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    Yeah, I’m very fond of that explanation too, it fits better than a lot of back-referencing stuff in the show itself does.

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    I think VIII needs cutting down, not fleshing out.

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    This is presuming you know the exact path between Mimas and Triton. It may have been travelling to dock on one side of the moon or the other – only a small distance, but 1.5 million light years onwards the difference would be considerable.

    Also everything everyone else said.

    Urgh. That.

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    The French DVD calls it series 9, and it came between series 8 and 10.

    Eh this doesn’t bother me, it’s the type of nonsense some of us spend our time on here waffling about while no new series are on. I’m not sure it needs a website trying to offer explanations though, fun as it can be to discuss them on here.

    Plus, Karnie’s Homecoming fanfic ties a few of them up and has been my head canon since I read it.

    And to think Bobby Llew counts it as classic Dwarf. I wonder what they’ll make of the next three.

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    They don’t call Rimmer HARD light for nothing you know.

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    I’d be staggered if it got past series 14.

    Yes, I suppose if you actually found the Blue Midget dance funny, rather than one of the most excruciatingly awkward and misguided pieces of ‘comedy’ you’ve ever watched, you might be able to find it easier to forgive.

    As a teen, Pete Tranter’s Sister was the peak of Red Dwarf sex appeal to me.*
    As I’ve grown, Clare Grogan in a dressing gown seems to appeal to me more now.

    *And that was just looking forward to the G&T member.

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    As if through a portal.

    in reply to: Who has has a Red Dwarf dream? #220904

    And I’m pretty sure that breaks my correct punctuation usage policy.

    Or that font that you see in every Indie film and Hipster cafe these days.

    I have no idea what this is but I’m curious.

    The actual answer is, of course, they will use Papyrus.

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    I’m pretty sure that break’s G&T’s spoiler policy.

    The Cat having a funky heart beat and colour co-ordinated organs fucked me off when I was 14, though, and I hate it even more now.

    “One second Mr. Sucks” is a fantastic line, and she totally sells the part.

    For a long time I thought I was alone in not enjoying VI as much as the first five. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still in a whole different league to VII, VIII and BtE and a step above X and XI, but it’s just a bit too wacky adventures, action-based for me. It’s telling that my favourite episode from the series, by far, is Out of Time, which has no guest sets or guest actors and thus more focus on character comedy.

    I’m also interested to find out how they’ll find worse fonts to replace the already terrible ones with.

    in reply to: That Old, Fake BtE Synopsis #220844

    “RED DWARF THE MOVIE is set in the distant future where Homo Sapienoids, a fearsome combination of flesh and machine, and the next stage of human evolution, have taken over the solar system and almost wiped out the human race. The only survivors are the crews of long-haul space freighters that left Earth before the conflict began. The Sapienoids send forth fleets of Death Ships to hunt them down. One by one – the human ships fall, until only one remains. Its name – Red Dwarf…”

    The second dinosaur, which was much less intelligent than the first, stowed away in Hollister’s arse – until it was awoken by a single-fingered glove provided by Rimmer.

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    Holograms could be there for morale – your best mate dies, you’re not going to be able to give it your all when it comes to doing your job; your best mate comes back to life, at least you can pretend he’s not dead.

    Of course, this could have the opposite effect too. “Sorry your best mate’s dead. We can’t bring him back to life because someone more important than him is also dead”.

    The best thing about the forthcoming VIII: Remastered is the reversion to the BtE-style CG model, whilst leaving in all the dialogue about the ship changing shape.

    I hope you lot hurry up and do those remaining nine, because I’ve been wanting to watch the whole show in order with associated Dwarfcasts. Much as I commend quinn_drummer’s decision to do it in the build up to XII, I don’t think I could bring myself to do it so near to completion. It’d be like the time I decided to watch the whole of Doctor Who from start to finish while I still had about 30 DVDs yet to buy.

    Also, why would you give up after a fantastic episode like Tikka? Unironically.

    It’s probably been about ten days since I last explained why I think Tikka is a fucking terrible episode and an example of everything that’s wrong about VII, so I shan’t bite. But my girlfriend found the more action-based approach and recurring gags of VI difficult, and only watched Tikka for the cliffhanger resolution (of all the things). She was aware one of the writers left at some point, and assumed it was after V, so far was the quality drop for VI in her mind.

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    God it’s like they didn’t even think this through

    “Oh and by the way, tell everyone else. Bye!”

