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    A meteor that size would have obliterated the ship, so I’m definitely happy to accept the intentional mining idea.

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    4 is my least favourite Peep Show series. It moves away from the original format into The Wacky Adventures of Mark and Jez where one always tags along with the other for some really tenuous reason and they do daft stuff like eating a dog. Kind of the antithesis of what I like about the show.

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    I’d say series 2-5 of One Foot in the Grave probably match it. Being objective, they possibly beat it in terms of successful plotting and gag-for-gag rate.

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    I think a first-person shooter set in the Red Dwarf universe, with a section set on Rimmerworld would be great fun.

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    JMC run the ship and employ the miners, but the whole thing is owned and financed by the Space Corps, who also use parts of the ship to do their Space Corpsy stuff.
    I guess.

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    I think it’s been discussed before, and it’s usually agreed that either coming to a stop or parking in orbit around a moon, while constantly broadcasting a quarantine message, would have been infinitely wiser. Given the technological breakthroughs humanity came up with in the interim – psi-moons, holoships, time machines, teleporters – you’d think it would have been easy to get Lister out of stasis without subjecting him to radiation poisoning, or even to clear the ship of radiation. Lister might have missed a few hundred or thousand years of culture, but at least he wouldn’t have been on his own.

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    Depends whether it’s Lister pronouncing it as hyou-muss or not.

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    RE: The time thing regarding Ace, obviously in Dimension Jump the “original” Ace not only travels between dimensions, but also 3,000,000 years into the future, to meet up with our cast. So not every dimension is at the same “time”.

    The explanation in Backwards, that Rimmer is always pulled towards whichever dimension he’s in’s version of himself, is nonsense but works well enough as an explanation.

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    It’s never mentioned how they manage to turn around (especially in context of the line in Future Echoes about how long it would take), but even if they manage to turn around in series 1, they’ve still only been travelling back to Earth for, what, a few hundred years including the various spells in deep sleep. A thousand or so tops. That is only a drop in the ocean in the context of three million. So yeah, basically everything we bump into, from the Polymorph’s canister onwards, suggests that humanity managed to just about catch up with them, or, if humans have been extinct for a long time, then humanity managed to overtake them.
    Of course, if humans <i>have</i> been extinct for many millennia, it’s hard to imagine all the technology would still be working. Some things they find seem derelict, but even if humanity lasted two million years, it’s hard to imagine that any space stations would have survived another million.

    All in all, if Rob and Doug had planned to take the show into the more action-and-exploration direction when they started writing it, I really doubt they would have gone with three million. As a figure it works really well for the total isolation of the first two series, but not so much for everything that came after.

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    Timeframe is irrelevant I think, the wormhole/portal thing seems to lead them all to a very specific point in another time and space and reality altogether.

    Surely every coffin would arrive at the same time, then? As it is, there are already millions there, which would suggest there is a timeframe involved.

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    Apparently I only joined in 2015, which surprises me. I’d been a long-time reader of the site and remember reading all the X set reports. I suppose the fact that I lived without home internet for three years might be why I didn’t join sooner.

    I was on the TOS forum a very, very long time ago, around 2000-2002 I think. I never really got that involved though (some forums from the time I stayed on for at least 10 years), but this place has always seemed really friendly and welcoming, and the Dwarfcasts and articles are always a highlight when they come along. Hurray for G&T.

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    Didn’t he suggest wiping the printing bank so Rimmer couldn’t create a crew of his subordinates?

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    Just how far would he be willing to go to have people back?

    He’d rather have no printed people around than have them working for Rimmer in Officer Rimmer, so not very far, apparently.

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    Yes, I was fairly sure you were a troll with your anti-PC Timewave nonsense, and it has thus been confirmed. Yawn.

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    He was born on the same day it was finally decided exactly what series mechanoid Kryten is.

    in reply to: people who “react” to RD on Youtube #264224

    Question is, will those posts now be added to the hall of fame? I know how much you guys are sticklers for accuracy ’round these parts.

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    Not only do I not get the joke, but I don’t even remember it being in the episode. That’s very odd.

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    Can we just note that he’s just called us a bunch of Tories?

