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    After opening the stasis booth they don’t believe it.

    It’s Victor Meldrew! And who should be in the other stasis pod, but his ex-neighbour, Patrick Trench! Cursing his luck at being trapped in the distant future with his nemesis, Patrick screams in frustration, causing a ship-quake. The crew quickly escort the two 20th century men back aboard Starbug, and Kryten notices a slime trail leading in the same direction. Before he has time to tell the rest of the crew, a metal beam hits him on the head and knocks him out.
    With Kryten out cold until he can be repaired, Cat and Lister piloting and Rimmer navigating, Victor and Patrick are left in the mid-section on their own and have an amusing argument about whose fault the situation is. Fancying a cup of tea, Victor heads into the kitchen. Off screen we hear: “What in the name of bloody hell?!”
    Cut to- Victor with a baby Giant Death Worm trying to attach itself to his face. Patrick rushes in and valiantly rips it off him, before heading to the airlock, blasting both himself and the creature out into space. Before he closes the airlock door, he mentions to Victor that death by asphyxiation would be preferable to the rest of his life trapped in deep space with Mr. Meldrew.
    “Oh, by the way,” Victor says to Lister, as they conduct a remembrance service for Patrick, “there was another person on board the space station – she was in a stasis booth on the level above us. A rather hoity-toity young lady with a strange name.”
    “Kochanski? Was it Kochanski?”
    “Ah yes, that’s it. Said she was Scottish but she didn’t sound it.”
    “Quick, we’ve gotta get back there to rescue her.”
    Suddenly, the space station Starbug is flying towards explodes.
    “I don’t believe it!” cries Lister. Rimmer rolls his eyes and passes him an accident report form. Lister looks at the camera and shrugs.

    I honestly find the humour in VII really lacking. I know a lot of people rate Tikka, but I can’t stand it. Just full of the crap I hate about late ’90s Dwarf – sentient confused video cameras, ‘wacky’ Kryten, lol curry, nonsensical cheap shit like the pizza gag, the cannibalism scene, a plot that makes literally no sense.

    Most of Blue and the Holly stuff in Nanarchy is about as far as I can get in VII without sighing and / or cringing.

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    I’m planning to actually read them cover to cover one day.

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    Pot Noodle, even if the one they eat from isn’t actually a Pot Noodle.
    Crispie bar is an interesting one, as the one seen on screen is actually a Toffee Crisp, isn’t it?
    Bonjella Gum Ointment.

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    I’m assuming that’s just an error and Kochanski was never intended to be a hologram…

    Crazy. Even as a mid-teen with more time for nob gags and without the cynicism of adulthood that provides the knowledge that even the best things can go utterly shit, I remember finding VIII uncomfortable viewing at times and it was always at the bottom for me. Too many flat jokes, broad performances, non-plots and really tacky production values (I’m completely with Chris on the ’70s sci-fi font he mentions in the commentary – it stood out to me as really cheesy on first watch).
    Actually, the look of VIII is something I don’t think gets mentioned so often, but I really hate it. It has a garishness that makes it look more like a cheap set than the first two series ever did.
    Also, Kochanski’s outfit and hair dramatically changing between scenes on either side of the cliffhanger winds me up so much.

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    I think you could be right, certainly a lot of what could be considered classic-style scenes in VIII – XI (bunk room / ensemble discussion) have felt a bit like standup routines out together than natural conversation.

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    I don’t imagine anyone would have thought Rimmer was the dominant partner in the bedroom.

    Having said that, I just remembered Demons & Angels.

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    I have all four series on DVD. It starts very much in kids TV territory – although the first series does have the Pancake Day song and The White-ish Knight – and gets stronger with the arrival of Guy mid-series two. Three and four are marvellous, some genuinely great comedy, a ton of anachronisms that were obviously aimed at adults watching. Gary and Graham are the highlights for me. I always enjoy nice-but-idiotic characters, and that combined with the idea that two Norman soldiers would be brummies just tickles me.