    Unfortunately, it’s hard to go with anything other than “because plot”, because this is VIII and nobody behaves in a remotely believable way. I mean, THEY were the ones who informed the rest of the crew of the microbe’s existence, without them the ship would be in a much worse state before anyone knew about it.

    There is a deleted scene where some of the prisoners are allowed to leave with the main crew which, as you say, is absurd. You’d imagine they’d have a duty to protect their own registered crew. And, to be honest, the rest of the prisoners really.

    As long as you’re allowed to make disclaimers throughout it, of the “I know this is terrible, I’m sorry” variety, go for it. My missus gave up after Tikka, although she enjoyed the bits of X she’s seen.

    in reply to: Paul Giachetti, aka Karnie, RIP #220667

    Just noticed, through mentioning his tremendous post-VIII fanfic ‘Homecoming’, that I hadn’t actually posted in here. Incredibly sad news indeed, we’ve lost a real asset to the community and a lovely person indeed.

    in reply to: "biological biz" Please help #220660

    Could anyone do a thread like this, but for several jokes in every single episode of Seinfeld?

    in reply to: Who has has a Red Dwarf dream? #220545

    I’ve had two ‘watching an episode of XII’ dreams this week. One was hazy, but one scene featured Rimmer finding a Mars Bar for his long term girlfriend, and it was a huge dramatic, emotional moment as it was a callback to how they first met. The whole thing was in a big rainy city and everything was tinted royal blue. I remember it being beautiful and very moving.

    The second was an episode where they accidentally end up going back to the point where they rediscover Red Dwarf at the start of Back in the Red, and it goes into detail about how they were treated, and tortured, by the ship’s officers trying to work out where they came from. Rimmer was reverted to his series 1 hologram and placed into a bag where questions were asked; Cat had a huge chunk of his skull replaced by a metal plate. We had to watch the ‘rat arsed’ scene again several times from different angles, with a CG rat worse than the one in VIII. Meanwhile, the ‘current’ crew, flying Blue Midget, are sucked into a docking bay on the blue part of the ship, where they have to do something on the ship to reset the timeline.

    I remember being very angry, because it removed all chance of me being able to remove VIII from my headcanon.

    in reply to: Episode Titles #220490

    Star Knot is such a good title. I’m using it for a song soon.

    in reply to: Episode Titles #220475

    I see one episode is named after a SoundCloud rapper, Yung Glhu

    I reckon Star Knot has been renamed Skipper. I prefer Star Knot, immensely.

    in reply to: Everybody's alive, Dave. #220401

    *’taken out’, obviously. ‘Taken it’ doesn’t even mean anything.

    in reply to: Everybody's alive, Dave. #220400

    I think Doug felt like BtE had to be ‘big’ in some sense or another. As a piece of event television it kind of works. A potentially one-off return can’t just be Rimmer and Lister sitting around in the bunk room. I’m not even convinced Doug could have done it at the time.

    I absolutely loathed BtE when it was on, thought it was worse than VIII. Then introducing RD to my girlfriend rejuvenated the show for me – all the tired jokes I was able to recite word for word suddenly felt fresh and hilarious just through her enjoyment of them – and even though she gave up at the start of VII, I trudged on through to the end. Having only just watched I-VI through those semi-fresh eyes, VIII felt even more removed from the classic series than it ever had before, and BtE suddenly felt like a breath of fresh air in comparison. It felt like actual Red Dwarf again. Far from classic Red Dwarf, but the characters, the setting, a lot of the dialogue, it just felt like it was actually part of the same universe as those earlier shows. So for all its flaws, I’m very fond of BtE now. If the department store bunk room scene had been included, and the letterbox android routine taken it, it would even go up a star for me.

    in reply to: New Merch #220326

    It’ll probably be named after the ship the episode’s set on or something just to fool everyone.

    in reply to: Should they have continued Red Dwarf after Series VI? #220284

    Should this thread have continued after post VI?

    in reply to: Should they have continued Red Dwarf after Series VI? #220243

    VI being Be Here Now works contextually, because it makes VII SOTSOG (the attempt at doing some more ‘serious’, darker and experimental) and VIII Heathen Chemistry (the embarrassingly failed attempt to return to its roots). I suppose BtE being Don’t Believe the Truth sort of works (both were seen as somewhat of a return to form at time but have been viewed less kindly with time), whilst X being Dig Out Your Soul might work, but I’ve only heard it once, despite owning it. Largely because my girlfriend loathes Oasis.

    in reply to: Should they have continued Red Dwarf after Series VI? #220221

    It doesn’t really work as an SOS, does it?