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    Bring back Jawscvmcdia all is forgiven.

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    And Timewave is still a time-travel episode, I suppose, it’s just the guest stars that are time-travelling.

    Yeah, I actually edited my post to highlight I meant the main cast time travelling. In which case it’s the only non-VIII episode in which we see a group of humans in the post-accident timeline, which expands on tombrow’s point about why it feels so weird. Even ignoring the problematic elements and some of the crap jokes, the episode always felt ‘off’ – on first watch I thought it was very funny (and I still think there are good jokes), but even then it immediately just didn’t feel right for a Red Dwarf episode, and I’m sure that’s part of it.

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    Is it the only non-VIII episode to feature multiple guest humans without the main characters travelling in time? Other than The End, obviously.

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    It’s got the Space Corps Directive joke.

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    I always thought Alan Rickman went up for Rimmer, not Lister.

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    If I had to guess, I’d say it’d be at the end of the VIII documentary (‘The Tank’?).

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    Benny just smegged as well.
    I think it’s fair to say your enjoyment of the Virgin New Adventures depends on whether you find the word ‘smeg’ funny or not.

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    I expect a spoken apology on the next Dwarfcast.

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    Yes, I assumed they would have been waiting for the green light to do another special, maybe in the same slot.
    It’s also worth mentioning that the cast are always over-confident when it comes to these things.

    in reply to: New Red Dwarf specials to feature Kryter and Barrie #263764

    That’s a good point, especially as Barrie Kryter is actually a fictional persona played by Red Dwarf’s very own Arnold Rimmer.

    in reply to: Doctor Dwarf: The Books #263759

    Final Frontier does indeed have Ace smegging about. Barely read any Who this year so this was a nice reminder that I made this thread. Halfway through the Virgin New Adventures now. Will I ever be done? Who knows. Happy new year.

    in reply to: Rob Grant Dreamwatch interview 1996 #263731

    Interesting that he talks about removing a non-SF story from series 1… Bodysnatcher seems quite SF-ish in its overall concept so that doesn’t quite fit for me.

    Obviously saying he’d be involved in the film is fascinating – combined with the opening pages of Last Human, there seems to be a lot of stuff about them being on good terms in 95/96 at the moment.

    I’m also intrigued by him wanting to resolve the old age future echo Lister.

    Excellent stuff anyway, cheers Dax!

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    I absolutely would make a stink because you *know* the price wouldn’t be adjusted accordingly.

    I’m making a snarky remark about Express-reading Eurosceptic conservative bores, don’t turn it into a critique on capitalism, please. Let me have this one.

    in reply to: 92 Degrees? #263560

    Can’t see beer (in pubs at least) ever being sold in anything other than pints. I’ll have 568ml of Guinness please.

    We could just go for a half litre (or ‘large’) like the rest of Europe, but you know lots of people would raise a stink about it, even if the price were adjusted correctly.

    in reply to: 92 Degrees? #263551

    I think my overall point about not knowing Fahrenheit has been conclusively proven.

    in reply to: 92 Degrees? #263538

    It’s a very weird one. We do tend to use imperial measurement – weight, height, measures of beer, clothing sizes – but temperature is always talked about in C here. I think most people still have a vague idea about the metric equivalents to an extent, but whenever I hear people talk about temperature in Fahrenheit I genuinely have no idea how to convert it in my head. I know body temperature is just over 100 and freezing is 32, but anything outside of those two and you might as well just call it bingleworm degrees plastigrade as far as my understanding goes.

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    If your surname was Reaper, you wouldn’t call your kid Jim, would you?

    in reply to: Jokes you don't/didn't get #263399

    I concede.

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    Yeah, I’d quite happily take the original credits over the guitar & clips version.
    No idea how they’d have done it for VI and VII, though.

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    Apparently my unpopular Red Dwarf opinion is that I really like Parallel Universe.

    in reply to: Jokes you don't/didn't get #263223

    For what it’s worth, I’ve asked both Doug and Rob on Twitter. I’m sure their answers will be forthcoming.

    in reply to: Jokes you don't/didn't get #263203

    The capitalised CAN’T there should have read CAN, obviously.

