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    I never really got the whole ‘turning himself off’ bit in Legion anyway. Does it mean he can just put his hand through his own hardlight skin?
    You certainly don’t see the light bee fall to the floor (or just… exist) in that scene.

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    Where does food go when a hard light hologram eats? Do they have a working digestive system too?

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    Just to mention, for the third time, that Out of Time future-Rimmer was yellow and hard-light.

    Let’s be honest, the important question is: what did Rimmer do with the car stickers when they arrived on Thursday?

    What about when he goes to lean on the Drive Room desk and his hand goes straight through it?

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    Hard light Future Rimmer is yellow in Out of Time.

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    We’ve had grey, green, red, blue and yellow, I reckon orange or pinky purple for XII.

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    Mr. Lister’s Jockstrap Gusset Stains: A Compendium

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    I think the ongoing nature of Red Dwarf is possibly why people are more inclined to speculate. If they’d finished the show at Out of Time and then gone on and done separate things it might not get so much attention, but the return of the show without Rob means the split seems more obvious. Particularly given the quality drop after Rob left.
    Also, Red Dwarf has a certain kind of nerdy fanbase which obsesses about these things in a way that the works of those other writers don’t quite have.

    I’d love to have a straight forward explanation that suddenly makes it all click into place, but that’s not going to happen. These things are complex, and based on subjective responses to creativity and interpersonal relationships, they can’t be summed up in a simple sentence. I’m sure there were probably key moments which added to the split, but they’re almost certainly personal things that don’t need to be aired in public.

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    How do you pronounce Jawscvmcdia, anyway?

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    I’m sure he meant ‘Kochanski was 31 last time I saw her’, which is perfectly reasonable in-universe, as she’s found in a stasis pod.

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    It’s almost as if they didn’t have Rimmer’s character history nailed in the first series.

    There’s obviously the failed suicide reading, but I actually imagine it as him either causing someone to commit suicide or not being able to deal well with the fact that someone did. It’s in reference to being able to “cope with anything”. It’s a stretch, but that ties in better than the version of his dad we know attempting suicide, which I just can’t see.

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    >I do think Doug needs Someone who is willing to be abit more judgmental on his script though, like someone needs to be able to say Doug is this personality tuck idea really necessary to the plot? or do you think perhaps you should cut some stuff out of Officer Rimmer so you can give it an actual ending?

    Dax – I’d imagine that’s the job of the script editor at this point. It does worry me a tad that both of those points, and many others throughout the series, got through both Doug and Andrew. I don’t, however, think it’s a case of Doug feeling he can do whatever he wants. I think there’s an obvious attempt, from VIII through to XI, to steer the show back to what made it great in the first place. Whether Doug’s been successful at that is another matter, but I think it’s unfair to put it the way you have. The Sexist Weatherman gave a good idea of the quality of his work when he’s not got his heart in it these days.

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    Well if the point simply comes down to ‘Red Dwarf was better when they were both writing it’ then I’m sure we can all agree, although it’s not worth a whole thread at this point.

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    I think given that there have been criticisms at script level on almost every episode of the Dave era, it would definitely be beneficial for Doug to have the opportunity to have more focus on them in the future. However, he obviously has such a strong idea of what he wants the show to be like that I’d imagine having somebody else direct would mean that it no longer meets his vision, so I understand his decision to take that role as well.

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    You just buy an empty DVD case.

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    Go on, let’s see your IX cover then.

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    Hold on, I’m not the first person ever to make that joke?

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    The clock in my parents’ living room had it as IIII and I thought IV was wrong for quite a long time. It’s very odd.

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    A fully unextended VIII would be great. Someone did a project trying to get the whole series down to an hour, which I thought was admirable but didn’t quite work. I think it could just about be condensed into 90 minutes though.

    It’d still be shit, mind.

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    John Whore.