    “SOS! Help! Help! The ship’s crashing! Let me tell you the intriguing and frankly difficult-to-believe set of occurrences that led to this scenario, using this handily recorded multi-angle footage of said occurences. We-”

    in reply to: Bodysnatcher – Region 4 #220215

    I’d put it in the fridge, it won’t go off as quickly.

    in reply to: Should they have continued Red Dwarf after Series VI? #220214

    Because that’s how you send out an SOS.

    Jeff K sort of amuses me at how crap it is, but yes it’s not a very good joke. There are a lot of not very good jokes in Tikka.

    in reply to: Should they have continued Red Dwarf after Series VI? #220184

    You know what fucks me off about the video camera exploding thing? I said that’s how it’d resolve in the school playground when I was 11. Ok I’m autistic and probably have more of a grasp of time travel / paradox logistics than your average 11 year old, but it was so fucking patronising that the idea was portrayed as so complex that it made cameras explode. There are far more complicated ideas than that in the history of the show, so to have a “lol so complex it fucks up hardware” complete highlights the dumbing down of the show in VII / VIII.

    in reply to: Should they have continued Red Dwarf after Series VI? #220171

    There’s the deleted ‘long story’ joke in Ouroboros. A very funny joke that’s driven into the ground, VIII-style.

    in reply to: Should they have continued Red Dwarf after Series VI? #220167

    Yes, that would be a superb way to a) bring Red Dwarf back and b) get rid of all the daft TARDIStarbug nonsense from VII.

    The “we can’t use the time drive to go back to the past because it could interfere and fuck everything up” idea is a sound one, but as you say, why not just go back to Red Dwarf around the time they lost it, as that’s not going to be interfering with any timelines.

    Along the same lines, searching for the cure in Epideme could have been achieved by just using the time drive to get to the planet rather than tricking the virus into updating the ship’s engine. Just go two seconds into the future and set coordinates for the planet.

    I fucking hate the time drive.

    in reply to: Should they have continued Red Dwarf after Series VI? #220162

    I remember finding it a tiny bit strange at the time (I also remember really cringing at the pizza joke on first watch, thinking ‘wow, I hope it all isn’t this unfunny’), it’s just got more annoying every time I’ve watched it.

    in reply to: Should they have continued Red Dwarf after Series VI? #220158

    I’m not the biggest fan of the losing Red Dwarf idea as it takes things a touch too heavily into the action/adventure approach for my liking, but I can completely appreciate it as a creative decision to take the show somewhere new. It gives VI a very distinct feel, and while it isn’t one I always appreciate, I have no criticism of the decision to do so. It also adds a touch of peril to their situation, which returns to the sense of bleakness from the earlier series.

    VII just feels like a case of Doug wanting to have his cake and eat it. Let’s have them flying round in Starbug, but let’s also have Starbug big enough to have miles of ducts, a massive VR suite, large cargo decks, a science room, a big misty turbine room etc.

    Put it another way: in Dimension Jump, when the Wildfire hits Starbug, the ships are the same size. In Stoke Me a Clipper, the Wildfire docks in a comparatively cavernous room in the rear section of Starbug. If Doug wanted the scale of the mothership back, I cannot fathom why he didn’t just write it back in.

    in reply to: Should they have continued Red Dwarf after Series VI? #220145

    The dimensional anomalies thing is a fairly flimsy excuse for it all really, although yes it is there. But it all just seems so utterly convoluted when the far simpler solution of ‘they find Red Dwarf’ would have it all make much more sense in-universe. Most of VII is blatantly written for a Red Dwarf-sized ship, I just can’t get why Doug thought a ‘bigger on the inside’ Starbug would be the best way to achieve that.

    in reply to: Should they have continued Red Dwarf after Series VI? #220137

    I mean obviously there’s really funny stuff in Tikka (“just programming it now, matey boy”, “Texas Book Depository”, “his was just… higher up”) but as an overall episode it feels like a horrible convoluted mess and no better than the bulk of VII.

    in reply to: Should they have continued Red Dwarf after Series VI? #220136

    The thing about ‘picking on the chickens’ is it isn’t a good joke. I like the idea of a Kryten with no moral guidelines, but given that all it seems to do is make him say “you bet your ass” and make “observations” that are little more than very poor picking/chicken wordplay it seems like a wasted attempt. I’d prefer something more insidious in which he gradually leads them down a very bad, dangerous path rather than just some very broad comedy.
    The pizza joke is unforgivable. A few minutes on from being so scientifically knowledgable that he confuses a video camera into annihilation, Lister suddenly can’t tell a corpse from a pizza? Horrible, horrible rubbish.