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    If it has a reversible sleeve, I will forever be uncomfortable having to choose between one that lines up with 1-8/10, and one with a good font on the cover.

    Fuck’s sake, the suggestions by Renegade Rob, Pete Tranter’s Sister and srmcd1 just highlight how much of a wasted opportunity it was.

    My favourite is still the one I developed from the idea I had halfway through BitR, of where I thought it was going: the main cast have escaped on Blue Midget, and have to live alone, possibly pursued by the ship’s crew, until they can put together a water-tight case. They hunt for the nanobots, have a few adventures, and eventually come across some sort of space-menace that they have to save the crew from. As thanks, they are allowed freedom of the ship – just in time for the nanobots to realise the mistake they’ve made, and wipe out the crew once more. A bleak ending, and a reset.

    Or y’know, they could have just arrived back on Red Dwarf and continued in series IV/V style.

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    I have to admit, I’ve often wondered just how hologrammatic sex works.

    If someone was desperate for a wank, they’d find out a way, boxing gloves or not. I wouldn’t put it past Rimmer’s upbringing for him to have been forced into a chastity device.

    I’m not sure I like the tone of this post.

    in reply to: Red Dwarf XI Blu Ray/DVD #216345

    If there’s no Doug commentary I’m not buying it*.

    *I am still buying it.

    I’m personally glad they did Remastered, as it allowed me to buy the stories on VHS in the late ’90s, get used to them, and then be rewarded with a shedload of new jokes when I bought the DVDs a few years later. I was absolutely amazed at how many jokes had been edited out.

    Mind you, I’m still disappointed that the original ending of Stasis Leak isn’t as long as the remastered one. The extra few seconds of chaos really help the punchline, I think. Probably the only improvement (other than the Skutter in The End, obviously).

    I remember seeing Ronnie Barker talking about the original idea of Porridge, in which he suggested something much more Carry On-like, with them smuggling women into the prison etc., and then it ended up being much more hard hitting and dramatic, obviously for the better.
    VIII feels almost like that original idea.

    I’ve tried, many times, to come up with an explanation for series VIII. None of it makes sense. From Kryten and Cat being consigned to prison despite being creatures from the crew’s future, through to the crew seemingly carrying on with their duties (Rimmer being on probation in Only the Good suggests they’re in prison for more than enough time for the crew to realise they’re no longer in the solar system), and the absurd size on The Tank, given that it’s only one floor on the ship. Obviously.”, it’s easily possible to make genuine dramatic and/or comedic criticisms of every scene in the whole series, but the basic concept of the series is just totally ridiculous. Like many, I was looking forward to a return to the status quo (in fact, the escape on Blue Midget in BitR3 actually had me thinking the series would see them in even more dire straits than in VI; I was also really relieved to be free of the revived crew), but even if the crew had to be there, a far more intriguing scenario could be played out with Lister returned to Z shift duties after years of autonomy, and Cat and Kryten facing restricted access due to research. There are so many potentially interesting character studies to be made from reintroducing the characters to a routine situation after several years of adventures, as well as them helping the crew cope with being so far from home. But no, we get erection jokes and Kryten in a Jeremy Beadle beard.

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    By spoilery I meant discussing any similarities/differences. This isn’t a UKTVPlay thread so viewers waiting for the Dave broadcast might read the discussion and have the surprise of the title sequence ruined.

    I mean, it’s absurdly petty, but I know what some of you lot are like.

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    Isn’t this, technically, a bit spoilery?

    in reply to: "average Joe/Jane"complaints about RD? #215899

    I first watched Red Dwarf when I was eight, too. I recall the first scene I watched: Rimmer being oiled in Terrorform. My parents have never had an issue, mind. My dad’s a huge fan.

    in reply to: Series XI Opening Titles Mock Up #215706

    Yeah, I was thinking there’s got to be a really high chance that the Starbug shot is the opening one of the titles. Great work!

    in reply to: XI/XII Opening/Closing Titles #215658

    I don’t like them, personally. They just add a bit of clutter to an already busy sequence.

    in reply to: XI/XII Opening/Closing Titles #214831

    Hey Doug, you reading this?

