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  • There was a crack in the Tardis lock in Vampires, wasn’t there? Or was that a different episode?

    EDIT Oh no I’m quite wrong.

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    Haha you have a waffle in your pic!

    No, no, NO!

    That should not have happened. :(

    I found it a bit boring but interesting at the same time this week. Like watching a documentary about something boring like coffee mugs but with interesting talking heads like Peter Cook. If that makes sense.

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    I really enjoyed that.

    That is all :).

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    I’m afraid it is a scientific fact. There’s no real evidence for it, but it is scientific fact.

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    Awesome :) It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out that I’m Gen lol. Not on the ball today, not yet anyway. Has anyone suggested the London Dungeon or Madame Tussauds, by the way?

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    There’ this club I went to which has live music. I forget it’s name, where it is when I went there, but do keep an eye out for it. :)

    I like the National Theatre at South Bank and I’m not even posh. It’s a good place to go as long as you know someone who can afford a spare ticket. Well, actually to be honest I can’t remember how much it costs, haven’t been there in a while… But I’m seeing They Might Be Giants in June who are also in south bank so I could check the prices while I’m in the area, if you’re that bothered lol.

    Also, it doesn’t matter what you see, but go to IMAX and see whatever is out in 3D. I guarantee you’ll have a strong reaction, whether its to be amazed at Ice Age 2 or horribly bored to the max at Avatar.

    And I’m assuming you know about the London Eye. If you go on it, only go on it at night when London lights up and is actually pretty to look at.

    If either of my bands have a gig in London round about the time you must also come to see us. Free ticket obviously lol. You’re in for either heavy metal or acoustic pop/rock. Hopefully the latter, seeing as I literally (well not literally) suck at playing in a heavy metal style.

    When I first read this post a load of ideas sprung to mind but when I started to type they all left me. Hmmm. If I remember them throughout the day I’ll write them down and post them later on.

    I enjoyed it and so did my Dad :) That’s all I’m looking for really, something to enjoy. I don’t need to scrutinize the science or logic if it’s going to affect my enjoyment of the episode. I’m just not that sort of person. I just like the episode rather a lot.

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    I just watched it. I loved it, I love him, I love her, I love it all!

    Therefore all debate is over and I claim victory.

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    I have a lot of problems, but none that any compassionate person can relate to. Unless they’re a compassionate person with the problem of posting on websites without any real point.

    I’m sorry, I’m just rather hyper at the moment.

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    I like the look of it, it didn’t make me outwardly guffaw but it did produce a chuckle within my mind. I’ll definitely be seeing it.

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    Am I happy to see them back or is there a canoo in my pocket?

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    I have a different opinion to you.

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    ‘Ere, aren’t you a piece of string?

    > I?m afraid not

    I can’t have been the only person thinking it…

    Can I? :(

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    The Shirt Event. I’ll repeat that; the Shirt Event. I’ll repeat that; the Shit Event I’ll repeat that; the Shirt Event. I’ll repeat that; the Shit Event I’ll repeat that; the Shirt Event. I’ll repeat that; the Shit Event I’ll repeat that; the Shirt Event. I’ll repeat that; the Shit Event… etc!

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    There were a few good bits in it, like the nylon carpet gag. I am writing this while practically asleep though, so I may have dreamed that one.

    I bought In The Loop a while ago, but it got left by an open window while it was raining and is now damaged beyond buggery. Will have to get it again along, along with The Thick of It. I understand that you don’t need to have seen TTOI in order to see ITL, yes?

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    “I?m inclined to blame Jack Davenport actually. On account on him being shit.”

    I liked him in Coupling, especially when him and his girlfriend were watching TV and the programme they were watching said that even men in relationships masturbate frequently, and he starts whistling in an attempt to look natural. I also liked him in Pirates of the Carribean. So erm… basically I take issue with this statement.

    I haven’t watched the fourth series of Coupling though, on account of it not having Jeff, the best character, in it.

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    “Whereas something like Two Pints Of Lager And Packet Of Three I knew was shit through and through.”

    This is very true. I only watched two episodes before I fully accepted this fact. I do know they killed of Ralf Little’s character off screen and that he was eaten by a shark, I get it’s a “jump the shark” reference but it’s still shit.

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    I didn’t see Jekyll, therefore it was a failure in the eyes of everyone who is…erm… me?