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    I think Duct Soup suffers so badly from the Kryten jealousy shit, that the rest of the episode can’t really recover. As with the rest of VII, I think it would make more sense if it was set on Red Dwarf rather than Starbug (I hate the enlarged Starbug nonsense so, so much), but the ducts idea is good and it allows for some good character stuff and dialogue, as well as some unfortunate homophobia.
    I definitely prefer it to Beyond a Joke and pretty much all of VIII, however. For all its many, many faults, it’s still an episode with a strong plot that works as a story and generally makes sense.

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    I don’t envy Ian at the moment. He’s the only admin here. I wouldn’t like to be in charge of deciding what the fuck to do.

    If you do post them, can you post a picture?

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    Because it’s fucking shite. Next.

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    Yes, In Entangled he thinks Irene, as a living human female, might be her.

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    I’d love someone to make one of the original design. I remember trying to make one as a kid. Didn’t get far.
    I also once considered making a cake in the shape of the pencil, for a ‘themed meal’ we had to make for cookery at school. It was going to be served alongside gazpacho soup and beer milkshake. Thankfully we decided not to bother.

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    That set. The aesthetic is more Look Around You than Red Dwarf.

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    I think three things that a lot of us love about earlier Red Dwarf are tight plots, clever/witty use of unusual/sci-fi jokes, and – most of all – the character work. I don’t think it would be unfair to say, if we’re trying to be objective, these are the three things that changed dramatically in VIII, and thus why people hate it so much. However, if you can see past these changes and still enjoy the show then I don’t think anyone would criticise you. There are a LOT of jokes in VIII, and it has a lot of callbacks to earlier series, so there’s obviously stuff there to entertain people.
    For a long time I preferred it to VII. In fact, it was only my last watch through – six years ago, I think – that I realised just how much I can’t stand it. It was this that made sense of BtE for me. Played straight after VIII it was so refreshing.

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    There are some really good jokes scattered throughout VIII, but as a series overall I genuinely think it’s not very good at all. Not The Persuastionists bad, but not something I’d ever recommend anybody watching. I always think of VII as bad Red Dwarf, but VIII as bad television.

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    Well you need the end of Only the Good to give context to the jokes in The Beginning, and you need Back in the Red 1-3 to give context to Only the Good. So as that’s half the series you might as well put them through the rest of it.

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    I honestly think skipping anything I – VI is pretty crazy behaviour.

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    I’d say Rimmerworld too. The hint of weariness in Kryten’s voice when he says about this happening before would benefit from both.

    in reply to: Let’s Talk About Red Dwarf XI: The Game #218101

    I don’t remember it being a reference, I just worked it out from the letters.

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    Sandbag are fucking awful. I bought a CD on 10th October, had to get in touch with the label who eventually got through to Sandbag. CD arrived yesterday.

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    Stalactites hang down like a pair of tights (or, they hang on tight). Stalagmites stand tall at might-y.

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    Definitely – there’s a difference between ‘Chris is over-doing the performance’ and ‘Rimmer’s character has changed over a number of years’. This is most obvious in VIII: nothing in Chris’s performance reminded me of the pre-accident Rimmer (part of this is the writing, admittedly. This is the point at which Rimmer hated Lister the most, so the pair being more pally than ever particularly jars). There are still points in the Dave shows where Chris’s performance is a bit ‘stagey’ (most notably the ‘move’ scene in Dear Dave), but most of the difference is down to character change. Part of it is that there’s no point in including all the old Rimmer tics in faster paced shows – there’s nothing new to add, and they’d only slow the episode down – but also his character has developed with the rest of the show.

    My favourite Rimmer is series II / III, when he’s beginning to show his feelings, but is still neurotic about day-to-day things aboard ship. That said, I really wouldn’t want him to revert back to being this Rimmer. It would feel forced and wouldn’t suit the show in the slightest. I like Trojan a lot, but wasn’t entirely comfortable with Rimmer going back to do his astro-navs. Yes, he’d jump at the chance to become an officer, but I just can’t see him caring THAT much after everything they’ve been through.

