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    Take an villain or antagonist from the Red Dwarf universe and put them together. What would their objective be?



    The Polymorph should team up with the mutated virus from Confidence and Paranoia to suck out peoples emotions, then be mercilessly taunted by their physical form


    Ben Saunders

    The Inquisitor and Dr. Lanstrom should team up, and since life without pain has no meaning, go around replacing every single individual with their theoretical counterpart who would experience the most pain in their lifetime, hence giving the universe as much meaning, and making it as worthwhile as possible. Then they should team up with the Justice World people so they can just use the Justice Field to mind probe everybody, dispensing with the interviews and expediting the process. But The Inquisitor probably relishes in the theatrics of what he does.



    The simulant from Justice wearing Mr Flibble.



    Duane Dibbley and Ace Rimmer.

    Oh wait…



    The Polymorph and The Emohawk. It’s bound to be emotional.



    Ziggy and the sun from Duct Soup. Put them together.



    The Creator from Back to Earth and Paul Alexander.



    Rob Grant and Doug Naylor.



    To stop taking this piss for a moment, you could pair Legion with anyone and everyone. Create the ultimate conglomerate of evil.



    Asclepius and Lanstrom, the shit-you-up brigade.



    To stop taking this piss for a moment




    The Apocalypse Boys and Low Lister. He’s got the outfit.



    Hitler and Hitler



    >> To stop taking this piss for a moment

    > Spoilsport.

    I am more mortified that I keep making auto-correct errors without the help.

    Oh, and… David Ross Talkie Toaster and John Lenahan Talkie Toaster I guess?


    By Jove its holmes

    Female Simulant from “Gunman” and Pete Trantor’s Sister?


    Flap Jack

    The Despair Squid and the Joy Squid team up to induce an extremely ambivalent group hallucination.


    Ben Saunders

    Emohawk Ace Rimmer steals Dimension Jump Ace Rimmer’s ship and goes around the universes killing Cat in every reality



    It would be like garroting Bambi in every dimension.



    Legion and Taiwan Tony, so we can hopefully see a visualisation of what TT’s racism-“parodying” face would look like. Here’s my guess:


    Renegade Rob

    I always thought they should’ve just stayed at the Legion Station. It’s like upgrading to the High Red Dwarf in Demons and Angels and just having that forever. Legion would figure out a way to teleport the whole station to Earth if that’s what really mattered to them.

    But imagine if you got some bad guys altogether at the Legion Station. I’m talking the Inquisitor, Caligula, Pree, and the Polymorph. Not only would they be a legion of doom, but their Legion would be crazy dangerous. Not sure what they’d call it though: Legion or Inquigula?

    Also, just for an episode, and it would have to be done right, it would be sort of cool to reveal whatever happened to Hollister and the Series VIII crew after they fled Red Dwarf, possibly having found refuge on some other JMC derelict like the Orange Giant or what have you. As much as I detest Series VIII, it played with some cool ideas, such as the fact that, even after the Dwarfers had multiple series of adventures under their belt, they were pretty handily outclassed and outwitted by the more classically competent original crew. It would be sort of neat to revisit that, having Hollister et al be sort of frenemies.

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