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    I’ve just been watching “Back in the Red: Part 3” and noticed a small mistake in the flashback sequence. At the start when the gang are in the artificial reality suite, Cat opens his eyes briefly for a period, looking around before closing them again, and Kryten begins dancing to the music from Reservoir Dogs. I’ve uploaded a video of it here, zooming in on the relevant parts:




    Well, it’s taken years, but someone’s finally found a complaint about this episode.



    I refuse to hear it. Back in the Red Part 3 is flawless. FLAWLESS!!



    Yes, I agree. It is an outrage that such a mishap was allowed through.


    Ben Paddon

    Well, that’s put a crimp on an otherwise damned fine episode!


    Plastic Percy

    Red Dwarf VIII: Nineteen Years and We’re Still Moaning.


    Ben Paddon

    Why are we spending so much time talking about how crap Red Dwarf used to be when we’ve got plenty of new Red Dwarf that we can complain about?



    There’s still a mostly untapped market with complaining about really old Red Dwarf, too.

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