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    Just found this up the YouTubes:

    I didn’t realise that a second Craig standup had been released.

    Unsurprising, though…

    Live on Earth was such an unmitigated success. I’m sure that this one is just as good.



    Skipped to 6 mins in and got a pedo joke … Think I’ll pass.



    Back when he was still Scouse. :)



    ‘What do vegetarian maggots eat?’




    christ he’s doing some really dark jokes here



    oh no now he’s firing a gun into the crowd



    Can’t remember if it’s on Sick Bag or Live on Earth, quite possibly both, but I do really like one of the examples of things it’s really hard to imagine i.e. “Dame Barbara Cartland walking backwards, for any reason.”

    The good bit of Craig’s standup videos for you, there.


    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin

    It’s been fifteen years since I watched that, and I have no intention of doing so again.



    I had Live on Earth on audio cassette. Don’t think I’ve got it anymore. Lent it to a friend for research for a stand-up presentation, which then accidentally got destroyed. I went to a Live on Earth signing, where I bought nothing, but got Craig to sign a free poster and my copy of The Making of Red Dwarf.



    I liked Live on Earth when I was 15 and to be honest, I still think it’s pretty good (especially now it’s free on YouTube. I saw the Sickbag VHS at HMV in 2000 and just thought ‘nah…’. I’ve now watched it 18 short years later. Doesn’t do much for me in general but I like the gag about men being changed as often as nappies.

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