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    I don’t think it does make more sense. Why would Lister give a shit about how hard something is to clean? He’s never cleaned anything in his life.

    Now this is definitely thinking about it too much. Plus, it’s not what Lister says, it’s what other people call him.

    I understand the other interpretation, but the wording feels totally wrong. The line says you can only not get rid of it “once it’s on the table”. Which suggests that, if a bottle of Cinzano Bianco is not on a table (???), you CAN’T get rid of it. For both clauses of the sentence to work, it being on a table has to be relevant.
    It’s possible that the joke is only relevant to the final clause, in which case it would make sense, but the structure of it really feels like the full thing is the joke.

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    That’s not the usual response I get to that statement.

    in reply to: Jokes you don't/didn't get #263149

    It stains.

    in reply to: How Red Dwarf Broke All The Rules #263114

    “No-one would have gone ‘you know what would be a good idea? You know that show that’s not been on TV for the best part of 10 years? Why don’t we bring that back, because the cast are still all alive?’ No-one would have done that… It was because the fans wanted more.”

    Given that Birds of a Feather was off-air for 16 years, Absolutely Fabulous for seven, Open All Hours for 28 (if we count Still…), Roseanne for 22 years, Partridge was off-screen for eight years… I’m not saying these shows don’t have fans, but it’s not like it’s the only show to do this.

    in reply to: people who “react” to RD on Youtube #263110

    Aren’t we due a book club first?

    in reply to: Your Unpopular Red Dwarf Opinions #263082

    let’s pretend i wrote “faster-than-light” there.

    The only time it travels faster than light is in Future Echoes. If we assume it still travels very fast indeed, then coming across a new planet, station, etc., every few weeks shouldn’t be quite so hard to believe, if we consider that humanity managed to get almost as far out as Red Dwarf and then stop.
    There is also the issue of how long it supposedly takes for the ship to turn around…

    in reply to: Your Unpopular Red Dwarf Opinions #263071

    at what point does Red Dwarf definitely become a ship designed for interstellar travel?

    From the start, surely? When talking about stasis in The End, Todhunter asks if Lister if he’s never travelled interstellar, which is then expanded on in Infinity, by stating stasis was designed for interstellar travel, but then after discovering it was a waste of time, the existing stasis booths just got used for punishment.

    in reply to: Your Unpopular Red Dwarf Opinions #263065

    You’re forgetting the line prior to that


    in reply to: Your Unpopular Red Dwarf Opinions #263060

    if Remastered went all the way to VIII, they’d have to change the ship again or else that line wouldn’t make any sense.

    Why? The line is “We now have a quark-level matter/anti-matter generator, ship-wide bio-organic computer networking, and a karaoke bar on C-deck.” There’s no actual reference to the shape of the ship changing, some some interior things. If it changed as dramatically as the models suggest, everybody would get lost because the dimensions of the ship are totally different.

    in reply to: Your Unpopular Red Dwarf Opinions #263028

    You get a brief shot of the original model at the end of Nanarchy, so yes, it’s still the correct version up to the end of VII.

    The movie test shot does look bloody excellent, but as said, it still feels a bit too slick. The idea of it just being a block, something put together without any thought for aesthetic, is what gives it its identifiable look, and fits in really well with everything on the inside.

    The ‘original spec’ aspect of VIII always seemed pretty desperate, given that the entire shape and size of the ship has changed so utterly radically that it’s barely recognisable as the same thing. I think the use of the pencil ship in VIII was a huge mistake. It’s perfectly fine in Remastered, it fits the rest of the shit updates there, but it shouldn’t have been in VIII.