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    Although I’d say Chris was definitely Rimmerish for the most part in XI, even that is almost unrecognisable from the character we saw in I (even II for most of it). To me, his character changed the most between the ‘mooching about ship’ and ‘space adventurers’ eras. It was a smooth transition, definitely, but Rimmer of the first two series wouldn’t be able to contemplate the stuff going on in V and VI.

    I think Craig played some scenes brilliantly in the earlier series, but there are also times when his performances are less nuanced than ideal. On Rob and Doug’s commentary for The End: The Original Assembly, they point out a couple of moments where he definitely nails it. He’s also very good at Hattie-esque background acting at that point.

    To incorporate Robert, maybe they could try a version of the US pilot script instead. It’d be good to get the ‘fire exit sign’ line closer to canon than it currently is. That one’s got to be a Rob and Doug line.

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    Heh, that’s how I remember stalactites as well. Wouldn’t have complained about that gag in the show so certainly not in the game.

    Agreed with Find Rachel getting a bit frustrating – I’d say taking off 10 instead of 20 would be a good idea maybe? Also it gets quite repetitive. I know that making densely packed levels on this kind of game is probably out of the question, but when it seems like you’re going around the same four or five rooms about ten times the fun disappears. Plus it means each room is either super-easy (if you’ve cracked the best route) or super-hard (if you can’t work it out), whereas somewhere in between would really be ideal.

    Karma Hack is a bastard, but that’s not a complaint. I got stuck on the very last one about ten times before I ended up having to write it down. I found the easiest way to do that is to give each symbol a single syllable name (“O, flash, square, moon”) and then they’re easier to repeat. I reckon if I’d not been listening to music I might have been able to crack that last one without paper.

    And yes, Escape Samsara is currently identical to Find Samsara!

    Otherwise good stuff, killed an hour or two this afternoon.

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    I think that might be the only case I’ve ever known where an April Fool is actually too bleak to to be funny. I keep imagining it’s real.

    in reply to: Is anything major removed from the Last Human audiobook? #217976

    From memory, lots of scenes and snippets were removed from throughout the book rather than big blocks.

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    Looks like I’m not the only one rewatching the Bodysnatcher DVDs at the minute then…

    Unhappy with Robert Llewellyn’s face, Doug and Ed decided to replace him in DNA with a CG human with more traditionally ‘attractive’ face in hope of gaining global approval and helping to secure funding for the movie.

    The ‘So what is it?’ scene was removed from White Hole to make space for shots of the pencil being distorted by close proximity of the titular hole, and an extended ‘pool with planets’ sequence that lasts close to eight minutes.

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    At last, one that’s a genuine improvement!

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    Rimmer: It’s changing colour!
    Lister: What colour?
    Rimmer: It is! It’s changing colour!
    Lister: What colour!?
    Rimmer: It’s blue for not pregnant, right?
    Lister: Yes!

    [credits roll]

    Whimiscal humour, talking animals, clueless wildlife park owner. Oh God it’s The Mighty Boosh.

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    [Kennedy fades away]

    [credits roll]

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    At least we’ll have hours and hours of extras to comb through befo- oh

    Nah, it’s not at all surprising. I’d imagine they would have looked at the various dates and at least the possibility of doing it sooner, but given the positive reaction of XI I’d imagine UKTV want to make the most of it by spreading it out. We had a whole summer of hype and I reckon they’ll do that again. It’ll also help it be perceived as XII and not XI.5. I’d honestly love it to come in the spring but realistically can’t remotely imagine it.
    Plus, it allows the option of filming XIII and XIV in the same way next winter and having a new series four years in a row.

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    “They must have looked something like… a roast chicken”

    [Credits roll without pause]

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    >There’s also an element of not picking the best angles for the models. The current Red Dwarf is front heavy, the ram scoop is to scale with the pencil, but not the new stubby version, so filming it from a perspective that elongates the ram scoop and foreshortens the ship itself is not great, unfortunately, that’s almost every shot of Red Dwarf that’s appeared in X and XI.

