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    Nick R

    I watched the new Matrix film a few weeks ago, and it occurred to me that it had a number of similarities with Back to Earth, in both its content and in my reaction to it.

    So here’s a contrived list of all the ones I could think of!

    Spoiler warning for Resurrections, to be on the safe side:

    1. Sequel to a sci-fi story about a false reality. (The first time I saw The Matrix 20+ years ago, two of my main reference points were Better Than Life – the book more than the episode – and Back to Reality. Of course there are loads of other earlier examples of stories about being trapped in simulations, but those Red Dwarf episodes – along with The Truman Show – were the main ones I knew about at the time.)
    2. A story about our main character trying to reunite with his lost love. “You get separated to begin with and basically it’s a love story across time, space, death, and reality” – is he talking about Lister and Kochanski, or Neo and Trinity?
    3. A belated continuation of the story after over a decade away.
    4. Only one of the two original writers returned. And the regular composer (Howard Goodall/Don Davis) didn’t return either.
    5. Metafiction and self-referentiality all over the place! (For example: Scenes from the original playing on screens; explicit mentions of the company that broadcasts/owns the series (Dave/WB).) Both have so many callbacks to stuff fans liked before that they have both been accused of relying on nostalgia-bait.
    6. Both of them provided very little of what I originally loved about their respective series (Back to Earth’s comedy was rarely very funny; The Matrix Resurrections’s action was rarely very impressive)…
    7. … but I liked them both anyway! Because the story had previously been left at a disappointing low point (Only the Good/The Matrix Revolutions), and I was very relieved that this new revival provided a much more satisfying ending.
    8. I will probably like it less over time as the novelty of it being back wears off and its flaws become more apparent and bothersome.

    Well, that’s my list. I eagerly await the first reply adding: “9. They’re both shit.”

    Flap Jack

    People say Matrix Resurrections is meta, but it didn’t even have a bit where Neo and Trinity go and visit Keanu Reeves on the set of John Wick 4. Weak.

    Pete Part Three

    9. They’re both shit.

    (I don’t like to disappoint… unlike both The Matrix Resurrections and Back to Earth).



    I watched Resurrections the other night and was quite pleased with it – comments I’d seen online made me expect a real hot mess but it was surprisingly entertaining. The action and direction was all a bit perfunctory compared to the first movie and the soundtrack was terrible, but I enjoyed the meta aspect and willingness to take the piss out of itself a little bit.

    I did kind of have BtE in the back of my mind whilst watching but this is a much more exhaustive list of similarities than I had been thinking about myself

    Pete Part Three

    In my head, The Matrix had such a profound effect of me back in ‘99. I credit it with inspiring me to look at at writings on the nature of reality, and asking big questions.

    And then I remember that I saw Back to Reality about five years earlier and I don’t know what to believe.

    FWIW, The Matrix Resurrections actually has more fun with the meta stuff than Back to Earth, which really extends no further than “Craig Charles did drugs and is also in Coronation Street”.



    I really enjoyed Resurrections, nothing will live up to the first film, its objectively a top 5 film of all time as far as I’m concerned.  But it’s better than 2 and 3 thats for sure. … I hadn’t really considered the comparisons to Back to Earth but they are there I guess.


    I didn’t know they’d made a new one and wouldn’t have been bothered, but I’ll give it a look some time, since I’m probably the type of person it’s baiting. Even if my student appreciation of metafiction was waning even by Back to Earth.


    The first half of Resurrections is great, all the meta stuff is very funny and works well, and it looks like it might be shaping up to be a very different film to the first one (and its sequels) with a very playful relationship with the original and its fanbase.

    Then about halfway through it feels like the movie bottles it, and becomes exactly what you’d expect from a mediocre legacy-sequel – and basically exactly the movie that the first half has just spent an hour ripping the piss out of. Which is a bit of a shame.

    Still, that first half is great.


    Needed the Merovingian in a biscuit factory.

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