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    I don’t get the hype for the movie. Single camera, no audience… I don’t think it works for Dwarf. I think BtE Directors Cut is the nearest thing we’re going to get.

    in reply to: Red Dwarf Story Structure Observation #214252

    I was also thinking of something like Only the Good…, which feels like two half-developed episodes stuck together badly.

    in reply to: Red Dwarf Fan-Fic: Homecoming #214247

    Laugh-wise, I particularly like the the idea that it’d have taken far less time with only one Rimmer. If there was ever a fan-fic joke that felt as if it was straight out of the real thing…

    in reply to: Red Dwarf Fan-Fic: Homecoming #214246

    Just posted this on Facebook:

    Pretty amazed that this ties together many, many continuity plot holes whilst retaining the structure of a coherent story and feeling like part of the show’s universe. Only a couple of big laughs, but plot-wise it works really well. As I don’t expect Doug to ever fill in the blanks this will work as a nice piece of head canon.

    in reply to: Red Dwarf Story Structure Observation #214243

    Ah you got in before I could mention VIII, in which this structure loosely fits some of the episodes but in some cases is just torn apart in favour of larking about and gurning.

    Excellent post, anyway.

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    Pretty sure you’ll find the ’90s are back.

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    Bloody hell, Chucklevision’s changed since I was a kid. They used to do things like cleaning houses and opening a shop back then.

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    I believe this was the original premise of series 8.

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    The newer Grange Hill theme is probably my favourite theme tune of all time:

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    The funny bit being Hollister is fat.

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    Oh yeah, there are far worse scenes in the same episode, and the banner reveal is quite good, but second best scene in the show? I find it difficult to fathom anybody could genuinely think that.

    It may be an overplayed one, but “So what is it?” really needs to be in this list.

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    Imagine thinking the period scene was better than almost everything in series 1-6.

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    Replacing VIII with the movie, I’m guessing.

    in reply to: New merchandise suggestions. #213484

    Yeah I think it’s fair to assume the movie isn’t happening, a scriptbook would be lovely.

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    Series 5 is my favourite by quite a way. 7 and 8, with their width, are a bit too human in some ways.

    in reply to: First glimpse of new Kryten costume… #213410

    Looks fairly lightweight and plasticky from that shot. Will obviously reserve judgement until I’ve seen it in action, but it doesn’t bode well for me.

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    Hilly? Hmm.

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    I actually do have a soft spot for Hardware.

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    I like a fair bit of series 7, but my least favourites are really horrible. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship and The Rings of Akhaten are down there with my least favourite of the whole new series.

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    Does ‘How Do You Want Me?’ count as a sitcom? If so, that’s the correct answer. Then MBB.

    in reply to: Reflection #213161

    Alright alright, it was only a question.

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    Oh, so that’s what a bigature is. Less exciting, then. I was really hoping we’d get that nice huge white painted section for the name like the original model had.

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    Oh, the remastered The End skutter! Haha.

    in reply to: New banner #212859

    Not come across a Blue Midget dance one yet. Must be some kind of mistake, surely?

    Yes, the end of The Beginning really does warrant some serious development for Rimmer, I hope Doug’s up to the task of incorporating it into the show seamlessly.

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    Kryten + food in Legion is my favourite, I think. Although I’m a sucker for anything Tonk Hawks based, so Caligula is also high on my list.

    I’ve been wracking my brains for a link, somebody who was very obviously in both shows, and somehow managed to completely forget her. Jesus.

    His repairman poet in 15 Storeys High is marvellous.

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    Don’t think I was even lurking when this was posted, so thanks for the bump, I enjoyed that a lot! Always love a bit of ‘mooching around the ship annoying each other’ Dwarf, and this hits every beat of series 1 in that regard. Great stuff. Suppose I should have a look at that Jump Leads thing too now…

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    Yes, I’ve often wondered at what exact point the crew were revived. Did they notice notice any changes at the moment of resurrection. Anybody in the same room as Lister or Kochanski would notice they’d disappeared. Unless Lister was meant to be in stasis by that point (if so, why no “why aren’t you in stasis?” conversation?)