    Yeah, it’s still really bad. There are plenty of sitcoms about more ‘mature’ situations that aren’t really shit. Waiting for God is definitely a good example.

    in reply to: Your Popular Red Dwarf Opinions #262971

    Pete is a bad two parter.

    in reply to: Unanswered Questions #262717

    When I was still a lurker here I wondered if any of them posted. I thought they must do, as this was obviously the home of the internet’s Red Dwarf nerds. I was wrong.

    in reply to: Your Unpopular Red Dwarf Opinions #262708

    I’ve only watched BTE episodically twice: on broadcast, and listening to the cast commentary. So it’s a bit of a pain for me when it comes to the polls and my placing is based on vague guesswork, which is probably true of a lot of people. So I’d personally go for using it as one episode.
    That said, I understand and respect the ‘as broadcast’ rule, and it fits in well with G&T’s general approach.

    in reply to: Your Unpopular Red Dwarf Opinions #262394

    Yeah, I don’t think anybody’s asking for Last of the Summer Wine in space, but using their age and the length of their time together to explore particular character ideas and plots – once in a while – is very worthwhile.

    in reply to: Your Unpopular Red Dwarf Opinions #262340

    Yeah, you don’t have to fundamentally change the characters to acknowledge the fact they’ve aged.

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    It has a better plot and more good jokes than the other episodes in VIII. With a bit of tinkering, removal of the rapey bit, Kryten not randomly figuring it out on no evidence at all, and minus the horrible visual aspects of VIII, it would be a bottom-of-the-36 episode but reasonable.

    in reply to: Jokes you don't/didn't get #262283

    Clearly a massive, dirty cock.

    in reply to: Jokes you don't/didn't get #262257

    The “hardly at all” bit really sounds like it’s a tiny knob joke to me. Seems like a totally unnecessary line otherwise. It gets a laugh as well.

    in reply to: Jokes you don't/didn't get #262255

    But the joke about Rimmer’s small penis!

    in reply to: Jokes you don't/didn't get #262245

    Although that’s technically true, it’s not much of a joke. Vomiting is funnier than bits of a sandwich.

    in reply to: people who “react” to RD on Youtube #262231

    McCoy won a best Doctor poll once.

    in reply to: Jokes you don't/didn't get #262230

    Boobs and fannies.

    in reply to: Holoship – Xtended #262145

    Most of it is just stuff that they would normally have left out anyway, without much issue. It’s definitely the Nirvanah and Rimmer relationship that suffers, they go from walking down the corridor to a tiny bit of post-coital chat to him leaving, which doesn’t sell their feelings at all.

    in reply to: Unanswered Questions #262072

    The Kinitawowi costumes are the bigger mystery.

    in reply to: people who “react” to RD on Youtube #261975

    I’d say that hiati definitely come into assessments. Once something becomes noticeably separate from an earlier version, the difference can become more obvious; similarly, the creators tend to be a bit more self-aware of what they’re doing. When Rob and Doug were involved in the creation of 1-VI, they probably didn’t have <i>too</i> much time to naval gaze. Doug’s series do seem to be a little bit more focused on the idea of what Red Dwarf ‘is’ (or, indeed, ‘isn’t’), to the extent that there are some moments in VIII and the Dave era which feel like he’s self-consciously trying to make something feel like classic Dwarf, rather than it simply flowing naturally. Couple the fan perspective and re-emergences after hiati can feel very unnatural. It happens all the time with bands who take time off after an unpopular album.

    (Yes, I know it’s hiatuses, shush.)

    in reply to: people who “react” to RD on Youtube #261952

    I once read – and I think this was on Norm’s official website, of all places – that Red Dwarf lost its way a bit, particularly by VII, but VIII was it getting back to form again, and always found that baffling. I get that it’s a bright, colourful, energetic studio sitcom with Chris Barrie in it after the slightly more dour VII, but even on first broadcast I thought it really lacked something.

    in reply to: The “Programme Guide” books #261892

    I’ve been a fan since ’92, but other than the Red Dwarf Night compilation, I’ve never seen any of the longform versions. As a kid I didn’t really have the money to buy videos very often, especially once I got into music, and there were always about ten times as many videos as I wanted, so outtakes were never near the top of my list, even if Dwarf was my favourite show. I really should buy Just the Smegs one day. At least in time for the inevitable commentary.

    in reply to: Jokes you don't/didn't get #261733

    The whole time I just thought they were making a jab at crap food.
    I resent the implication that proper Afghan kabobs with salad, flat bread and that yogurt sauce aren’t absolutely amazing.

    Ah, the innocent voice of the non-Brit.

    in reply to: Unanswered Questions #261633

    Yeah, it’s basically the automated personification of JMC bureaucracy. Now that Holly’s gone, everything has to be done ‘by the book’.