    Coupling was bloody awesome though.

    in reply to: A question for Andrew Ellard #108279…”

    Yeah, he does come across as being a bit up himself, and being very down Michael Thau.

    I bet he’s doing it for himself, really.

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    Who is wrong and who is right? Yellow, brown, black or white? The spaceman he answered ?You?ll no longer mind, I?ve opened your eyes, you?re now colour blind.”

    in reply to: Oh… #108276

    “so close you?re practically wearing the same underpants.”

    Careful, Moriarty, do you want us both out of this suit?!

    I watched a few clips of Human Remains on youtube and it’s convinced me to seek out the DVD. From the few clips I watched it seemed like a funny version of Chris Morris’ Jam. I don’t mean that as an insult to Jam, it’s just I didn’t feel that “funny” was what it was going for. I found it disturbingly interesting is accurate.

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    Oh yes, and…

    Hi, I’m Ed Winchester!

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    “I must confess that I have also embarrassed myself from my sheer geekiness when I bumped into Danny John Jules at a fruit stall at Portobello market and just stared. He, of course, thought it was fucking hilarious but his young lady rolled her eyes and to this day I can?t feel anything but sorry for her at my behaviour =(“

    I wouldn’ be too embarrassed, at least you didn’t meet Craig and Chris with your mum. I was a teenager at the time, I was ashamed to not only be there with her, but also to be the one who was tagging along. I said this on another thread, but my mum also criticised Craig’s smoking in a loud voice when we were close enough for him to hear a whisper, never mind her bellowing. Still, I’m having my memory wiped tonight and burying my blackbox on the moon. Should take care of it.

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    “Hello. Smithers. You’re. Quite. Good. At. Turning. Me. On.”

    “Erm, probably should ignore that.”

    in reply to: Spoilers! Doctor Who – New Series. New Thread #108270

    Ah I must be wrong then. In that case, I’m happy :).

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    Oh, I didn’t notice the nod. I don’t have the means to watch it again until I buy the DVD, which will be a while as I’m currently saving up for a banjo.

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    I don’t like the idea of it being his mother. I don’t understand why seeing his mother would make him come to the decision to send the Time Lords back. I know I wasn’t confused when I was watching it, but looking back I’m really confused by the ending to that whole scenario and it isn’t helped by the faulty memory card in my brain. I know it’s open to interpretation but I don’t have ANY interpretation. I’m going to have to steal one from one of you guys, hope you don’t mind :).

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    Which interview is that? Could you post a link to it, please?

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    “And Bill Murray?s in it.”

    Thinking about it, that’s probably the deciding difference between GB2 and MIB2.

    Oh yeah and regarding for the original question posed in this thread, wasn’t the introduction to the Red Dwarf Series 8 script book a BIT like a mini-Writer’s Tale? I can’t really remember, I remember flicking through it in Waterstones but I couldn’t afford it at the time seeing as I was barely at the age where people have fully functioning personalities. But the closest thing I have to a point is; if Doug isn’t going to do a Writer’s Tale-type book, at least we have those introductions to the series 8 scripts. Even if you don’t like VIII, the intros are interesting if I’m remembering properly.

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    Julian Rhind-Tutt’s hair is inconsistent in style in the first episode of Green Wing, but consistent in sheer amazingness over the course of the episode. I can’t remember his hair in any other episode, I just remember noticing that there was a scene in the first series where his hair looked permed in a random scene, or something like that. I might be remembering wrong but I’m pretty sure it’s at least a little bit true.

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    “?Do you know them?? my boss asks.”

    Out of interest, was this before Run Fatboy Run was released? I know Shaun of the Dead is still pretty much a cult film (although everyone I know has heard of it, so I may be wrong there) but since then he’s been in so many films that people should recognise him from adverts with or without beard.

    Alas, I only came into Spaced after Shaun of the Dead, so though I may love everything Simon Pegg has done (except for the Big Nothing which I can’t bring myself to watch for fear of it being terrible) I can’t be called a true fan, the same way any Modest Mouse fan who started listening to them after their hit isn’t a true fan… which includes me again.

    Hell, I don’t think I’ve followed ANYTHING from the beginning apart from the Inbetweeners, and I think I’ve already mentioned my claim to someone else’s fame within the past six hours so I won’t repeat myself.

