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    Not sure how much interest there’d be here, but rumor has it that some of you like both video games and comedy, so I’ll just leave this here and hope for the best…

    Announcement: The Lost Worlds of Power, call for submissions!

    It’s basically a one-off fiction anthology that a friend and I decided to do. I’ll be curating and editing it, and I’ve already gotten some awesome interest.

    The concept is based on the old Worlds of Power books, which were absolutely terrible novelizations of NES games meant to get kids interested in reading. They were, without exaggeration, fucking garbage.

    However we thought it might be fun to write some of our own deliberately inaccurate novelizations, and that’s where the idea came from. I’m opening it up to submissions from anyone who would like to pay twisted tribute to the games they played growing up…and interest kids in reading!!!!

    The Lost Worlds of Power will be a free ebook download, professionally formatted, assembled and illustrated, for free distribution. Rules and guidelines can be found at the link above, and I’m excited about this. If I get as many great submissions as it sounds like I will, it could turn out to be a really great volume with some very unique approaches to the source material.

    So, yes, if you write, or have any interest in writing, give it a shot. If you know someone who might be interested in getting published in a fiction anthology (the writing credits couldn’t hurt!), shoot them the link as well. I’d appreciate it.

    The deadline is January 31. You have just over three months to figure out how to tarnish the legacy of a classic. I know you can do it.

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