    Guys I think I’ve found a slight flaw in the premise of series 8.

    in reply to: When was George McIntyre turned off? #212494

    Doesn’t Holly talk about having nobody to talk to for three million years? Which suggests he can’t have been around for all that long.

    Rimmer I imagine has had a debriefing and, in typical Rimmer style, makes it his priority task to immediately go and blame Lister.

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    The problem with the argument that commercial channels can be “run out of town on the strength of their programming” is that it immediately discounts the idea of niche programming, and discourages channels from taking risks, or letting shows develop.

    These days the BBC does put out an unnecessarily large amount of shit material, and there are definitely problems with how the license works (paying it in installments is strangely staggered, and there are no concessions for the unemployed), but even ignoring the argument about whether commercial television produces better results, in the past I’ve been ok to pay £10 a month to watch TV without advert breaks. At no point has an ad break ever improved my viewing experience. I hate adverts and avoid them at all costs (I’ve been pursuing a fruitless endeavour to block every Twitter account that has a ‘promoted’ tweet in my timeline for a couple of years now) and don’t enjoy the narrative or flow of a television programme being interrupted by such things.

    Mind you, I don’t even have a TV any more, and do everything via my computer. iPlayer is wonderful. And, of course, license funded.

    Obviously the answer is: none.

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    Thanks Jonsmad, that was already brilliant, and then came “Then Norman Lovett walks in and asks for the football back.”

    Doug, please make this episode.

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    That cover makes my eyes itch.

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    I’d be happy to overlook a male T-rex laying an egg without being fertilised, and said egg hatching within a matter of hours and giving birth to a staggeringly well grown and adapted baby T-rex, as long as I knew what happened to said baby once the episode was over.

    Obviously I wouldn’t, but it’s another plot hole I didn’t notice before to add to the ‘Series VIII is shit’ armory.

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    Polymorph IV – In Space!

    in reply to: Why so much hate for Remastered? #211849

    The biggest crime is the cutting and replacing of dialogue. Otherwise, it does an ok job of ‘updating’ it for overseas use, although little else. Certainly doesn’t warrant being the only version broadcast and sold in the UK for a number of years.

    To be honest, anybody who would compare the originals to Last of the Summer Wine would not actually be paying attention to the jokes, plot, characters or setting, so probably wouldn’t be too interested in it anyway. Certainly comparing a programme that opens with an impressive fly-by model shot and an epic sounding science fiction theme tune, in which almost all of the characters die halfway through the episode to ‘stuffy’ programmes like Summer Wine is the thought of an imbecile.

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    I remember my first ‘er, what?’ Simpsons episode (other than The Principal & the Pauper which, satire on reset buttons aside, is shit) was Screaming Yellow Honkers, although looking back at season 10 now, I remember Bart the Mother, Kidney Trouble, Mayored to the Mob, Viva Ned Flanders, Mom and Pop Art and Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo also left me pretty cold on first viewing – some good jokes, but they definitely left me with a feeling of ‘this isn’t the same programme’. They just break with the reality of the show a bit too much (particularly stuff like ending the episode with Homer flooding the whole of Springfield)

    Yeah, I stand by Seasons 2 – 9 being the period of the show I like. Eight series, not much in the grand scheme of how long it’s been on.

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    The problem with the bunkroom scenes in VIII is they’re shit. The early bunkroom scenes usually explore something about Rimmer and Lister’s characters and their interactions with each other – they even have moments of poignancy. The ones in VIII are almost all whimsical, often with Lister playing a far stupider character than anyone in a believable programme would (dot-to-dot, Petersen planning his own funeral, etc.). They’re usually just a chance for a bunch of very weak gags: something VIII is full of, but by putting them in a bunkroom, the comparison with previous series is actually accentuated – like when a band have past their prime and do shitty re-recordings of their classic songs and end up highlighting just how far they’ve fallen.

