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    So for those that don’t know, Liverpool Street Station is a big train station in London, lots of mainline and tube lines go through it, and I use it every day.

    Last week I found myself sitting on the Central Line next to Philip Labey who played young Rimmer in The Beginning. I got on at Liverpool Street heading east out of town, and noticed him right away. Found myself sat next to him at the next stop. He got off at Stratford so it wasn’t for long, only 2 stops but there we go.

    Then, this morning about 45mins ago I was coming out of the station on my way to work and walked straight past Micahel Ralph, the production designer in Red Dwarf X.

    Anyone walked past or sat next to any minor Red Dwarf related people in their usual comings and goings?



    Robert Bathurst sat behind me on the bus a few weeks ago. He got off on Brixton Hill.



    Oh, and Andrew Lloyd Webber walked past me in Covent Garden a few months back. I think he played one of the GELFs in series VI.



    Also, it’s enormously worth Google Image Searching Philip Labey for that extremely excellent shirtless photo which appears very high up in the results.


    Ben Saunders

    I met Craig Charles once at a convention, does that count?

    I also saw Sylvester McCoy getting off the train at 8.30am in Glasgow, dressed very much like Sylvester McCoy, and nodded at him.

    Basically my answer is ‘no’


    Pete Part Three

    I saw Ian McKellan in my gym at Canary Wharf last week. Er…he’s in Red Dwarf XIV.



    I have walked past Hattie Hayridge at least twice because she lives in the same area of london as me.

    She shops in marks and spencers btw.



    I heard that some bus driver and a couple of annoying kids actually saw Lister, Rimmer, Kryten, and Cat get a bus back in ’09. I think it may even have been filmed?



    I’ve ‘met’ Colin Baker a couple of times. He came to my primary school when he was the Doctor and I got a signed picture, but I was too little and my parents hated Dr Who so I had no idea who he was.

    As an adult I donated blood and he was laying on the next bed doing likewise.

    Red Dwarf related I did some contract work at the BBC and saw a whole bunch of people, including Craig Charles. I had to internalise my fangirl squealing though, as we’d been told that if we approached anyone for anything other than fixing their computer we’d get the sack.


    Seb Patrick

    I wonder how many people whistle Knock on Wood at Philip Labey on a daily basis?


    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin

    I’m around 90% sure that Philip Labey walked past me on the platform at Shepherd’s Bush tube earlier.



    I’m about 90% sure I was walking behind one of the G&T admins in Wood Lane tube station a few weeks ago but I didn’t want to say anything in case it seemed a bit weird and stalkery. Not sure which one it was but it was definitely the ‘type’.


    Plastic Percy

    Sophie ‘Ace’ Aldred was waiting for the same train as me a few years ago at Hemel Hempstead station.


    International Debris

    Jessica Hynes (nee Stevenson) shops in Morrisons, I discovered the other morning when shopping for breakfast. That said, she’s good friends with a friend of mine and I’ve sat near her in various places when visiting my girlfriend’s folks in Folkestone, so the excitement wears off. She’s very loud.



    Neville Southall randomly wandered past me whilst I queued for a Michael Palin book signing in a Waterstones in Cardiff.

    Sorry, was this Red Dwarf related originally?


    Ben Saunders

    I don’t think so

    What is it with Doctor Who stars and trains, eh?



    I saw Vernon from Corrie in McDonald’s in the Metrocentre one new year’s Eve a few years ago. He was in some of the same episodes of Corrie as Craig Charles, who plays Lister in Red Dwarf.


    International Debris

    I saw Eddie Izzard on the tube once. But I lived in London at the time, and frankly “I saw so-and-so” stories in London aren’t that exciting, are they?



    They’re not that exciting anywhere.


    Taiwan Tony

    Thread implodes.


    Pete Part Three

    I saw John Hoare on an episode of Gladiators once.


    Taiwan Tony

    Meta? I’ve never heard of her!

    (One for Cappsy.)

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