You Too Can Join This Red Dwarf Discord Server (Free Trampoline, Inquire Within)

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    I need some goddamned RD on my Discord. I’m specifically trying to make this group contain more analytical fans like us, so you don’t have to worry about “Every episode is my favorite episode!” people showing up.


    Taiwan Tony

    Free trampoline? I’m in the market for free trampolines.



    The Discord is going well. Probably helping to reduce some repetitive and perpetually looping topics on G&T, VIII guesses what those are.



    The server has had a very long and prosperous life. Bumping the topic in hopes of bringing some new people in. We need somebody to fill the void that Jawscvmcdia left after I banned him for hitting on me.


    Plastic Percy

    I’d quite like Jawscvmcdia to join the chat. I’d love to experience his arse-achingly banal crapness in real time.



    No. No you wouldn’t.



    Yeah, talking to Jawscvmcdia is about as entertaining as having a lead pipe smashed over your head. Plus he had a bizarre hyperfixation with 9/11 and would not shut up about it, even interrupting other conversations to send pictures of 9/11 or video footage of 9/11.

    And he tried to insert his penis into Katydid. Really not pleasant at all



    You’d get “what do you think about 9/11?” at least 5 times a day when he was in chat.


    Ben Saunders

    We need Darrel in to use his insider knowledge to tell let us know exactly what is and isn’t happening on no uncertain terms


    International Debris

    Jawscvmcdia was largely the reason I stopped going in there, to be honest. I’m back now though.



    There’s absolutely no need to rag on Darrel.


    Ben Saunders

    Just a bit of light ribbage innit, I’m sure he can handle it



    ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ



    Yeah, me too.


    Ben Saunders

    Delicately put, sir.



    Because there are nooooo sounds to hear.



    I think we’ve all got something to bring to this conversation.



    Bumping this, because it’s important.

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