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    Thought this might be of interest. I went to see Lee and Herring in 1998 and secretly taped the gig. 15 years later I sent the tape to Neil at Cookd and Bombd and he’s working on putting it out on the internet.

    I think it’s still really funny and the quality isn’t too bad considering…



    Ooh… Nice. I shall attempt to listen soon as. :)


    Jonathan Capps

    G&T Admin




    I saw them on this tour at the Stafford Gatehouse Theatre so would very much love to see this, still have my poster and signed programme.

    They stayed and had drinks with everyone in the downstairs bar afterward.



    Oh yes, they were very good about meeting the fans afterwards. I got a signed programme and poster. Both now lost.

    My friend Joy Amy was Queen of the Show in Cheltenham for having a chastity belt on display in her front room.


    Pete Part Three

    >My friend Joy Amy was Queen

    …or King!

    >of the Show

    …or another show!


    Taiwan Tony

    I met them after a Lee & Herring Live tour… must have been about 94/95. It was on the eve of my GCSEs.
    Anyway, Richard Herring and Kevin Eldon both seemed happy to chat to me and my friends. Stewart Lee was not, and instead he spent his time chatting to some young girls. They looked young to me. And I was 14/15.
    Classy, Stewart Lee. Classy.



    Pea Green Boat is still available on Go Faster Stripe as far as I know.


    Pete Part Three

    Yeah, I bought it from there a few years back.

    To balance things;

    I met Stewart in Edinburgh in 2008 (possibly 2009; he was doing material for Comedy Vehicle) and he was very enthusiastic, thanked us for coming to the show, very friendly.

    I met Richard after a Chris On A Bike show in Leicester Square in January 2010. The run had suffered from poor ticket sales and only the front three rows were full. He seemed pretty miserable when I said hello afterwards. Perhaps to compound matters, Stewart was on the bill that night and sold out.

    What do I conclude from this? Bugger all. It’s pretty harsh to judge someone on one brief meeting.



    I’ve seen Richard in good and bad moods after gigs. I think it’s sometimes more noticeable with him than with Stew if he isn’t really into the signings etc at the end. Then again he’s human and he can’t be up and happy every time. I’ve seen Stew being equally off-hand on occasion, even after gigs had gone well. I seem to remember Richard saying that the Christmas run of Christ on a bike was a pretty miserable experience as it wasn’t the type of show people wanted to see at that time of year.


    Taiwan Tony

    Did anyone hear or see the Pea Green Boat stage performance? It had great bits about his toilet breaking down, his plumber hating Eddie Grant, the nature of coincidence and so on.

    The Go Faster Stripe copy I got is much more condensed…

    It’d be good to hear a live recording of that.



    Your best bet is Lots of great downloads there.

    The Lee and Herring radio one shows are essential listening.



    I had the Radio 1 shows on cassette. I lent them to a mate, and they got thrown away by her boyfriend. :/


    Ian Symes

    G&T Admin

    The Radio 1 music shows are the best of all Lee & Herring. Aaaaaah.


    Taiwan Tony

    ‘Egg-reed’. (Agreed)


    Jonathan Capps

    G&T Admin

    Would anyone like a fairy cake?



    I don’t think it was nest-essary for TT to make that egg pun but omelette-ing him off this time.

    Si that was a tragedy but all the radio one shows are available for download. I wasn’t cool enough to listen to radio one in 94 but I discovered the downloads 4 years ago ands love them to pieces. Every second Rod Hull is on air is gold.



    Six-years-belated thanks for this thread I just found, MANI506. (It doesn’t do any harm to be reminded of good things, does it?)

    Really enjoyed listening to the 11 minutes CAB uploaded of the tape, with its relentless Judy Finnegan material they’d probably balk at now. They didn’t seem to get around to putting the rest up. If anyone knows where I can hear more vintage Lee and Herring bootlegs than the solitary one that’s always been knocking about (Treforest ’94), that would be amazing. It’s a shame there’s very little record of their live stuff outside of the weak, manufactured video release. They were quite good!



    I wish I’d made a copy of the tape now seeing as 11 minutes were all that was put up. I am nothing if not a fucking idiot. The rest of it was mostly used elsewhere though like the ET Diana tribute, Rich’s Diana tribute in the book of condolences and a slightly extended Big Daddy ending. Plus a really good Richard Thomas parody of the ‘you say tomato, I say tomato’.



    You say president, we say queen,
    You say Clinton, we say Kermit,
    You say ‘have a nice day’, we say ‘what you looking at’,



    Maybe the audio wasn’t released in full because Richard Herring requested it for possible inclusion on the TMWRNJDVD (tmwrnjdvd) release that didn’t happen?



    I’ve tweeted Richard and Chris Evans to see if they can shed some light on what happened to the recording or if it’s simply been filed away in a drawer no one ever goes in.



    This was the tour I always wanted to hear the most, since I think they kept getting better. I only caught TMWRNJ by accident when series 2 started – at an impressionable age where something so strange, subversive and obscure would easily become a favourite thing – so never had a chance to see the double-act live, only going up to Edinburgh to see them individually from 2004 (and not aware that Stew’s ace ET/Diana bit was old).

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