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    I can’t work out where this comes from, it’s missing some key bits compared to the OG big studio model, like the nose on the front hemisphere (on the big one there’s a little flat area on the front, it slightly protrudes and there are two little holes either side), the rear detail is different, the real legs have colouring differences, the engine area is very different, and overall it’s a darker colour and a shinier finish, and the font isn’t quite right, among other things, things which I don’t think Mike Tucker and co would have done, so that being the case who made this and why? And when?

    It has a hole in the back for mounting it which suggests it was filmed but the above doesn’t so I’ve not a clue. Built for someone’s office from a wrecked filming miniature perhaps?



    It’s also not really small enough compared to the big model to considered a medium model.

    From best information the big Starbug was 1/40 scale ish, about 80cm long, 1:48 would only be about 10cm shorter or something.

    From the BTS pictures of the time, the medium Starbug was considerably smaller.


    Paul Muller

    They bashed out quite a few of them over the years, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a bit of variation in detail, especially at a smaller scale. I can’t place that model – but the mounting point on the back suggests it was made for filming, rather than as a display replica.



    It looks a bit like the one from the VII model shoot that was shot on video.

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