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    We all know in the Red Dwarf universe, dreams of the crew are recorded by the ship in a darkly comedic play on totalitarian practices being so common to the point of normality. As demonstrated in the episode, Parallel Universe. Similarly, we see a particularly embarrassing dream imagined by Lister in the episode, Blue, which luckily for him wasn’t recorded as Red Dwarf was missing and they were marooned on Starbug in deep space.

    My question is, the title. Mine would almost definitely be this dream I had once, and you know how you are usually unable to recall your dreams following them? Well in this case I vividly remember it, unfortunately.

    So I was dreaming of the legend that is John Cleese, giving one of his usual lectures to an audience while seated. Now as you may know, Cleese has gotten quite old and as such his appearance has become, let’s say, droopy.

    So anyway, he was giving this lecture when he suddenly stated, “I’ve been getting quite loose over the years.” And he immediately got up and his scrotum was clearly visible through his pants, and by all I mean me exclusively cause I was dreaming this for some odd reason.

    Back to the matter at hand, Cleese’s scrotum was very clearly visibly, and I mean cock, balls, and all. So he begins swinging and swaying his gonads, and I, still conscious of course, am mortified my brain is concocting this torture of forcing me watch an elderly man juggle his knob when he really should be talking about his four divorces or his depressed, dead mum instead.



    Series XIII news can’t come soon enough.

    Pete Part Three

    When are tickets available?

    To the dream recording, I mean.


    I will think of this every time I see John Cleese now.

    John Hoare


    By Jove its holmes

    Not as bad as that dream where Maurice Micklewhite did a top hat and tails dance with his trousers around his ankles.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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