    Oh yeah, and I’m actually very jealous that you met him in a pub! A social arena of drinking instead of a mini convention… Seems more and IS more intimate. I spend a lot of time in pubs since all my friends are either alcoholics or alcoholic students, and the only person I’ve met in a pub is someone who claimed he was a rock icon from “back in the day”. This guy kept rabbiting on about having played with Joe Strummer or Ian Dury or someone with that sort of punk attitude.
    I always try to downplay the fanboy part of my personality, and I’m often described as cynical about celebrities, but every time I meet someone I’ve admired from a TV screen I end up like Bernard Black when he meets that guy out of Green Wing playing that explorer. His name escapes me at the moment.

    in reply to: BUTTPLUGS #108220

    “…and somewhere along the line nobody?s too disappointed any more.”

    It might be the lack of sleep, but for a while that seemed to be the saddest sentence I have ever read. It’s like when you feel nostalgia for an era you didn’t live in. Except obviously we’re talking about a website that I went on quite a lot until last year… Maybe the comparison doesn’t hold up…

    in reply to: Spoilers! Doctor Who – New Series. New Thread #108217

    “Frankly ?Zagreus? having Rassilon killed doesn?t really effect the new series because the guy Tennant calls Rassilon is never actually confirmed as THE Rassilon and even if he is then the Time Lords could have just brought him back using the Matrix.”

    Oh yeah and as for the Rassilon thing, I did sort of kinda think (I’m good at sentence structure at this time in the morning, eh?) that Tennant calling him Rassilon could’ve been a title or, as you say, that he’s been brought back using the Matrix in the form of a great actor Timothy Dalton instead of… I don’t think it’s controversial to say that Don Warrington can’t act; my family all agree that he can’t but I don’t know if people on here agree. Of course, I’m basing this purely on Rising Damp, I can’t really remember what he was like in Doctor Who (the TV and the audio adventure), and I don’t think he was bad in Dwarf, although you’ve got to admit (or not) that Craig is the reason his scene is funny.

    in reply to: Spoilers! Doctor Who – New Series. New Thread #108216

    Just while I have the opportunity to tell this story about Paul McGann: Well… not really about him more about my mum. (Hey, it’s still interesting!) Sort of… Anyway, I went to Collectomania in Manchester a few years back, where Paul McGann was doing a Q&A (solo, as Colin Baker didn’t turn up for some reason, despite being in the same building) and my mum asked him if he enjoyed being the first Liverpudlian Doctor. He told her that Tom Baker was actually from Liverpool. There was about a minute silence, which is a long time when you’ve turned up to Collectomania with your mum who’s tried to make a joke but it’s back fired.
    But it wasn’t as bad as the following year where Chris Barrie and Craig Charles were doing a Q&A and as we were leaving, we saw Craig lighting up a cigarette outside and my mum whipsered (capitals needed to emphasise the loudness of her whispering) “it’s Craig Charles… HE’S SMOKING :O”. He smiled and nodded in our direction, but at least that time my moment of slight embarrassment was halved as my brother had come that time too.
    I rarely have an excuse to tell these sort of pointless stories so I’m going to go with my third and final one, which is just about how when at the first Collectomania I went to when Simon Pegg and Nick Frost were giving a talk about Hot Fuzz and at the end Nick was handing out t-shirts and my mum ran up to him waving in his face and saying “hellooooo” and he waved back in her face and went “helloooooo”. I suffered from chronic fan meltdown and tried to say something to Simon Pegg but all I could do was shake his hand and tremble “thank…you”. Since then I’ve lost a remarkable amount of respect for myself, I didn’t know I was such a weedy twat in front of celebrities I like.
    I’m pretty sure I’d punch Tom Cruise in his stupid, tiny face if I ever met him though, even if I was hunted down by scientologists for the rest of my life.

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    “And when they?re in the dark room looking at the pics of Vigo, that?s another creepy scene. Thinking about it it definitely WAS scarier than the first!”

    Yeah I had nightmares for quite a while after that, and I’m probably going to get them again now, but it’s so worth it, I love being afraid, though it’s not that hard to scare me. Throw on any music from either The 7th Guest or the 11th hour and I’ll be pissing myself. George Sanger is a psychotically talented man (AND versatile, he did the old original series Star Trek game music AND Loom AND…and many more! Does everyone already know this?)

