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    What if GNP decided to rerecord the whole of Series 1 in the present day? How would it be different to the original Series 1 from 1987/88?




    I honestly think that, for one, Craig wouldn’t kick his butt so hard at the end of BoP this time around.


    But…why would they?

    Re-record just The End? Maybe, and that’s a slim maybe. Have it as part of the 30th celebrations. But why would they ever re-record the entire first series?

    The answer is widescreen and age. Good day to you.

    Pete Part Three

    What would Ganymede and Titan be like without these shitty forum threads every day?

    Let’s give it a go. Imagine a better world.


    I do wonder how much of the Remastered scripts they’d utilize for this.


    I know you can read my thoughts, Doug.

    Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow.

    For years I thought Homer was saying yum yum yum yum.


    >What would Ganymede and Titan be like without these shitty forum threads every day?



    What would Ganymede and Titan be like without these shitty forum threads every day?

    Imagine nothing, but even worse.


    What would Ganymede and Titan be like without these shitty forum threads every day?

    I’ll be brutally honest with you, I was actually wondering about a re-recording of The End would be like myself the other day.

    Craig, Chris and Danny have all changed so much over the years – the way they’ve got into their characters and evolved – it’d be interesting how they’d play the same script now, without just imitating what they did back then. The way Chris plays Rimmer in RDXI is quite different to how he performed then. And Craig? Well, Craig can act nowadays. His post-Stasis scenes would play out pretty different, for a start.

    So, yeah. As a 30th thing. Of course, the problem there would be that there’d be no part for Robert. Maybe he could play Holly, piss Norm off even more.

    Ian Symes

    The model shots wouldn’t be as good.


    The way Chris plays Rimmer in Series XI is quite different to Series X, let alone, VI or I, it’s very bizarre to watch.

    He’s amplifying the performance, pushing each line even through exposition and when it comes round to the woofers, the only place he can go is to amplify further and it feels almost like self-parody.

    Imagine the first scene of ‘The End’ with Series XI Chris, you’re gonna find yourself really annoyed with him. Chris knew how to build the scene, build the performance, keep it going and let the script dictate where you’re subtle and where you go off the wall. He doesn’t let off in Series XI and you’re exhausted watching him.

    Oddly enough, Craig Charles in Series XI has been the one to take on the more subtle cues in his performance, undoubtedly a mark of his maturity both as an actor and as a man who understands that Lister at 50 is gonna be different than Lister at 25.


    Although I’d say Chris was definitely Rimmerish for the most part in XI, even that is almost unrecognisable from the character we saw in I (even II for most of it). To me, his character changed the most between the ‘mooching about ship’ and ‘space adventurers’ eras. It was a smooth transition, definitely, but Rimmer of the first two series wouldn’t be able to contemplate the stuff going on in V and VI.

    I think Craig played some scenes brilliantly in the earlier series, but there are also times when his performances are less nuanced than ideal. On Rob and Doug’s commentary for The End: The Original Assembly, they point out a couple of moments where he definitely nails it. He’s also very good at Hattie-esque background acting at that point.

    To incorporate Robert, maybe they could try a version of the US pilot script instead. It’d be good to get the ‘fire exit sign’ line closer to canon than it currently is. That one’s got to be a Rob and Doug line.


    It’s also always important to remember how much Rimmer’s character has changed since Series I, as evidenced by the fact that he no longer hates his crewmates – he only has troubles getting along with them sometimes. He actually cooperates as a team member. He’s not so anal about protocol. Sure, Chris might perform Rimmer differently nowadays, but part of that is that Rimmer’s different too.


    Definitely – there’s a difference between ‘Chris is over-doing the performance’ and ‘Rimmer’s character has changed over a number of years’. This is most obvious in VIII: nothing in Chris’s performance reminded me of the pre-accident Rimmer (part of this is the writing, admittedly. This is the point at which Rimmer hated Lister the most, so the pair being more pally than ever particularly jars). There are still points in the Dave shows where Chris’s performance is a bit ‘stagey’ (most notably the ‘move’ scene in Dear Dave), but most of the difference is down to character change. Part of it is that there’s no point in including all the old Rimmer tics in faster paced shows – there’s nothing new to add, and they’d only slow the episode down – but also his character has developed with the rest of the show.

    My favourite Rimmer is series II / III, when he’s beginning to show his feelings, but is still neurotic about day-to-day things aboard ship. That said, I really wouldn’t want him to revert back to being this Rimmer. It would feel forced and wouldn’t suit the show in the slightest. I like Trojan a lot, but wasn’t entirely comfortable with Rimmer going back to do his astro-navs. Yes, he’d jump at the chance to become an officer, but I just can’t see him caring THAT much after everything they’ve been through.


    I actually wouldn’t be all that surprised if he’s tried to retake his astronavs numerous times but nothing of interest happened in any of them, or he could just be doing them in Trojan as a way to try to get back to normal life – after all, for all we know, he’s barely just returned – Trojan could be pretty quick after BTE, and who knows how long he’s been around at the start of BTE.

    Stephen Abootman

    There was a quote leading up to XI by Chris that I really liked: “From my own point of view, Rimmer in many ways has been building up to this because even as a 27 year old he behaved like a 57 year old. He’s starting to fit his own skin.”


    Hm. Interesting.

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