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    Ain’t been here in a while so apologies if this has been discussed.

    Flicking through new sitcoms currently in production, I saw this:


    Starring Norman Lovett, Sarah Alexander, Dave Lamb, Rhys James and Jessie Cave

    Writers David Baddiel and Barnaby Slater

    Directed by David Baddiel

    Produced by Sioned Wiliam

    The internet has been well represented on film and TV… but, perhaps, the real change the internet has made is in the infiltration of technology into people’s lives on a microscopic, domestic, everyday level.

    Sit.com is a traditional family sitcom, but with a twist: it will show the way we live now – on the screen – on the screen.

    The characters include a father who fancies himself as a web entrepreneur but finds that all his “killer apps” have already been invented, a step-mum trying to stalk the children on Facebook and a teenage daughter whose intimate blog takes personal revelation a step too far.

    The tech-guided scenarios feature a neighbour suspected of piggy-backing on the family wi-fi connection and the chaos caused by an Amazon delivery.



    This sounds particularly hideous. How could that go on for more than one episode? Seems very “When the Whistle Blows” A-la Extras.

    I wonder if Norm will invent an app to get his ball back…

    Jonathan Capps

    I wonder if they’ll splash out on the domain

    Dollar Pound

    they should do a sitcom with holly and talking painting of a horse, a talkshow with confidence, a non-talking pantomine horse and a gay robot skeleton or a sitcom with lister, a robot and a talking humanoid cat… oh wait

    Dollar Pound

    i forgot the talking dog. in the holly sitcom. so what hasn’t been done yet is a talkshow with rimmer, a non-talking painting of a horse, an obesce hetero robot and a talking non-humanoid cat

    Kris Carter

    I spoke with Norman about this on the weekend, as I was lucky enough to guest at the Wales Comic Con. Shared a minibus journey with him to the venue, and he didn’t seem to know much about this show, it was something he’d worked on last year he said, but that was it, felt pretty dismissive of it to my mind.

    Still, we had a good chat about other stuff, I avoided much Dwarf talk, but we spoke about Rik Mayall, Alan Rickman and Victoria Wood’s passing, and Norman’s interactions with them on various projects.


    Who knows whether it’ll ever see the light of day? Hope it does though. Any new sitcom pilot is welcome.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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