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    Have you ever noticed a Red Dwarf episode being preoccupied with something, seemingly obliviously and random, that’s not the actual focus of the story? Here are some I catalogued before immediately losing interest in thinking about this after series 4.


    Series 1

    Theme: Goldfish shoals nibbling at my toes
    The End: I am a fish
    Future Echoes: Robot goldfish / Little fishy song
    Balance of Power: Trout a la créme / Fished to death
    Confidence and Paranoia: Fish rain

    Series 2-4

    Better Than Life: Gone to the same place as me goldfish / Cat orders an aquarium and sings / Half woman, half fish mermaid
    Polymorph: Silly old trout / Fish puns
    Timeslides: Junior Angler / Luigi’s Fish ‘n’ Chip Emporium
    Dimension Jump: Fishing holiday / Smoke me a kipper / Kippers


    Series 1

    The End: Chicken soup machine (basis for most recurring chicken references in Red Dwarf) / No, it’s a chicken
    Balance of Power: 140,000 rehydratable chickens
    Waiting for God: Chicken vindaloo (recurring variant) / Quagaar Warrior
    Confidence and Paranoia: Chicken Marengo

    Series 2

    Kryten: I think I’ll try the chicken / cleaned the gunk out of the chicken soup machine / Chicken __Nugget
    Better Than Life: I’d prefer chicken

    Stasis Leak (big time): You should apologise for the chicken / Half man, half chicken / Who’s eating this chicken?

    Also prominent in DNA: Turned into a chicken / Boiled chicken ovulations / Changing a mutton vindaloo into a chicken vindaloo

    Bodyswap: Sexual organs

    – “Why have I got male sexual organs?” / in orbit around the nearest planet
    – “It’s the sound you get when you get your sexual organs trapped in something.” / Mimes
    – Rimmer shocked by Lister’s schlong
    – “You’ve given me breasts.”

    Dimension Jump: Salt

    – “I’ll be down in the mess with the salt-of-the-earth engineering boys as per usual.”
    – Salt, an Epicure’s Delight / Extracts x2
    – “Series 4000 mechanoid, am I right? Salt of the Space Corps.”

    Back to work.



    someone who watched the show for the first time commented on how they like classic American culture, and how it kept popping up in subtle ways, Marilyn Monroe, noir VR games, etc



    And all the Blade Runner references, before Back to Earth pointed out how influential it was.

    Hudzen’s death. The aesthetic of Back to Reality. Nothing else. All the Blade Runner references.


    By Jove its holmes

    I’m surprised Backwards went with the reverse shit. surely the absolute worst would be reverse vomiting. Also, would a reverse blow-job s u c k for the woman?



    They’ll never top Round The Twist for a reverse-vomit scenario.


    By Jove its holmes

    I love Round the Twist.

    The poor kid whose just vomited screams “NO, NO, NO!” when Pete picks up the remote.

    Pete, Linda and Bronson then simply say “Yes”, “Yes”, “Yes”.



    I always assumed Round the Twist was a boring Byker Grove-style teen drama and would switch off when the theme started. I feel regret.


    International Debris

    Round the Twist used to really unsettle me as a kid. The mix of ‘every day’ and grotesque was so uncomfortably strange.



    Remember the one where Pete has a tiny mouth? Or the boy with extra fingernails growing on his hands? I’m not squeamish when it comes to bloody violence and gore but strange body horror stuff like that really rattles me.


    International Debris

    The one with the mouth is the one that stuck with me the most I think – wasn’t it caused by an evil Santa character or something?
    Also I’m sure there was one with some yellow gunk that actually made me sick.



    Yes, the little mouth episode is the one with the wish-granting Santa. Another one that shat me up was the Eerie, Indiana where girls get a beauty treatment that turns their faces into weird doll-like plastic masks. Fucking horrifying.



    I like the microwave pants one.


    Pete Part Three

    Round the Twist was brilliant without my pants. I used to love watching that without my pants. I really fancied the second Linda without my pants. I enjoyed staring at her without my pants without my pants.


    By Jove its holmes

    In the original Paul Jennings short story, the kid keeps adding “without my shirt” to every sentence.

    Another Jennings short story is where a boy gets some wishes and he wishes his favourite young female singer was there. She appears in their Australian lounge room all right… teleported right from the middle of a concert, still holding her microphone! She’ has to be sent back when she starts screaming.



    VIII has the recurring theme of Anal Penetration

    Back In The Red
    -Starbug goes up a rat’s arse
    -“Well, considering what the future has in store for your jacksy, a couple of zillion volts is gonna be easy street”
    -Anus Soothe Pile Cream
    -That woman who does Rimmer up the arse
    -Part 3 ends with Rimmer about to be fucked by a load of homosexual prisoners, who will presumably be doing anal with him

    Krytie TV
    – (When discussing Lister’s guitar) Didn’t you get a clue that time I tried to insert it in you?”

    -Archie goes up the Cat’s arse (deleted scene)
    -Archie goes up the Captain’s arse (deleted scene)



    So essentially, Red Dwarf is a nod and wink to Rob and Doug’s sexual perversions?

    Oh we knew that for years.



    VIII has the recurring theme of being vile and vapid.



    Let’s talk about Series VIII again!

    I’ll start.

    Series VIII is collectively shite but there are episodes in there that are arguably not shite, just very poorly executed.



    >VIII has the recurring theme of being vile and vapid.

    Well yeah, but if I were to list every time VIII mentions genitalia, semen, shit, toilets, sex etc. we’d be here all night, and I’m pretty sure nobody would read a list like that anyway



    Are toilets or toilet related bodily functions mentioned once in Marooned?

    No cheating by looking at the script.



    Dysentery springs to mind.



    I can accept that answer but only in spirit, you lose a point.

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