    Ugh, Plastic Percy’s reminded me of the whole shooting scene. Those cops are absolutely terrible. Not to mention “I’ll carefully take this cable off but very deliberately leave my foot in a loop” followed by “look, some cable is moving, everybody pull it for no reason!” Absolutely appalling plotting, just characters doing incredibly unlikely or stupid things for no reason other than to achieve a plot goal.

    re: TARDIStarbug in VI, I either have head canon or have actually read that it’s suggested Kryten spent the deep sleep period remodelling the ship from the inside to make it more liveable as it was their permanent home for the foreseeable future. It’s a push, but I can just about forgive it. But the whole idea of “dimensional anomalies” causing the ship to expand on the inside only seems to exist so Doug would write in stuff including a VR suite (as opposed to the much more believable headset version in Gunmen), cargo decks etc., not to mention including that scene in the turbine room which looks cool, but is totally unnecessary. And obviously the whole of Duct Soup, in which miles of ducts are cleaned with water and then dried on a regular basis – on a ship-to-surface transport vessel.
    If only Doug had had a simpler, more straight-forward way of having the characters in a much larger, labyrinthine ship – say a mining ship of sorts.

    in reply to: Should they have continued Red Dwarf after Series VI? #220133

    I really don’t get what it is people enjoy about Tikka. From the opening section of cameras exploding because of (not actually very complex) complex science to the over-egged curry scene, the totally unnecessary introduction of the TARDIS-like interior of Starbug, the start of lolrandom Kryten, complete non-jokes like ‘picking on the chickens’ and the giant pizza, the crew brutally jumping on Lister and the most ridiculous plot-hole in a Dwarf episode tying it up, it suffers from absolutely everything I hate about VII. The last few times I did a start-to-finish run of Dwarf it just totally sucked the joy from the show within minutes. Blue is the only VII episode I ever particularly want to watch.

    in reply to: Should they have continued Red Dwarf after Series VI? #220124

    Phobos and Deimos, stop calling the nanobots nanites in a tedious discussion about continuity.

    in reply to: Should they have continued Red Dwarf after Series VI? #220119

    Yes, those two jokes in The Beginning make it very difficult for me to accept my head-canon that would otherwise allow me to skip from VII to BtE.

    I do think III is a touch uneven, with big action stuff like Backwards and Polymorph nestled next to bleak character pieces like Marooned and Timeslides. It feels like a transitional series (which it is, in many ways). Coupled with an odd performance from Robert and the grainy look throughout, it doesn’t stand up so well to the two series surrounding it for me. I mean obviously it’s still really fucking good though.

    in reply to: Parallel Whoniverse #220086

    It’s intriguing, because this is literally the first negative thing I’ve read about Bill. Everyone I’ve come across has thought she was brilliant (she’s the only new series companion my girlfriend has liked at all). I really liked her, which was particularly refreshing after Clara who I found pretty tedious.

    I honestly didn’t see any element of her being ‘written to be black, gay and quirky’. Other than those things were occasionally mentioned.

    in reply to: A Female Holly #220073

    Next step: making being male illegal.

    in reply to: Let’s Talk About Red Dwarf XI: The Game #219984

    Hmm yes, I’m hoping we get the full thing before XII comes along. Not to downplay the efforts of the developers – who have been absolutely brilliant, obviously – but it would seem pretty odd having the Can of Worms level go out midway through XII, which is likely to be two and a bit months away now.

    in reply to: Doctor Dwarf: Oxygen #219936

    It also had lots of very funny jokes in it. I can almost imagine the ‘tea’ routine being part of a low supplies dialogue at the start of a series 6 episode.

    in reply to: Business Resources #219901

    Someone punch him out.

    in reply to: Business Resources #219801

    This has been the most popular, active thread on the board in some time.

    Hurry the fuck up, XII promo.

    in reply to: Doctor Dwarf: Oxygen #219763

    I can’t think of many series more at odds with RD, tonally, than Who. One has a universe overflowing with aliens, the other has none.

    in reply to: Business Resources #219751

    I’m surprised, given how eloquent the spammer was.

    in reply to: Business Resources #219749

    I wonder what the success rate of this kind of spam actually is.

    I knew they were other people because I’d read IWCD, but I wouldn’t have known otherwise.
    Also can’t fathom why they removed the whole black card thing. Getting to see that in full was one of the absolute joys of the DVDs being released.