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    VI is my least favourite of Rob & Doug Dwarf, with action taking precedence over character stuff a bit too much for my taste (I can’t help feeling Rimmerworld would have actually been explored in more depth a la Terrorform in earlier series, rather than it just being the climatic five or ten minutes of the episode), and bringing back three elements of earlier episodes in Emohawk. I also miss the more run of the mill / everyday life aboard ship stuff, which had, admittedly, almost gone in V. I don’t mind some of the formulaic running gag elements of it, though, as they’re pretty much all gags that work well. And, crucially, I still enjoy watching it and find it very funny, which are the most important things.

    I do wish they’d left in the original ending of Out of Time, though, largely because VII would have been better set on Red Dwarf – partially because it would have got rid of the nonsense of Starbug being somehow massive on the inside now. And it would have meant no video camera gag. And VIII would have been different. Etc.

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    I think you’re being very kind on The Simpsons season 10 there.

    in reply to: First Red Dwarf Appearance since Series VIII! #211786


    in reply to: Red Dwarf VIII? #211774

    C’mon now, this is the thread for talking about how shit VIII is. Get your own thread, VII bashers!

    in reply to: Red Dwarf VIII? #211723

    I’m really quite amazed that anybody ever thought VIII was up there with the others. Even on first watch, with the (relatively few) good jokes new to me, so raising some big laughs, it was clearly weaker than everything so far.

    VII was obviously an experiment into taking the show in a new direction, one which certainly didn’t work, partially because the loss of Rob and Chris made it just seem TOO different. If there was a gradual move in the direction of the dramatic, that would be much better as it would be more finely honed and the humour would have been developed to suit the style better (i.e. you don’t end up with daft VIII-style shit like pipes that say hernunger). Although personally I’m not sure if the more cinematic style would ever have suited the show well. I like the grimy look of the first six series, which was lost in the polish of 7 onwards.

    Anyway, yes, VII is bad Red Dwarf, VIII is bad television.

    in reply to: Series VIII ~ The Hour Long Version #211722

    Even though it does have standalone stories, VIII still can’t really be played in any other order apart from moving Krytie TV to episode 7, so in many ways it does feel like one long story, all based in one setting. Episodes can be condensed into scenes of an ongoing narrative. VII does have the Rimmer / Kochanski arcs, but on the whole is full of standalone episodes in different scenarios and places, largely resolved by the end of each episode, which means I can’t actually envisage an hour long version of it – so I’m very curious to watch it once it’s done. I do like the idea of restricting Beyond a Joke to the opening section, as that’s actually believable as a single scene in a feature length episode.

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    Yeah but how funny was it when he didn’t know the dot-to-dot was a bucket and spade?! lol

    in reply to: Red Dwarf VIII? #211666

    I was 14, I cringed a lot.

    in reply to: Red Dwarf VIII? #211657

    I always liked the idea that Lister would have to go back to work, and nobody would believe him about his adventures in space – suddenly he’s living a menial technician’s life again, and he begins to question whether he was happier when he was the last human being alive…

    Of course this would still leave open the utterly ridiculous plot hole of just *what* the crew of a mining ship are going to be doing 3 million years into deep space other than panicking and working out how to get home.

    Ugh. Obviously pointing out plot holes in VIII is old hat now, but it never fails to anger me how little of the series actually makes sense. Even now it still bugs me that technically, out there somewhere, the crew of Red Dwarf are still around in countless Starbugs and Blue Midgets. I’m terrified the Red Dwarf lot are going to stumble across Captain Hollister, probably having killed the rest of the Starbug crew so he can munch all their supplies, the fat bastard. Actually, Lister being sad again about being the last of his species in X is nonsense, isn’t it? There are 1,167 of them out there that you know of! Like Lister wouldn’t go off in serach of his best friends Petersen, Chen, Selby and Bent Bob.

    I’m beginning to remember why I use the ’10 Years Later’ caption at the start of BTE as a resolution for the VI or VII cliffhangers, depending on my mood.

