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    In Me2 and Skipper, we see the radiation leak that wiped out the crew. However, given it’s stated in The End they were killed by a lethal dose of cadmium, why does the leak always appear as a huge fireball/gust of wind? pretty sure cadmium poisoning would be a slow death over a period of time, given it basically just gives you a load of liver and breathing problems.

    then again maybe that would be too gruesome for TV. but even so, what did they put in it that makes it all big fireball-ey?



    the radiation leak in Skipper just looks like somebody farted and then lit a match



    Well, is Cadmium-II even real? If not, they can make up whatever properties they want for it. Also, the one in Skipper could hypothetically be a slightly different substance.



    oh, i forgot they put the “II” on the end. i suppose that allows them to get away with it, since Cadmium II is not a real thing



    You don’t say.


    Ben Saunders

    There could have been a fireball which killed people close to the engines, then the radiation killed everyone else. The real answer is “because a fireball is visually more interesting than people slowly getting sick and falling over.”


    Ben Saunders

    Also would hologrammatic Rimmer even be bothered by radiation? At least a fireball is a bit hot, giving him a reason to get out of there ASAP



    Rimmer wasn’t a hologram in the fireball universe.


    Ben Paddon

    Yes he was.



    Electronics are affected by radiation. Routers near set top boxes, microwave ovens interfering with the radio etc

    Rimmer is electronic, his lightbee is also physically there, so assuming the radiation would mess with his projection, the heat would then destroy his light bee.

    What I always wondered was how long it took Holly to repaint the ship after the massive fireball tore through it, and why, if he was getting the skutters to do that, he didn’t have them sweep up the remains.



    In the novels it’s said the ship was left structurally undamaged by the radiation leak (somehow) so i guess no repainting or rebuilding was needed. everything was just left as-is



    Dulux have certainly come on in the Red Dwarf universe. The paint in my bog doesn’t last 2 years, nevermind 3 million plus and a fireball.



    The Skutters repainted over the 3 million years. They were bored, and lucky to be hiding in their filing cabinet at the right time.



    I completely forgot that the ship was painted, but they do a bit of painting the corridor in Me2 don’t they? I always thought the walls were just naturally grey because they were made of metal or something.



    JMC cutbacks mean the walls are just wood painted to look like metal.

    Or look like wood painted to look like metal in high definition.



    Should have called me!



    I assume the radiation mutated the wooden ship into a shape shifter. It would explain the way it looks totally different every 12 episodes.

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