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    Sorry this thread isnt about kp snacks.

    There is a jump cut in skipper between takes, without cutting away to a different angle.
    I know the episode uses jarring cuts early on as part of the technique of comedically highlighting dimensional decision paths. Sure, additional there’s much talk about the ad break holly versioning.

    But there’s another cut during Rimmer typing on a keyboard, where they shake the frame during the plot of the radiation alert, where they distract you with that effect and then cut between two takes of Rimmer standing in the same position saying his line. If you look behind him the extra crew man who is running away suddenly gets nearer again despite running away from camera. Comes just before Holly’s bar deck line.







    Is that all you’ve got to say?



    sounds like it.


    Ben Saunders

    Have you ever seen the way George Lucas spliced together two takes of one scene for Revenge of the Sith? It’s fucking incredible, the image slowly morphs from take one to take two with some mad digital wizardy. You only notice it after you have it pointed out to you in gif form, thusly:

    (watch Anakin’s face)

    Lucas did it all the time from I onwards, and it’s really commonplace now. As technology gets better it gets harder and harder to tell when they’ve done it, as well.



    > Is that all you’ve got to say?

    He came.

    Btw I love that Revenge of the Sith clip. It’s brilliant how you can see they freeze-frame Anakin’s eye separately to everything else and then do a single-frame cut, so it looks like natural eye movement. I wonder how many hours they spent on that shot alone?? o.o



    Skipper skips the skippers Skipper skips.



    I believe David Fincher uses that ROTS take-merging technique a lot as well.

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