    One thing that does bother me about it is that, up until IX, Holly was the JMC computer. The idea that there were two separate systems running seems a bit odd. But obviously there’s a very practical reason for it, re: Norm.

    In terms of them getting the update, I assume it’s much like the post pod, in that it’s been on its way to meet them for millions of years and finally caught up.

    in reply to: Unanswered Questions #261598

    Some of the letters are the same way round as ours, and others aren’t.

    It’s almost like they didn’t think this through.

    in reply to: Unanswered Questions #261595

    It depends on how literal Kryten’s newspaper translation is. Things like being demoted straight to the bottom, roll-off deodorant, etc. all suggest they actually perceive things in kind of the way the Dwarfers do, ie they’re aware of the direction they’re going in. As opposed to the novel version, where they are literally un-learning / un-experiencing everything.

    in reply to: Interchangeable Episode Titles #261563

    The End The Beginning*
    Marooned It’s Cold Outside
    Back in the Red Part 1 All Change
    Nanarchy Built to Last
    Entangled Heavy Science
    Psirens The Starbuggers
    Tikka to Ride Back from the Dead
    Back to Earth Part 1 The Tank
    Out of Time We’re Smegged
    Back in the Red Part 3 Behind the Scenes
    Out of Time The 28 Years Later Affair
    Quarantine The Promised Doc

    *Please note this is a different The Beginning to the one I believe quinn was referencing upthread.

    in reply to: Chris Barrie has updated his website #261531

    I really hate the way he always describes new Dwarf as “product”.

    A positive sign, though!

    in reply to: Interchangeable Episode Titles #261483

    Samsara Justice

    in reply to: Your Unpopular Red Dwarf Opinions #261462

    They did it in a III deleted scene where they’re playing strip poker, and it didn’t work well then. I’m not sure the better quality costume in VIII actually makes it much more worthwhile overall, however. Why would have have a flesh coloured interior that’s relatively easily accessible, and why would he decide to paint his entire feet during the prison’s dedicated toenail painting hour (which in itself suggests far too many questions).

    in reply to: Your Unpopular Red Dwarf Opinions #261423

    I agree with most of that to an extent – most of the best Dave scripts feel like they’re still a draft from completion, and the performances are a mixed bag – but I wouldn’t say there’s really been a move towards comedy drama since VIII. BtE, definitely, but one of the biggest criticisms XI and XII got here was the almost complete lack of pathos, making both the universe more silly and the general plots and character motivations less dramatic and more comedic. The Promised Land again has some more dramatic elements, but the three main series have felt to me as much ‘straight comedy’ as any of the Rob era episodes.

    in reply to: Unanswered Questions #261422

    Was Rimmer really expecting aliens within the solar system? I always imagined that was an obsession that developed post-accident.

    in reply to: Unanswered Questions #261380

    I love Rimmer’s use of “we” in that, as if he used the bog roll. Given that Cat, at the time, seemed to enjoy toileting in ‘unconventional’ places, it basically means Lister used it up. And if he didn’t… who did?

    in reply to: Who has has a Red Dwarf dream? #261271

    Had one last night, I was watching Series XIII. It was an eight part series, but each episode was actually set in an earlier era, i.e. there was a III-era episode, a VI episode, etc. This despite them making no effort to actually make the cast or sets look anything like the eras they were supposed to be in. The VIII episode was absolutely dire, almost unwatchable shite with next to no plot, just the cast sat around talking utter nonsense and making the odd really broad joke. It made me exceptionally angry.

    in reply to: The style of the forum #261212

    The site isn’t busy enough for multiple sub-forums, and the board is also something that’s built into the structure of the main site, rather than a totally separate piece of software, so its simple and streamlined format works well.

    I’ve been on plenty of phpBB-style forums over the years with sub-forums and they work well as long as there’s a good amount of traffic. Which is sadly less and less common these days, as Facebook is gradually eating up the average person’s online time. Because clearly defined threads full of enthusiastic discussion are far more cumbersome and less enjoyable than people asking the same question 20 times a day in the same group and threads being full of gif reactions and people tagging their friends.

    in reply to: What would you like to see in a new novel? #261197

    The usual issue with the idea of other writers is the show having a largely single voice until now, so bringing in someone else wouldn’t work for me.