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    Oh really? I have been worried that it’s come back, there’s a sort of… tiny growth on my back where it was but I just thought it was a mound of scar, however implausible that theory is.

    Hmm, doctor’s appointment being made first thing Monday morning, I feel.

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    Jeepers, I’m heading there right NOW!

    Well obviously not RIGHT NOW, as I have to click “post comment” and then type in the website address, but I am pumped to see new stuff on the Chapman Bros’ site so I wanted my post to have an urgent tone to it…

    I probably ruined it though. Why am I still typing?

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    So both Shada’s are canon? ;-)

    in reply to: BUTTPLUGS #108201

    And I missed it?? Christ, I’m not as obsessive a fan as I thought I was…

    I found out about Homestar/Strongbad via TMBG actually. That’s another site that I’ve neglected in recent times, though I have subscribed to their Strongbad podcasts. I think I stopped checking it regularly coz my sister (who was 9 when we discovered Homestar) gave up on there ever being a new Strongbad email.

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    I’m just posting again to point out that I didn’t see the Being Human post until just now, so sorry if my last post was in the wrong thread, and while I’m at it, sorry about using the word post THREE times in the same sentence.

    By the way…

    “Also, ?Countrycide? had a brilliant title – can?t remember much about the quality of the episode itself, though.”

    Countrycide = The killing of Piers Morgan.

    I’m not too late to have made that joke, am I? Then again, is anyone ever too late to quote I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue?

    in reply to: A question for Andrew Ellard #108196

    Speaking about Ghostbusters, it’s been on Watch, or whatever the channel’s called, on Saturday for like three weeks in a row, hasn’t it? I might be wrong and it might just be my brother putting it on every time he’s round, which IS every Saturday… Either way, I’m not complaining, I love that film, and I don’t get why some people HATE the second one. I thought it was just as good. Then again, I thought that about Superman 2 when I was a kid, and it’s been pointed out to me by various people that it is, for the most part, incredibly boring. I won’t go back and watch it again to see, though, I want to be delusional in my memories no matter how out of touch they might be.

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    I haven’t seen any from series 2 of Being Human or the last episode of Series 1 yet, but I have to admit it is bloody hilarious sometimes. You know, when it’s not intense. Actually, even when it’s intense it’s funny. I’d give examples but I don’t want to spoil any scenes for anyone because if you haven’t seen BH yet I advise you to temporarily devote your life to seeing an episode. It’s THAT good. Anyone who argues with me is just, well, wrong.

    in reply to: BUTTPLUGS #108193

    Oh shittiness. I am genuinely sorry. I can’t remember why I stopped going on it, it might have been my stint in hospital and then being bed-ridden on my front after having pilonidal sinus last year… I didn’t have a laptop during that period so I replaced the internet with books for a while. After the hole in my back had healed up I sort of only went on two sites regularly; this one and that They Might Be Giant wiki (Anyone who doesn’t like them or hasn’t heard of them except for the theme tune to Malcolm in the Middle, you’re missing out on songs about bands in the mesopotamian age, being reincarnated as a bag of groceries and one about someone who isn’t in with his girlfriend’s parents because he’s got a fang. :) So yeah, it’s either a big loss for non-fans or a huge waste of time for me).

    I know nothing about website building/maintaining, so please don’t laugh at me if this is a stupid question, but does how many hits a website gets affect it’s maintenance?

    in reply to: A question for Andrew Ellard #108192

    I lol’d. I lol’d muchly.

    Thanks! There’s quite a lot here I have heard of but never bothered to check out! Ooooh yes and I want to say that I had dinner with Big John from the Inbetweeners (although no one seems to remember who he is until I watch an episode with him in and start jumping up and down, pointing and yelling “I KNOW HIM HE’S MY FRIEND!”). So that’s my small claim to fame; I know a semi-inbetweener. :)

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    Oh right, fair enough, I didn’t know that.

    in reply to: Spoilers! Doctor Who – New Series. New Thread #108187

    “I always thought the Big Finish audios must be generally well regarded. I think that?s mostly informed by how long they?ve been running though as I?ve not really heard that many of them. Am I under the wrong impression?”

