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    Personal challenge – try to cut Series VIII down to a one hour adventure. The whole resurrected crew / prison / CANARIES storyline is just one big long problem for them to get around before they take the ship back.

    So to give you a basic rundown, here’s how much of each story went into this edit.

    BITR (all 3 parts) : 20 minutes
    Cassandra: 12 minutes
    Krytie TV: 8 minutes
    Pete (both parts) : 12 minutes
    Only the Good: 8 minutes

    OBOOM – rdviii 1hr.mp4

    I got a challenge to do Series VII in an hour, which I’m up to, but it’ll be difficult with eight stories as opposed to five.

    There’s only so much you can do with video editing. Thank god for my fan scripts.


    You can literally cut 2 entire episodes for VII and not one wink of sleep would be lost.


    You could cut out Duct Soup, Beyond a Joke and Blue and it wouldn’t affect the series in terms of the major stories. You need the other five.

    But I doubt you could cut the other five down to 60 minutes. Nanarchy would be easy to get down to 10 minutes, I imagine. You could perhaps edit Tikka so you miss out everything but the resolution to the cliffhanger and them recovering the time drive if possible as it is needed for Ouroboros.


    Just did an attempt at Series VII. Came out at about an hour and eighteen minutes, which is impressive, considering as a whole, it’s four hours. Going to go back through tomorrow to see if I can knock off a bit more.

    How much I’ve got so far:

    Tikka: 10 minutes
    Stoke: 17 minutes
    Ouroboros: 10 minutes
    Duct Soup: 2 minutes!
    Blue: 5 minutes
    Beyond a Joke: 12 minutes
    Epideme: 11 minutes
    Nanarchy: 9 minutes

    Renegade Rob

    VII is more segmented. It’s not like Doctor Who or something where every season is telling a story that can be edited down by patching together the premiere and finale. I’m very interested in what a compacted VII would even look like.

    I encourage this endeavor and wish you luck. (Personally, I hate the idea of 8-episode series because I’m a consistency-snob, so if it were me, I’d just make VIII into 6 episodes by making BITR a 2-parter and Pete a 1-parter. And I’d reduce VII by throwing out Duct Soup and Beyond a Joke and call it day. Of course, that’s if you do it by quality. Narratively, you can kind of think of the 6-episode Kochanski bit from Ouroboros to Nanarchy as Series 7, where as Tikka to Ride and Stoke Me A Clipper serve more as a Series 6.5. But now I’m off-point.)

    When you’re cutting series down to an hour-long adventure, are you doing it as a 2-parter, with two divisible episodes? If that’s what you’re doing, I’d suggest BITR as Ep 1 and then a Canary thing starting with Cassandra as Ep 2. I don’t know how you’d reduce VII into a 2-parter. Rimmer half and Kochanski half? The VII finale setup with the arm and nanos is so long, that itself is basically an hour already.

    Also, if Beyond a Joke is taking up more time than anything else, you’re doing it wrong.


    I included two scenes from Duct Soup so as to establish Kochanski’s presence in the show a bit more. And I want to at least include Kryten’s Tank scene because I appreciate the fact they were able to get an effing tank at all.

    I feel like I should include scenes from every episode. If I completely cut an episode, it feels like cheating. So I feel I need to include at least two or three scenes per episode.

    Renegade Rob

    > I feel like I should include scenes from every episode. If I completely cut an episode, it feels like cheating. So I feel I need to include at least two or three scenes per episode.

    Ah, okay. I see now. Yeah, that’s an admirable challenge. 12 minutes for Beyond a Joke is probably still way too much.


    I agree. I think I’m going to edit it down until all that’s left is the AR scenes and finish with Kryten’s head blowing up, letting it pass as just a whacky antic.

    I’ll say this for VII – it does a better job of storytelling than VIII does. So far the biggest complaint against VII that I’ve seen is simply that it isn’t funny, but it succeeds more at what it’s trying to be as a sci-fi dramedy than VIII does as a whacky workplace prison sitcom thing.

    Beyond a Joke’s biggest flaw to me is that many of the jokes fall flat, but at least the story is fairly coherent. Still, I think I can reduce it to three minutes.


    Even though it does have standalone stories, VIII still can’t really be played in any other order apart from moving Krytie TV to episode 7, so in many ways it does feel like one long story, all based in one setting. Episodes can be condensed into scenes of an ongoing narrative. VII does have the Rimmer / Kochanski arcs, but on the whole is full of standalone episodes in different scenarios and places, largely resolved by the end of each episode, which means I can’t actually envisage an hour long version of it – so I’m very curious to watch it once it’s done. I do like the idea of restricting Beyond a Joke to the opening section, as that’s actually believable as a single scene in a feature length episode.


    Still working on VII. So far, I’ve just about managed to trim it down to an hour and five minutes. Beyond a Joke is now down to two minutes.

    Considering doing Back to Earth at some point down the road, but I’m still curious about whether or not the Series VIII edit has gone over well.

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