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    Ben Paddon

    I spent this week doing temp work in Burbank, filling in for a Receptionist who was out on personal leave. Nice job, fairly easy – answering phones, helping people who come in to the office, and doing a lot of book-reading and web-browsing.

    The company has a filter to prevent staff from accessing certain websites – Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, that sort of thing. There’s also a content filter for profane or NSFW sites, but it’s very hit-and-miss. I could read Penny Arcade, for example, but not Shortpacked!.

    A number of sites are blocked under the “Forums, Discussion Boards and Chatrooms” category. One of those was Ganymede & Titan.

    The filter is manually configured as well. I know this because I spoke to one of the IT guys. This means someone chose to block G&T. It was a deliberate choice, either because someone found the site and saw the abundant use of the word “cunt” and said NoThankYou.jpg, or because someone was actively visiting it. Lurking, perhaps. Or posting. I wouldn’t know. It wasn’t me – the site was blocked when I got here.

    Which begs the question – who at the offices of the Writers Guild of America was reading G&T, and why?

    Ian Symes

    And: was it the fact that this site was blocked that caused the writers’ strike in 2008?

    Ben Paddon

    And if not…!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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