    Thing is, I got used to all of the other original scenes quite easily, but that silence just feels wrong, almost as if they were planning to put a joke in there and never got around to it.

    Doubtless there will be new shitty things to discover in Remastered for years to come.

    When Remastered came out I’d only seen bits of I and II once, and barely remembered them at all beyond the theme tune and a couple of jokes, so for years they were the only versions I knew. Even then, I still prefer the originals. Although I DO always miss ‘yes God’ at the end of, er, The End. It fits the beat so well that the silence seems so odd.

    Also the awkwardness of the same Smells Like Teen Spirit-esque library track also being used in an episode of Fun at the Funeral Parlour.

    in reply to: Set photos #219718

    Yes, X did give the impression the entire series was set within 100 feet of the bunk room.

    in reply to: Where are all the miners #219710

    I started watching the first episode, but then had to pack to move abroad about halfway through. Didn’t get back into the country until some way through series 8. Wasn’t very funny so I stopped watching after a few episodes.
    Who’s dead?

    in reply to: Set photos #219703

    Bloody hell four months still, hurry up world.

    in reply to: Set photos #219702

    Given that this lot of set photos was taken on the day of a XII shoot, I doubt it’s the case that it was added for that series.

    in reply to: Level//Nivelo #219676

    And of course the Floor 13 button is secretly hidden away behind a very obvious shutter, so nobody ever suspected a thing.

    in reply to: Set photos #219663

    Silly speculation, no doubt.

    Amazing photos, though. It’s been said a thousand times before, but the amount of detail that goes into the sets is just phenomenal. I wish we were able to see it all in more detail. That’d be great DVD extra, a photo gallery of absolutely everything on set. All the JMC stuff is brilliant.

    in reply to: Level//Nivelo #219662

    Different levels could be in different parts of the ship. The Stasis Leak could be right at the back of the ship, while they spend most of their time at the front. Or vice versa.

    I’ve always wanted to know what the hell is actually filling the ship. It’s so absurdly big, what else is going on in there?

    in reply to: Red Dwarf is now on BritBox in the US #219661

    I like the image used for Waiting for God. Nothing sums the episode up worse than that image.

    in reply to: Jim'll Paint It #219624

    Yes, I absolutely loved this. The attention to detail with the Starbug wall decor and newspaper headline is lovely. Bobby tweeted the image earlier today too.

    in reply to: Who has has a Red Dwarf dream? #219617

    Every couple of months I dream a ‘new episode’ of Red Dwarf, and it’s always a thousand times more dramatic and epic than anything seen on screen. Sometimes it’s really disappointing, but usually it’s mind-blowing, but slightly jarring.

    One involved a pool of acid with a monster in it that tried to kill Lister. One had Lister and Rimmer standing on top of the ship, at the front, overlooking the cone and ram scoop, while another version of the ship from another dimension was approaching from the front. One was set on contemporary Earth, but they still had Starbug (definitely not Carbug). One had Lister trapped on a decaying hospital ship that was about to self-destruct. One featured a maze of mirrors that included alternate (and evil) characters. One featured the end of the universe, and my character tried to go back to series 1 era to extend my life. One was a Kryten-centric episode that I was incredibly angry to sleep through most of, because I was drunk.

    I also had one dream that John Hoare was giving me a guided tour of the West Midlands, including the large inland sea just south of Birmingham.

    in reply to: Let’s Talk About Red Dwarf XI: The Game #219596

    Don’t think so linearly.

    in reply to: Let’s Talk About Red Dwarf XI: The Game #219593

    Ah yes, that’s exactly what happened. I thought it had got Rimmer and was going to devour him for a second, then realised that it was actually a bug.

    I really like the fact that the skutters are just tootling around on their own.

    in reply to: Let’s Talk About Red Dwarf XI: The Game #219588

    Not sure what happened here. Was totally unable to move the collapsed Rimmer and had to go back to the previous level. Once I’d completed that again, it then moved me straight on to Pac Rimmer. I had to go back and do the first Monster Chase separately at the end.