    Odd as the new Starbug looks, I definitely prefer it to the current Dwarf model. It’s obvious why they did it that way – it was SO much cheaper than making a new one – but I honestly like the current version less than the pencil. The front cone and ram scoop look so out of scale with the rest of it that it just looks daft. I also don’t like the really small name at the front at all. I know this is something that’s not going to be changed so it’s just moaning for the sake of it, but yeah, I really felt the need to moan for the sake of it.

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    If forum is the singular of fora, is a single plant a florum?

    I prefer Norman’s Holly.
    I prefer Hattie’s personality.
    So I’d be happy with either. Mind you, I can imagine either of them having aged being a problem with certain viewers. “Why’s a computer aged?”

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    I’m realistic about it; I’ve accepted that a lot of people will be skeptical about something that seemingly goes against what society at large teaches them. I’m happy with my own gender identity – especially after learning it’s something that’s existed throughout history – and that’s what matters. I don’t expect societal reform on my behalf. If someone believes my gender dysphoria is real, or whether it’s ‘all in my head’, that’s up to them. But I just ask that they accept that *I* believe I’m genderqueer. I always try to be a decent, open minded and unmalicious person, and in return I only hope that people don’t make me the butt of spiteful jokes.

    I’m not a teenager who’s adopted a gender identity as part of a lifestyle to attract attention and provocation. I hate arguing about gender; I barely mention it online; and much as I don’t like to, I generally dress down to avoid confrontation that can come from looking femme. I know / hope that does break the stereotype that the original jokes were almost certainly made in reference to.

    Anyway, I’m not demanding apologies or anything (a sincere apology comes regardless of demand, and an insincere one is pointless), my only request was some sensitivity around targets of jokes. That said, I think I’ll bow out of this thread because, as I say, I generally hate the shit that comes with these kind of arguments. I love G&T because the shared passion for Red Dwarf makes me really happy, and I don’t want to taint that experience with stuff that makes me unhappy.

    If, on the off chance, someone wants to discuss this kind of thing with me in any way whatsoever you can probably find me following G&T people on Twitter.

    in reply to: What if Red Dwarf had started in 2006 and not 1987? #217753

    We live in a society in which transphobia is still tolerated to a reasonable extent, and despite the acceptance of people being outside the gender binary having existed in myriad cultures throughout history, I know it’s something that a lot of people are still unhappy with in modern western society. I’m not interested in an argument on the matter or anything of the kind, which is simply why I asked politely if you could not make any more jokes. Whether you believe gender dysphoria like mine is a genuine thing or just me being a loony, one way or another it’s something that affects my mental wellbeing on a daily basis and therefore I’d prefer it if you’d have the compassion to take my feelings into account. Thanks.

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    Because I’m genderqueer and thus seeing gender dysphoria such as mine used as a punchline of a joke is pretty unpleasant.

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    Any chance we can stop with the non-binary jokes now?

    in reply to: Series XI's model shots #217722

    Once again the bizarre situation that in 2016 they can’t do something as good as 1989. They haven’t bothered me massively, but I’ve definitely noticed at times they pull me out of the action a little, feeling a bit false.

    Depending on which particular group of fans we’re talking about, the answer is ‘no’, ‘hell no’ or ‘noooooooo’

    in reply to: Rank Series XI #217571

    Give & Take
    Officer Rimmer
    Can of Worms
    Entangled (with a sympathetic view of the last 10 minutes being rushed)
    The Beginning
    Fathers and Suns
    Dear Dave
    Back to Earth

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    in reply to: If the Boyz were Beatles, who would they be? #217526

    Does this make Kochanski Yoko?

    in reply to: What would your running order be? #217485

    I’d include a repeat run of Dimension Jump in there somewhere just for full-on VI off-air tape nostalgia.

    in reply to: A thought regarding Pot Noodles #217469

    Jason, you need the full blockquote tag at the start, complete with closing bracket, then your quote, then /blockquote (in triangular brackets) to close.

    in reply to: Which cast member would you fuck and why? #217411

    Pete Tranter’s Sister

    The board member, not the character from the show.

    in reply to: X or XI? #217370

    In terms of script and jokes, only the first half of Twentica shared the same problems as X for me. Otherwise I felt the general writing was considerably better – funnier and more believable. The plots were more imaginative and interesting, the whole thing looked better.
    XI hasn’t been perfect by any means, but there’s been very little that’s made me cringe or feels embarrassed to be watching. X I like, but I definitely get those moments.

    in reply to: UKTV Play has the IQ of a PE teacher #217339

    It wouldn’t work whatsoever for me this week unless I installed Microsoft Silverlight.