    Yeah, a standalone book in a fairly ‘trad’ Dwarf style – not too many guests (ie Last Human), lots of character stuff – but doing stuff that they couldn’t afford in the show. Rob continuing it from Backwards would be great.

    Doug’s said he would maybe consider writing a novel to give the show a real ending. Which would be really odd given that he’s already done that.

    in reply to: The Curse of Mr. Bean (thoughts) #261196

    I don’t know if it’s because I’m in a rather bleak place at this time due to looming redundancy, but Mr. Bean has become a sort of odd comfort food to me. He lives such a charming, innocent life (when he’s not being deliberately mean) – enjoying hobbies, going on days out, holidays down the coast etc. – and I have a sort of odd nostalgia for eighties and nineties life, fashion and leisure – maybe because I’m a bit tired of social media and, like people in the UK back then, I’m being fucked over by Tory incompetence and greed. I find Bean charming to watch in the same way as the Tim Nice-but-Dim sketches.

    Oh yes, it’s definite comfort food telly. I’m not sure I’ve known a (largely) likeable comedy character who’s so comfortable and confident in themselves and their life other than Bean. Even his saddest moment – the crushing of his car – sees him finding a positive ending.

    in reply to: The Best Bits of VIII #261114

    the second ground controller

    “Come back, Mr. Sucks!” is almost good enough to warrant the Blue Midget dance.

    in reply to: The Best Bits of VIII #261100

    Rimmer editing the others in BITR3

    Oh yes, how did I forget that one. Both “everything we’re saying is being bananas” and “I’m going to cut off both his b-blunt knife” are top gags.

    I’ll add to Kill Crazy knocking himself out by mentioning the nicely underplayed visual of him with the bruise later on.

    Mac’s performance when he walks in on Rimmer and the vending machine having an argument is bloody tremendous.

    in reply to: Red Dwarf VIII is flawed #261076

    Worst VIII moment is such a hard question to answer, because although the obvious choice is the Blue Midget dance, that’s also the obvious answer, so then it’s easy to start looking for something else and getting overwhelmed at all the astonishingly bad stuff that always makes me want to die.

    in reply to: Red Dwarf VIII is flawed #260915

    It largely falls into Doug’s post-VII problem of “I have to make everything funny”, not realising that a serious context can make the jokes inherently funnier. Hollister is played as a serious, if likeable, ship’s captain, and his reprimanding Lister in The End shows he considers the safety of the crew and mission important. That he suddenly becomes a comedy fat bloke with no actual credentials undermines that, and, as Flap Jack points out, it’s not even done for a worthwhile narrative or comedy reason: it’s just a throwaway gag.

    I remember watching BBC2’s showings of Third Rock from the Sun as a teenager, and the between-scene CG planet shots, with moons bouncing off planet rings and stuff, made me think of Red Dwarf, and if it was done the same, you’d have daft scene-breaks like the ship going past and suddenly being infinitely long or being bright colours or whatever. And then I realised that wouldn’t work at all because Red Dwarf exists in a serious universe, only one where the characters are witty and absurd circumstances happen to them. But the rest of the universe and its inhabitants have to be serious to make that work, and turning Hollister into a clown doesn’t work at all.

    in reply to: Red Dwarf VIII is flawed #260886

    it’s not really out of character for him to have blackmailed his way into being Captain, is it?

    By this point, his ‘characterisation’ was of a competent, well-respected Captain in charge of a five mile long ship.

    It’s the equivalent of bringing Petersen back but him being the sober straight man objecting to Lister’s drunk laddish behaviour.

    in reply to: Red Dwarf VIII is flawed #260095

    What is going on

    in reply to: Worst episodes of series 3-5? #260007

    Backwards, Timeslides and The Inquisitor would probably be my bottom three of the era. Backwards is very gimmicky and lacking in character depth, Timeslides always feels incredibly down, and The Inquisitor has long stretches of relatively little humour.