    Oh no, they are well regarded. “Neverland” is a classic, but “Zagreus” was the one after it and was produced on a Who anniversary (I forget which one, might have been the 50th), plus there was a long gap between the cliff hanger and conclusion. Basically “Zagreus” had so much of a build up that it was never going to match people’s expectations. Although, to be honest, I enjoyed it, the only thing that I find personally wrong with it is the whole thing is about 3 hours.

    in reply to: Happy Simpsons Day! #108171

    ?We can?t bust heads like we used to. But we have our ways. One way is to tell them stories that don?t go anywhere. Like the time I caught the ferry to Shelbyville? I needed a new heel for my shoe, so I decided to go to Morganville, which is what they called Shelbyville in those days. So I tied an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time. Now, to ride the ferry cost a nickel, and in those days, nickels had pictures of bumblebees on them. ?Gimme five bees for a quarter?, you?d say. Anyway, the important thing to remember is that I had an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time. They didn?t have white onions in those days because of the war. We had to use these big yellow ones??

    Kudos to Dan Castellaneta for saying those lines. I’ve attempted to read that paragraph myself, but it’s so boring even when I try to say them out loud I can’t make it to the end.

    in reply to: BUTTPLUGS #108170

    Noise to Signal closed? Why? I enjoyed that site. Admittedly I hardly went on it after the penultimate episode of the IT Crowd (so far) was reviewed, but I’m sure that’s not the reason.

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    It probably doesn’t matter but I like to think putting warnings at the beginning of posts make them seem more foreboding, even if it’s just to inform people that you’re eating a jam tart while typing. :)

    Paul McGann’s audio adventures aren’t canon, are they? They had Rassillon get killed in it in “Zagreus”, unless I’m remembering it wrong. It’s been a long time since I’ve bothered to listen to that story (because it’s so long, I know a lot of people think it’s rubbish but I was prepared; I lowered my expectations and enjoyed it).

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    How about The Red Dwarf Soundtrack (Unnofficial)? Same words, same meaning, different anacronym.

    in reply to: Spoilers! Doctor Who – New Series. New Thread #108045

    I agree.

    To be fair I wasn’t thinking about that list when I commented, I was thinking more about my friend whose made a top 100 list of his favourite films purely for the sake of it. But yeah, apart from that one particular situation I am utterly and gobsmacking wrong about everything. Ah well!

    Lists are more for the person making them rather than the people that read them.

    in reply to: Doctor Who – End of Time Broadcast Discussion #107523

    Disappointed, but satisfied at the same time.

    Anyway I’m off to the pub so I don’t have to explain myself :).

    in reply to: had some good news #107485

    I have no name to suggest I just wanted to say congrats!

    in reply to: The Last Day #107194

    Speaking of jobs, I had an interview recently and didn’t get the job, but since it’s Christmas I’m going to be resolutely optimistic about future oppurtunities. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    in reply to: British Comedy Awards #107039

    I did not watch this and will not watch anything with Jonathan Ross in it, the detestable little shit.

    in reply to: Jack Dee on ISIHAC #107037

    It didn’t?? He’s the best one on the panel!

    I liked Partners in Crime, that’s all there is to be said on the matter.


    Moffat wrote The Five Doctors??? WOAH!

    in reply to: Dr Parnassus #106886

    Ah thank God, I was worried for a moment there.

    I’ve just eaten ALOT of food, so much that I’m unable to think at present. So I’m just going to retract my previous statement and agree with whoever is expressing an opinion at this time.

    in reply to: Torchwood #106876

    Wait Wait WAIT!
    Now hang on a moment!
    Wait just one minute!

    George and Mildred isn’t cool?

    in reply to: Danny on Soccer AM #106875

    Is it really shit? I’ve only heard it once when Paul Heaton was on it. Why’s it shit?

    Oh yes and my thoughts on previous Doctors reappearing… it’s not going to happen. I just don’t believe it and if DOES happen I’ll willingly drink cranberry juice. THAT’S how certain I am that it’s not happening, and Moffat won’t do it either, which is a bit obvious so I probably don’t need to say it. I think it’s just a bit TOO fanwankish.

    I don’t want to see a child-Doctor. I know it doesn’t really affect anything at all, but I like as much mystery to be kept about the Doctor as possible. I didn’t even like the revealing of the staring into the vortex as children in the third series. I thought the Master was insane because he found himself at the back of two lines for Starbucks at once, but no, they had to go and ruin that theory for me.