    If you play every Blackadder theme synced up it explains proof that the first series was based on documented fact.

    That’s literally the only thing I’m ever going to be able to hear in the theme now.
    Holy shit.

    in reply to: Will White Midget ever return? #217271


    in reply to: What effect did 9/11 have on Red Dwarf? #217242

    I was hoping for something a bit more batty than ‘there are eyes on the DVD covers’

    in reply to: A thought regarding Pot Noodles #217188

    Curry pot noodles are fine. Hardly a culinary masterpiece but as far as instant, unhealthy crap goes, pot noodles are pretty tasty.

    in reply to: Should any comedy ever be commissioned ever? #217090

    Make one!

    in reply to: Starburst – Chris Barrie/Red Dwarf VI Interview (1994) #217052

    I introduced my girlfriend to the show six years ago, and it was almost like watching it anew – I certainly laughed a lot more simply through the joy of her laughing. It’s an experience I’d strongly recommend.

    She HATED VI.

    in reply to: Starburst – Chris Barrie/Red Dwarf VI Interview (1994) #217044

    Other than people waiting for a slow character based episode of course.

    in reply to: Starburst – Chris Barrie/Red Dwarf VI Interview (1994) #217037

    I still think VI is funny, certainly. There are some incredible jokes in there and some incredibly funny scenes overall. It was my first proper Dwarf (after vaguely watching V on its first run), and so the look of the show has a huge nostalgic pull for me. But it lacks the ‘heart’ of the previous series, for me. By removing the mothership, the characters have little opportunity to live normally, and thus they become less believable for me. Every element seems to be action-based, or a quick-fire joke, and I just need the occasional slow moments to allow the characters to really flourish. V is action-heavy, but there are just enough character moments to make it work for me. So yes, VI is definitely a funny series, but it just feels a bit hollow in comparison to what came before.

    in reply to: Starburst – Chris Barrie/Red Dwarf VI Interview (1994) #217028

    I get where he’s coming from with VI – I do think it lacks the depths of the first five series, and it’s definitely my least favourite of the classic 36. It’s very interesting to see his thoughts and him being so critical at the time though.

    in reply to: Should 1919 have happened? #216942

    I’ve just Googled Jeremy Bentham and discovered his relationship to The Gunfighters. I generally keep as far away from Who fandom as possible so had absolutely no idea about this. My opinion on The Gunfighters stems from trying to watch the story on DVD, which was one of the least pleasurable things I’ve ever attempted in the pursuit of pleasure.

    in reply to: Should 1919 have happened? #216932

    You know when you’re having a nice day and then someone mentions The Gunfighters

    in reply to: Should they have continued Red Dwarf after Series VI? #216879

    Good thread this.

    Why / how are there two independent Hollys?

    How did the nanobots bring the crew back if their remains had been flushed into space?

    Krytie TV: if it’s so easy for them to escape the tank and get into somebody’s quarters, why the fuck has nobody else done it? They do it twice with absolutely no trouble at all, and yet the series is based around them being ‘stuck’ in the prison.

    in reply to: Amazon US is Terrible at Red Dwarf ]]> #216793

    Other than Blackadder (for very obvious reasons), did any other series differentiate between series on screen?

    in reply to: Amazon US is Terrible at Red Dwarf ]]> #216790

    I preferred it when there wasn’t a number on screen. Partially because it felt like it was one ongoing thing, rather than being split into individual series, and partially because the numbering only came into play with VII and thus I will forever associate it with the ‘not as good as the best stuff’ era of the show, even if XI is definitely challenging that split.