    I mean they’re all still great, but if I had to pick out least favourites they’d be my choices.

    in reply to: The inner darkness of Rob Grant #259965

    There are some grim bits in Last Human, but otherwise Doug’s version of Dwarf has definitely played darker moments with either more pathos or more whimsy than when they were both writing the show, and obviously nothing close to the stuff in Backwards.

    in reply to: Craig’s Appearance in Series III #259964

    IV and V are peak Rimmer. He is awful at times, but it generally comes from a defensive position (his pettiness in Quarantine being from feeling undermined by Kryten), and has lots of sympathetic moments. It’s still hard to escape the feeling that if you knew him in real life you’d hate him, but you see how horrible it is being him because he hates himself just as much.

    in reply to: Misheard lines #259922

    I always assumed that too. I think it’s still meant to be an artist or band, but I’d never made the rockabilly connection.

    in reply to: Your Unpopular Red Dwarf Opinions #259876

    One thing I can say in defence of the red alert joke is, to this day, I can still remember the first time I saw it. I don’t remember much of my pre-teen Red Dwarf viewings, but I will always recall laughing so hard at that. It might be overplayed, but as a gag it’s just superb. Brilliantly written, nicely surprising, and perfectly performed.

    in reply to: Unanswered Questions #259842

    Weird shit happening in the show is generally treated as weird shit happening and explained by Kryten or Holly.

    Weird shit happening that isn’t in any way explained but treated as “oh yeah that happened” doesn’t work for me.

    It’s the fact that nobody even questions the fact that a character that only exists in your head while you have a headset on managed to become sentient and leave the room it was previously projected in, and then managed to become solid and kill an existing character – one who’s hardlight and thus almost impossible to kill anyway. It doesn’t draw even a raised eyebrow from anyone. Even Cat, the least bright of our bunch, should at least be a little worried that this can happen.

    And yes, you can totally head-canon it away, but it doesn’t take away the nagging feeling that it’s actually just a bit of sloppy writing.

    in reply to: Unanswered Questions #259808

    Yeah, it was one of the very few issues with VII I had even as a kid. I just don’t buy that Rimmer would believe it was real.

    Come to think of it, what computer is generating Rimmer once he becomes Ace Rimmer? Presumably the Wildfire has that capability, I guess.

    If a ship the size of Red Dwarf can only sustain one hologram – two at most by turning off a huge amount of unused systems – how does even Starbug generate him? And what’s generating the Holoship?

    It’s just another thing that became forgotten once the whole light bee idea came along. If the light bee is projecting him and can be recharged on Starbug, why would it need a massive ship to power it earlier one?

    in reply to: Unanswered Questions #259786

    I don’t actually believe Rimmer is stupid enough to think a knight could escape from the AR suite.

    in reply to: Your Unpopular Red Dwarf Opinions #259775

    Although I don’t like the superhero Ace idea in general, I do agree that Stoke is a lovely episode for Rimmer in general. It’s very flawed, in a VII way, but I’ve warmed to it a lot over the years and, for the most part, definitely enjoy it these days.

    Duct Soup is a wonderful episode for the Cat. Roaring noise, boy is it cramped in here, coming down in the wardrobe… he has plenty of great moments. Not sure anybody else does, though.

    in reply to: Unanswered Questions #259755

    The Emohawk also manages to change the physical appearance of a person, handily into an alternate version of themselves they’ve previously encountered.

    My question about the whole multiple Ace thing is: why? Why does a test pilot suddenly become a superhero who has to pass on his title as superhero to another version of himself? It’s all stated as if it’s something that has to happen, but it’s SUCH an utterly daft concept. If it happened to me I’d find it hilarious.

    in reply to: Your Unpopular Red Dwarf Opinions #259754

    I like the fact the Simulant is done away with so quickly: he isn’t really the point of the episode, he’s just a fun coda. The same as the curry monster. It’s why I was happy that Asclepius was dealth with in the same way: I’m not big on ‘the crew vs. a monster’ type stories. The best antagonists are ones who reveal a lot about the characters, rather than simply things that exist just to offer a threat. In fact, threat and peril aren’t really why I watch Red Dwarf at all.

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