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    So it’s Christmas in a handful of hours and I’m sure a lot of people on here will be opening a Dwarfy gift or two on Monday, but there could be more Dwarfy gifts, more interesting Dwarfy gifts.

    We’re living in the age of documentation, everything is photographed, filmed, backed up on the cloud so I’m sure there’s some really meaty, interesting Red Dwarf material that perhaps doesn’t fit into a dvd documentary but would make a great coffee table book. There’s been some great production design and graphic design work on XII in particular, a lot of which we don’t see in detail. Get some high quality pictures on some decent paper in a lovely book.

    Even your unpopular videogames nowadays come out with “The Art of ______” with all the production drawings, storyboards and concepts in. I think it’d sell if Dwarf did it to.

    Now that they’ve got official versions of all the Redbubble Zazzle Etsy 8Ball knock-offs out maybe it’s time to move away from the graphic t-shirts. Frankly I think they’re a bit on the nose for me as I rapidly approach an age which is only considered young by people claiming pensions.

    Some nice low key JMC shirts, books, maybe some new model craft like Star Trek does, cosplay H’s? Little miniature bunkroom sets? Would be a comparative piece of piss with photogrammetry technology now, a new script book or program guide – there’s been a lot of programs.

    This is the stuff that you can never get on Etsy or Redbubble, if they make it it will sell.

    2018 year of me buying loads of Red Dwarf stuff that isn’t a graphic t-shirt please and thanks.



    Forgot to end it with a question, not much of a discussion topic.

    What would you like to see on the store in 2018?


    Ben Saunders

    T-shirts that aren’t branded for a particular series



    Yeah that’d be nice. No spelling mistakes would be great too. There’s no such things as ramscopes and anti-mater.



    There’s no such things as ramscopes and anti-mater.

    What’s the point of Cars 2 then?



    That same question has been asked by everyone who has seen Cars 2.



    What would you like to see on the store in 2018?

    Mr Rat



    A make-your-own Kryten head kit



    Pepakura Kryten kits might be pretty doable.



    A new novel which expands on Twentica and uses the alteration of history to introduce M-Corp as the new future of Earth, and then do a massive expansion on that.



    A stick-on ‘H’.



    <quote> A stick-on ‘H’. </quote>

    Got that one. Would be pretty easy I reckon. Just make them as plastic keyrings but include some double sided tape.

    Do all the various H’s in a pack.



    Why can I not quote on this website?


    Ben Saunders

    [blockquote]Why can I not quote on this website?[/blockquote]
    It’s difficult to remember how to do it because it’s so inconsequential



    It’s difficult to remember how to do it




    [blockquote]It’s difficult to remember how to do it because it’s so inconsequential[/blockquote]

    I always get confused because under the post box it has you may use these HTML tags and attributes with <> and </> and when you insert images it’s so when quoting is [ ] I’ll never remember that.

    10% of all posts on this forum are people fucking up quotes or expressing anger at not being able to quote or insert images correctly haha






    is this it?

    If not I give up.



    I never have trouble remembering how to do it, often I just won’t when I can avoid it since I’m usually posting from my phone, where it’s incredibly tedious.



    Red Dwarf Airfix Kit

    but it’s in space, so you’d have to call it a spacefix kit. and that sounds crap.



    I’d like an edit button. lol xd


    Ben Saunders




    i think they should add a portable walrus polishing kit to the shop!!!!!1


    Captain Bollocks

    I’d like to see t-shirts big enough to fit Mac McDonald, by which I mean “I would buy some, but I don’t think they’ll fit and can’t be arsed with the hassle of sending them back when they inevitably don’t.”

    I assume with the cultural zeitgeist long gone, action figures would be too much to ask for, but I’d love to decorate the ends of my DVD shelves (or my desktop Christmas tree) with a couple of them.

    I’m going to assume a new novel won’t be coming, and while probably out of the question due to the prohibitive cost I would imagine it’d bring (and possibly rights issues, but fuck knows), I’d like to see a hardback coffee table reprinting of the Smegazines as something quirky to peruse whilst perched on the shitter come next Boxing Day.

    Since that’s also probably out of the question, I’d like a 30th anniversary tie-in book, a behind-the-scenes tell-all crossing together the best bits of The Man in the Rubber Mask, Comedy Connections, Six of the Best and the Programme Guides, etc. Basically, the documentaries in words and pictures form. Doug could even promise to dedicate the last page of it to spilling the beans on the real reason why him and Rob split by finally telling us once and for that YOU KILLED MY BROTHER.

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