    Caligula is fine because he’s only one element of the threat. If the episode was just the Dwarfers vs. Caligula it’d be crap. I’m not sure if Hudzen really counts as a ‘silly’ character entirely, there’s enough genuine threat in his performance for him to seem genuinely off-kilter rather than just camping it up. The Simulants in The Beginning I’ve been unsure of since I watched them. I do enjoy the sycophant scene as it fits the psychotic nature of the character, but the hari-kari one I always found a bit broad.

    in reply to: I hate Back to Earth #211573

    I remember hating BTE when it was broadcast. A couple of years later I showed my girlfriend RD from the start as she’s never seen it before (it’s amazing how funny a joke you’ve seen a hundred times can be when you’re in the company of somebody who’s never seen it before and laughing heartily!) She bailed out after Tikka to Ride (without forewarning of VII’s reputation – she was actually struggling with elements of VI, saying it had become formulaic), but I decided to watch on to the end.

    Having just watched the first six series, almost vicariously through the eyes of a newcomer to the show, I truly realised how utterly horrible VIII is. My biggest issue in the past was how broad it had become, but it was only then that I noticed just how at odds it is with pretty much everything that made the show great. It was genuinely depressing viewing. I picked up a copy of BTE just to round things off, and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Even though I didn’t laugh that much, and still found some of the jokes appalling (the letterbox one being a particular low point for me), it was amazing just how ‘Red Dwarf’ it felt. Not great Dwarf, of course, but the tone of the show was definitely in keeping with the spirit of the earlier series, as opposed to VIII which bears no similarity other than the actors. Listening to Doug’s commentary was even more enjoyable, as it was so relieving to hear him talk about what he’d learned from the mistakes of the previous series or two, and it was obvious that he was making a genuine effort to reconnect the show to what made it great in the first place.

    One of my favourite DVD features is the full-length Back in the Red, because it allows me to watch VIII without reference to Dennis the Donut Boy, a gag which shits on almost every pre-accident scene in the first two series, without even having the decency of being funny whilst doing it.

    Pretty much completely agree with the analysis of X (although not some elements of I-VIII) – while I was able to get past most of the slightly rough-around-the-edges elements, I do find myself wishing for less focus on unnecessary B & C-plots – something the early series never felt the need to do – and fewer direct references to previous episodes (no more post pods!) when watching the series.

    in reply to: Doctor Who from the beginning #211154

    There’s a chap over on DWO doing the same thing, he’s nearly finished in fact:

    There are a handful of gaps in my Who knowledge, entirely from the ’80s, so I’ve been watching from the start with my girlfriend. She’s a complete Who virgin, right down to not knowing when enemies are returning, and even when Doctors regenerate, and as I’m not even showing her the DVD sleeves she’s coming to it fresher than most people ever get the chance, which is a real joy to experience. We’ve not set a specific limit on episodes per day – it’s been between one and ten (the whole of The War Games) so far – and we’re in the middle of an enforced week-long break between Planet of Evil episodes 2 and 3 at the moment – but it’s very rewarding, and watching it like this I’m finally able to really appreciate some of the companions in the way I’d never had chance to before.

    in reply to: Dwarf in Paradise #211040

    Oh that is absolutely lovely.

    in reply to: Men Behaving Anywhere #210918

    Series three to five are among my favourite sitcom episodes ever… before and after that they’re patchy but have some great moments (the episode in series six where they’re watching Star Trek is a particular favourite).

    The romantic in me really likes the ending of the series and therefore writing Debs and Dorothy out for this skit has made me very unhappy.

    in reply to: XI titbits #210872

    “I’m quite confident that whatever comes off that pen will be quite funny”

    He probably said that about VIII.

    in reply to: Red Dwarf Encyclopedia Now Available! #210871

    Both were under the tree for me. Wonderful stuff – learning a lot as I’m a relative stranger to the Smegazines and games. Feel it might take me a very long time to get through. This is a good thing, of course. Top work!

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