    My brother told me that its “obviously” Matt Smith’s Doctor who will knock four times. Anyone with him on that?

    in reply to: Shortlist Top Ten #106816

    I’m Brian Blessed!

    in reply to: Blue Midget dance = blatent clue to hallucination #106787

    Oh yeah! To be fair I haven’t watched series VIII in a loooooooooooooooooooooong time. It’s literally been years.

    Between-screen deaths. They’re the only ones you can trust.

    in reply to: Blue Midget dance = blatent clue to hallucination #106783

    But it gets pissed with the Cat and kicks him. That bit bugs me alot because Blue Midget shouldn’t have feelings, should it?

    in reply to: Shortlist Top Ten #106777

    I’m a Lister!

    >Roger Bailey (Time Lord)


    >Penelope Wilton (Harriet Jones)

    Who, no doubt, turns out to be the Rani.

    Ha! Seriously though, that would be shit :-)

    Bah! Christmas presents from family and friends?? You can’t top this one from the BBC and I’m going to tell everyone who gets me one.

    in reply to: DVD recommendations #106772

    I showed Comet Quest to a friend of mine and he said it was rubbish, but that’s okay because he’s wrong. Has anyone here seen it? The kids’ film about Mark Twain flying in this erm…well, flying machine looking for this comet. I loved it as a kid but maybe that’s why I love it now. I need a subjective opinion*! But yeah I recommend this film if only for the creepy scene with Satan creating his own world, based on that Twain tale about, erm, well the same thing round about. I forgot the name of it though! I’m so helpful, I know.

    *Objective opinions will be acceptable if they are positive :)

    in reply to: Blue Midget dance = blatent clue to hallucination #106771

    Oooh have we got a video?

    My pizza just arrived and the delivery boy knocked four times. That is not good.

    in reply to: Twin Peaks #106769

    I forgot about this thread. I watched the first episode the other night too. I think I can fill in the blanks for myself now and it’ll make much more sense than actually watching it, probably (not that I didn’t find it emotionally…stirring? I don’t know the phrase for that…).

    Between you and me I hear Tennant is leaving.

    in reply to: Shortlist Top Ten #106606

    Didn’t someone on this site write a very good article about how Rimmer isn’t really an idiot? Whoever made that list didn’t do his homework in full.

    in reply to: New RD Fan Comic Preview #106605


    in reply to: Series VII, bad Dwarf but good comedy tv? #106604

    The DS version of SM64 is ace, my sister tells me.

    in reply to: Series VII, bad Dwarf but good comedy tv? #106491

    I’m just going to throw Mario Party out there and see what happens.

    I forgot what number is the Wii one, but I hated it at first though it’s grown on me now.

    in reply to: DVD recommendations #106467

    I enjoyed Dark City once, and to be fair I’ve only seen it once :)

    in reply to: Series VII, bad Dwarf but good comedy tv? #106465

    Editing this since it posted twice due to my damn slow computer.

    in reply to: Series VII, bad Dwarf but good comedy tv? #106464

    This thread was about something?

    in reply to: Series VII, bad Dwarf but good comedy tv? #106448


    That is all.


    This one looks like it’s going to be a classic, if I’m being honest.

    in reply to: New Judge on America’s Next Top Model #106026

    What now.


    in reply to: I know this isn’t really a G&T-type topic… #105216

    You know the deal about Eastenders; if you want to talk about it you have to put on a spacesuit and do it in outer space.

    in reply to: A Christmas Carrey #104951

    Has anyone seen the version with Tom Waits as Marley? …Maybe I dreamt that one.

    But yeah, my favourite is the George C Scott one.

    in reply to: The Bright Side of Life #104950

    While Neil Innes is being mentioned, have the bonzos split up again? I haven’t seen any official announcements but they don’t seem to be doing anything.

    in reply to: Dr Parnassus #104894

    Thanks I’m going to check it out now.

    in reply to: Dr Parnassus #104891

    I’m actually excited most of all about seeing Tom Waits being Mr Nick. I’ve been a fan of his music for a loooong time.

    in reply to: It’s me I’ve returnethethed #103262

    I just got back from the pub. I want you all to know I love each and everyone of you. Except for Karl, he’s a shit.*

    *not really I love him too.

    in reply to: New iTunes 9.0 Problems #103208

    Im on a mac right now at a friends house, and it’s a piece of shit. Smelly shit*.

    *note: it doesn’t smell really. But it is shit.

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