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    “They probably know there is a Red Dwarf movie being made this autumn, well whoever wins will get to work on the film”


    I find it disturbing how dated 2004 looks.

    Wonder what happened to the winner. A bunch of merch and an apology I guess?


    The guy was talking to Doug on Twitter some time ago. he gave the starbug away to charity apparently and as you could guess he never got to make the movie with them. Although Doug asked him to get in touch since he never actually got his 2nd prize.


    My favourite part is when they literally dangle Starbug in front of the losing contestant wearing a Starbug shirt and how this awkward tragedy isn’t addressed.

    Toxteth O-Grady

    It really is hard to believe that this was only 2004, considering how cheap and dated this whole show looks. This was Saturday evening primetime wasn’t it? Feels like it’s from the mid-80s.

    And where was the Starbug from? Doesn’t look like one used on the show.


    Bill Pearson made it specially for the gameshow

    Ian Symes

    Rob Burgess donated the Starbug to the Fan Club a couple of DJs ago – we got it signed and auctioned it off for charity. It went for £1,200.


    I guess there are problems with giving away a prize related to a movie that hasn’t got the green light yet


    The majority of those questions were piss-easy though. Kryten drives up in a tank and is rather angry, then reaches down to pull on something. What happens next? Well, I doubt there’d be many people who wouldn’t even be able to take an educated guess that he fires at them. What else could he possibly do? Drive over them? Just angrily stare at them until they give in and come back for supper? It’s a tank for a reason. Whoever set those questions clearly wasn’t a fan themselves and picked any old random shite to stand in as a question.


    little off topic here but…There are some entire blogs devoted to 80s competitions that offered unrealistic prizes that were never given, like cereal competitions in the US that promised the chance to be in Ghostbusters 2, or to design your own He Man character that would be made into a toy and put in the cartoon. Just google “fearless photog”.


    Some magnificent stuff in there.

    “Step forward and show the world, go on”
    *crowd whooping at woman showing her stocking tops*

    “You really want this prize, don’t you?”

    “What is it about Red Dwarf you love so much?”
    “Basically I love the comedy, the way the characters interact, just everything, I suppose”
    “It’s mad”

    And that fucking version of the theme during the final.

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