you think Lewis Hamilton likes Red Dwarf



    “Do you think Lewis Hamilton likes Red Dwarf”

    Good question which is why I am making a giant sign for the Brands Hatch GP this Summer.

    It reads…..

    > Lewis? Do you like Red Dwarf? One toot for ‘No’ and no toot for ‘Yes’ <

    Hopefully this clears this up once and for all.



    “What the actual shitting fuck is happening to this forum?”

    Do not type in ‘shitting fuck’ into google images. I repeat. Do not…..

    *I’m going to be sick.



    sickbags on standby



    >What the actual shitting fuck is happening to this forum?

    I just got the most appropriate banner for this thread:


    Ben Saunders

    Is that a real G&T banner? I’ve never seen that one



    >Is that a real G&T banner? I’ve never seen that one

    It is, but I’ve only ever seen it once or twice. It rarely appears.


    Pete Part Three

    [Shakes head and walks out]



    RIP Senna who died 24 years ago today.



    does anyone remember the shocking senna and freddie mercury joke used to be told at school in the 90s? i’m a fan of both especially freddie so i won’t repeat it here.



    Thanks for definitely not bringing it up.


    Plastic Percy

    I agree, good thing you didn’t mention that joke about helmets and skidmarks and how they’re a homophobic metaphor for the contraction of HIV/dying in a road accident.



    I nominate this thread for the burning bin.


    Ben Saunders

    I’ve honestly never heard that joke, don’t think I want to


    Taiwan Tony

    Typical schooldays tomfoolery. It’s strange, isn’t it, that “sick humour” used to be a staple of the British break time. Is there something indicative of a failing educational system where, the moment you let them out of their classes, you get a playground full of tiny Bernard Mannings – all telling the same off-colour jokes to one another.
    Or is it because all children are cunts?



    It’s just banter Martin, harmless banter.



    Saying it in a high voice doesn’t make it any more true.


    Ben Saunders

    Children are cunts. Don’t you remember being a children? You were horrible too, I bet.


    Taiwan Tony

    Actually I was very nice. Like Walter the Softy without the victimisation. I didn’t tell those types of sick jokes. I preferred making up my own.



    If anybody knows anything about Formula One, they will know that the race in which Ayrton died in was pretty much cursed from start to finish. Roland Ratzenberger, an Austrian driver, had died the day before in qualifying. And before that there was a very serious accident involving fellow Brazilian driver Rubens Barrichello (thankfully he survived). Add in the fact that there were various other smaller accidents (there was a start line crash in which some spectators got injured, and towards the end a wheel in the pit lane landed on some mechanics), it is very much a black mark in F1 history.

    In commemoration of Senna’s death, I have produced a video paying tribute to him:




    Children are cunts. Don’t you remember being a children? You were horrible too, I bet.

    i don’t think i was a horrible child, i was just an annoying prick.


    Ben Saunders

    I was a horrible child and then I became an annoying prick



    I was born forty. And an annoying prick


    Seb Patrick

    If anybody knows anything about Formula One, they will know that the race in which Ayrton died in was pretty much cursed from start to finish.

    It wasn’t “cursed” though, it was the culmination of several factors including the removal of electronic driver aids (making cars harder to drive) and an emphasis at the time on vastly increased cornering speed without making comparable advancements in cockpit safety (because, with a couple of decades since the last fatality, it wasn’t seen as a necessary priority). It’s true that an ominous air hung over that weekend from the moment Barrichello had his crash, and that there were some unfortunate coincidences (not to mention little moments that add to the legend such as Senna’s conversation with Sid Watkins and the Austrian flag he had in the cockpit); but equally, there were other bad accidents in 1994 as well and it just so happened that several of them happened at once at Imola. That doesn’t mean it was “cursed”, just that that’s the moment everything came to a head.

    As for your video, I’m not entirely certain why footage of the accident itself and its grisly televised aftermath is much of a “tribute”, but maybe that’s just me.



    Seb, whilst I do not disagree with your points regarding the removal of driver aids, the last F1 related fatality had been Elio de Angelis in 1986 during private testing. I appreciate that this wasn’t during a race weekend, but even then a racing fatality had happened only four years prior in 1982, not “two decades” as you suggest. Yes, I agree there were other accidents in 1994, including a crash at the Monaco GP involving Karl Wendlinger, and another involving Andrea Montermini, but let’s not suggest that there hadn’t been serious crashes prior to the banning of electronic aids at the start of the ’94 season. Patrese’s crash in 1992 at the Portuguese GP is a good example of this.

    The Imola track had arguably not been maintained as well as it should have been in the years leading up to 1994. Senna and the other drivers had all expressed concern about the track, particularly the corner in which he perished on, but sadly they were unable to do anything about it at the time due to a river being located close behind. It is noticeable on the on-board footage of Senna’s final lap that there are several bumps leading up to Tamburello, and, if you believe this to be the case, it is likely his steering column, which had been quickly “fixed” prior to the race starting so that Senna could have a better position, snapped on one of these bumps. The extremely low ride heights, and the fact that the drivers had just come from a new track in Japan that more or less had a billiard ball surface, did not help matters either.

    Also, regarding the tribute video, I have decided to remove it following your comments.



    Also, for those interested, here are some videos of the accidents that I have made reference to in my earlier comment:

    Andrea Montermini crash 1994 Spanish Grand Prix Qualifying:


    Karl Wendlinger crash 1994 Monaco Grand Prix Qualifying:


    San Marino Grand Prix 1994 – Pit-Lane Incident:


    Ratzenberger Crash:


    Imola 1994 Barrichello accident:


    Patrese’s Big Crash at Estoril – 1992 Portuguese Grand Prix:



    Plastic Percy

    Goody, snuff videos.

    Can we get back to the topic at hand, please. I really want to know what people think of Red Dwarf VIII.


    Ben Saunders

    Red Dwarf VIII was a car crash, but in retrospect one not quite as bad as those jwxcsvsedmedia posted.


    Ben Paddon

    Ben Saunders

    Apologies if my last comment was in bad taste, i considered not posting it but then thought it would take more than that to bring down this thread



    Jawscvmcdia qualifies for G&T’s Grand Prix.

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