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  • in reply to: LEGO Red Dwarf – Yorkshire Brick Show #218260

    The start of Series XII model filming there.

    in reply to: Rank Series XI #218080

    So it looks like things are settling to:
    1. Give & Take
    2. Samsara
    3. Krysis
    4. Can of Worms
    5. Officer Rimmer
    6. Twentica

    As for my megamix in running order:
    1. Trojan
    2. Give & Take
    3. Lemons
    4. Samsara
    5. Krysis
    6. The Beginning

    Not sure on it all yet though.

    in reply to: The two abandoned X episodes #217011

    > I assume that they would have paid off the ‘Lister bettering himself’ plot arc that disappears after Fathers & Suns.

    It ended with Lemons technically. Even if reading about Shakespeare seemed an odd way to go about taking a robotics course.

    in reply to: Red Dwarf: The Movie #216852

    > If it makes you feel any better I assumed you were a woman!

    Ah, but is she really the pilot of Unit 2?

    in reply to: Amazon US is Terrible at Red Dwarf ]]> #216788

    > I’ve seen pages, Wikipedia included, that always make sure to spell it out as “Red Dwarf X” in full every time despite numbering other series as just “Series Roman Numeral” as you would expect.

    I am sure the fact that Dave went out of their way to promote the series as “Red Dwarf X” in full rather than just Series X has nothing to do with this convention…

    Just as the logo you upload says Red Dwarf XI now.


    > Apparently the skeleton orgy in Samsara was actually a joke lifted from the script of Phwoaarr….or so I have been told … I should say I can’t confirm the validity of that!

    If you are referring to the note on the Tongue Tied Wiki, I just said that the skeleton sex orgy was reminiscent of Phwoaarr, not lifted from it.

    Strangest sentence I have ever written.

Viewing 6 posts - 601 through 606 (of 606 total)