    in reply to: Amazon US is Terrible at Red Dwarf ]]> #216770

    I’ve often seen it referred to as a miniseries. To be pronounced min-izereez.

    in reply to: Amazon US is Terrible at Red Dwarf ]]> #216747

    It was obviously a question written in the style of the Amazon US descriptions.

    in reply to: Red Dwarf: The Movie #216746

    The model pencil ship is better than the CG one admittedly, and the shortened version is better than the pencil, but to be honest I only really like the original design.

    in reply to: Red Dwarf: The Movie #216734

    I’m so glad the movie didn’t happen. A fucking reboot with Kochanski as a main character, the full crew, the pencil ship and no ten year gap for Doug to realise how bad VIII was. Discovering that the kidney stone scene in Lemons was originally based on the characters operating on Hollister was enough to remind me how fucking awful the film probably would have been.

    in reply to: Should they have continued Red Dwarf after Series VI? #216733

    After watching the lot of them umpteen times, I find the first series the one I’m less inclined to come back to*, just through it generally being less textured (both visually and in terms of of script and characterisation). Humour-wise it’s fucking excellent, but it’s only at Me² that the rewatchability level really steps up.

    *other than VII and VIII, of course. I’ve only watched those two once in the last, seven or eight years.

    in reply to: Question about the stasis leak episode. #216730

    Crew of Red Dwarf in visiting the same part of the cargo bay twice shocker!

    in reply to: Should they have continued Red Dwarf after Series VI? #216706

    I’ve never been that fond of Last Human. It just feels a bit too populated. Backwards manages to have half the book set on 20th century Earth and still focuses largely on the main four, whereas Last Human has such a large cast despite being set in deep space. Is the title a joke, by the way? Given that it features Kochanski, alternate Lister and Rimmer’s son as important characters. It’s a pretty good SF novel, but I just find Backwards funnier and just overall more Dwarfy.

    in reply to: Should they have continued Red Dwarf after Series VI? #216691

    Yes. Yes we fucking do.

    in reply to: Red Dwarf XI Blu Ray/DVD #216655

    It’s got to be blue. The whole series is blue so far.

    in reply to: Red Dwarf XI Blu Ray/DVD #216647

    The placing of the logo matches the X spine, obviously, which makes sense to me.

    in reply to: Question about the stasis leak episode. #216635

    And yet, in The Beginning, he talks about dying in the radiation leak.

    I really, really don’t like the Timeslides reset. I generally try and forget about it.

    in reply to: Question about the stasis leak episode. #216623

    Lister must have been really fucked off when that didn’t happen.

    in reply to: Question about the stasis leak episode. #216619

    It wouldn’t necessarily create a paradox – there was nothing to stop him going back to Earth.

    in reply to: Red Dwarf XI Blu Ray/DVD #216584

    Commentary podcasts would be good, as long as they include Doug commentaries. The cast ones are entertaining enough for a single listen, but Doug’s director’s commentary was my favourite thing about the whole of BTE.

    Only the Good is such an appalling mess of an episode. I actually can’t wait for the Dwarfcast commentary for it. C’mon chaps, get to it, you know you want to.

    Cassandra is obviously the least awful and most Red Dwarf-like of the lot, but it’s way too chock-full of terrible, terrible jokes and nonsensical plot for me to actually find it an enjoyable episode.

    It’s ok, VI is by far my least favourite of the classic run so I get where she’s coming from, even if she exaggerated it. There are far more dumpable offences.
    Like when I started showing her The Fast Show and she didn’t laugh at all.

    My girlfriend, knowing Rob left at some point, thought it was after V and really struggled with Psirens. She just made it through VI, but only carried on to resolve the cliffhanger. After Tikka she said she didn’t want to watch any more because it would ruin her memory of the first five series.

    Interestingly, it took her half of III before she could come to terms with how much it changed. She’d never seen a second of the show before, so it was really interesting to gauge her response, and her surprise and laughter really brought new life to episodes which I’d seen 50+ times.

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