    Otherwise excellent stuff. A couple of tricky bits stopped it being too easy – like Mr. Abootman above, I was trying different combinations of the boxes and such to get through that second door before realising that I was actually meant to go back. Thought that was a nice touch that added variety to the typically linear feel of the levels.

    in reply to: Red Dwarf Movie References #219535

    Kryten was pre-emtpively named after Crichton in Farscape, actually.

    in reply to: Some Old Bloke #219500

    Oh that sounds tremendous. Next time I get paid!

    in reply to: Red Dwarf Movie References #219490

    Fucking hell. Avoid those places, please! This is my single Dwarf stop-off, because people here generally have the intelligence to understand the programme.

    in reply to: Red Dwarf Movie References #219472

    Er yeah, I was referring to Archie.

    in reply to: Red Dwarf Movie References #219457

    >Well that Reservoir Dogs parody didn’t serve the story in any way, but Series VIII isn’t a show with a grounded reality.

    The same could be said for the Alien parody in whatever episode it was. I remember really cringing at that when it was on TV. Felt so crowbarred in. “Look, it’s like Alien! But with a penis instead of an alien!”

    I feel a series VIII rant coming on, I better close the window.

    in reply to: Where are all the miners #219443

    Given the asteroid embedded in the ship, they must have been mining. There is obviously a lot of ship space and crew seemingly not dedicated to mining, which does seem a touch odd – the various science rooms and so on – but obviously it’s all there just to add a sci-fi touch. I think the only real mining we ever encounter is in Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers.

    in reply to: Red Dwarf fan-edits #219415

    Yes, if any episode needs it, it’s Holoship. I always found the pace of it really strange, so the myriad deleted scenes make so much sense. Holoshop: The Original Assembly would be great.

    in reply to: Red Dwarf fan-edits #219380

    There’s actually an 18 month gap between Bodyswap and Timeslides to allow for Lister’s dreads to grow back.

    in reply to: Red Nose Day 2017 #219356

    Also its allocated space on the DVD will actually be taken up by seven trailers instead.

    in reply to: Red Nose Day 2017 #219352

    Beyond a Joke, with Kryten and Able replaced by James Corden.

    in reply to: Red Dwarf fan-edits #219327

    That part will be extended to run for exactly ten minutes, fittingly.

    in reply to: Red Dwarf fan-edits #219300

    I’m doing a fan-edit of VIII which includes every episode and all of the deleted scenes, in full, plus some extended shots I’ve worked in myself, all in one episode. Red Dwarf: The Tank (Debris Cut). It’s going to be just over five hours in total. Can’t wait to share the full thing with you all!

    in reply to: The BBC Broadcasts Guide #219266

    Twentica, however, is the runaway winner in ‘most commonly used episode titles’, featuring in a staggering nineteen other sitcoms, plus seven dramas, as well as being the name of a little-known New Zealand soap opera from the late 1990s. It was also the working title for the Beatles’ eventually untitled ninth album.

    in reply to: Series XI #219205

    I quite like the twisty-turns nature of XI, but I will admit there’s something about the simplicity of Lemons and The Beginning that would be nice in there. Krysis is probably the closest it came, but then the Kryten/Butler plot was interrupted by first the GELFs and then the Universe. Samsara without the flashbacks would have been like an older one.
    But Doug is obviously interested in pursuing a more complex, strange sci-fi universe at this point, and I’m enjoying the plots and jokes so I’m happy with that.

    in reply to: Series XI #219199

    I don’t know if we would ever get an episode like say Dimension Jump in modern Dwarf under Dougs solo writing

    To be fair, we would never have got an episode like Thanks for the Memory in series V or VI.

    in reply to: Let’s Talk About Red Dwarf XI: The Game #219115

    I expect the last level to end a few seconds before you reach your final target.

    in reply to: Strong: Sl*g B*st*rd tw*ts @ *fc*m #219110

    I’ve always known bastard to be a swear word.

    I’m surprised shit was below knob, though.

    Sentences you never expected to write.

    in reply to: Spoilery Thread Deleted #219034

    You mean you didn’t want to know that an incredibly ‘cool’ alternative – Ice Lister – comes through from another dimension (or does he?) – in series closer Alternatisn’t.

    in reply to: Let’s Talk About Red Dwarf XI: The Game #218913

    That particular file in Kryten’s level is magnificent. Well done, sirs.

    oh dear, what have I started?

    Might as well add ‘why is Lister sitting down when there’s no gravity in space?’ to the opening credits

    in reply to: Red Dwarf is Back on Netflix Streaming, but… #218884

    If we’re getting into ‘how do they redevelop photos from prints?’ territory we might as well do a scene-by-scene ‘hold on this doesn’t make sense’ thread.

    in reply to: Red Dwarf is Back on Netflix Streaming, but… #218879

    I just assumed it was a photograph he had acquired, rather than one he’d taken himself.

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