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    The poo is coming from the “top of their heads”, so it’s unlikely to be the view being obscured by an areshole,

    I’d always visualised it as it’s being two antenna like things coming out of the top of the head, of which waste excretes from.

    Whatever the anatomy though, whether it’s an arse instead of a head or more than that, you wouldn’t want to be staring into the back of it or have it in your peripheral vision whilst trying to watch a movie.

    All this really does is highlight how different people read jokes differently when it’s sort of left to interpretation.

    I’d gather from Lister’s reaction he probably is more concerned about them shitting everywhere, but more realistically would be just having to look at somethings arse for 2 hours!

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    I always assumed it’s because you’d have their arse/genitalia blocking your view, rather than them pissing or shitting everywhere.

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    The crew a serenaded by an Australian rock band who can’t quite believe just how many Polymorphs they seem to encounter.

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    A group of polymorphs disguised as an Australian rock band appear to console Cat when he is told that the sex he had was disgusting and wrong.

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    The forth instalment in the Polymorph series sees an Australian rock band transform into polymorphs and play a song about it.

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    All woman rock trio ‘Haim’ stun the world when they reveal they are in fact a Polymorph.

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    The Dwarfers encounter a monster whose intent is to bring about Irish Unionism

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    In a special cross over episode, the crew encounter a number of past foes in string puppet form.

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    A 50 Shades of Grey inspired episode of Red Dwarf, where in Lister shows everyone is red raw arse after his BDSM sessions.

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    After suffering constipation for a couple of days, Cat drinks a gallon of prune juice and does a big poo.

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    Watching Titanic and some toff asks Jack Dawson (Leo’s character) if he is of the Boston Dawson’s.

    Either a complete coincidence or a lot of rich families live in Boston and that’s the “Boston Doyle” ref.

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    The crew encounter a society behavioural conditioning device that has its moral compass attuned to that of an early 2000s one hit wonder reggae band.

    Upon entering the Baha Men field, the crew desperately need to know who let the dogs out.

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    It’s a banana, it always has been a banana!

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    Kryten’s nano-bots rebuild a once destroyed bakery, reinstating it to a condition before the cut backs when the food was actually edible.

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    After an encounter with a despair sausage roll, the crew hallucinate opening a high street chain of bakeries.

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    In an alternate reality, Doug Naylor partners with a hughstreet bakery to form a comedy writing partnership.

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    EUEFA gift the memory of football residing within the English borders to the population of the country.

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    Lister gets prematurely exited at the possibility of winning an international football tournament.

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    They extrapolate who he might be, be the reference to a particular family with the same name has to in their world if not ours be real people. Unless you’re suggesting Rimmer’s just making The Boston Doyle’s up, which would be a bit weird to do.

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    The odds are zero. It doesn’t go in. In zero gravity it would just be repelled back in the same direction it came from (sounds like it was travelling in a straight horizontal line?) the only force acting on it being its own momentum. The goal post would simple reverse the direction.

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    I’m not really fond of the idea of all but erasing something from history on the basis a person turns out to be a cunt, though I do understand not broadcasting certain things if it is sensitive and said cunt is the focal point.

    But I don’t think that necessarily applies here, he’s a guest actor and not really renowned enough for anyone to recognise him let alone under the costume.

    BBC might have chosen not to repeat it if they were still broadcasting any Red Dwarf. I see no reason for any digital platform to pull it though.

    If it were still on Netflix, and Netflix did decide to pull it, they’d have to do the same for their own show House of Cards which they didn’t do. Granted Spacey hasn’t been convicted, that didn’t stop them (rightly I think) removing him from the show.

    On a bit of a side note, I keep thinking that of course the BBC would never repeat any Top of the Pops with Jimmy Savile on it, but have they edited those shows in anyway so the performances remain but Jimmy himself is removed? Because that would be a shame if they were lost to BBC archives.

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    Leigon bemoans the fact he exists in the universe where Lister smuggled a cat onboard, rather than a rat.

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    Legion begs the boys from the Dwarf to tug him off.

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    Leigon adopts the role of Cat’s prison bitch and tries to turn Cat on for a bit of frisky prison fun.

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    Leigon doesn’t understand why Lister won’t run around the station with him, slapping his fellow crew mates and filming it on his phone.

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    Leigon wishes he was visited by members of N-Dubz

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    When Siri, Alexa, and Cortana arrive at Leigon’s space station, he moans a time he was comprised of simpler, more jovial digital assistants

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    Here’s something I’ve realised I’ve never understood. Who were The Boston Doyles? Presumably a family of notoriety and money? But who? Is it something the show made up?

    I did a quick google and the main results point to a reason of Mafia Romance books

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    Perhaps worth noting the Holly in Chloe’s Kochanski’s universe believed Lister, who had recently split with her, was who she needed to keep her sane.

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    I do find it quite amusing that we all accept that the best way to resolve a dispute in the show’s continuity due to a ret-con is to consult a different continuity in a different medium.

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    Rimmer is the best person to keep him sane as it keeps Lister a bit annoyed, it centres him, gives him someone to take frustration out on etc. Even if he might appear to dislike it, it keeps is head in the right place. If it were Petersen or Chen they’d have just got drunk and Holly would have been in the same situation Lister is in the books before Rimmer comes back, only with a companion.

    Re Kochanski. I think the fact they had previously had a relationship could be even more of an argument not to bring her back. Would you want to be stuck alone in deep space with your ex? Especially for Kochanski, who would clearly not want that relationship.

    Had they currently been in a relationship at the time of the accident there’d be a case for it, but it being a broken relationship I think rights her off.

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    It’s just occurred to me … we all point to Dear Dave as a crap repeat of an earlier better joke, Lister humping a vending machine and Rimmer walking in. But actually, Kryten given Kochanski the heimlich maneuver is closer to the Polymorph original … as it’s clearly meant to look like he is ramming her from behind, but there’s no character to walk in and catch it.

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    Boring sods, I think it’s amusing.

    Maybe she was shagging her service robot.

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    My entire understanding of this culturally (in)significant moment in internet history has come from the last three posts which is both brilliant and a little concerning that this thread now has that sort of power.

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    Holly pretends to be a cunt to the crew but it’s fine as it’s just banter innit.

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    I appear on Red Dwarf as an elaborate practical joke.

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    Cardi B updates her hit song when she has her monthly.

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    After new newly-emancipated Kryten crashes Starbug during his flight test, he bemoans the fact he has likely failed and won’t be allowed to fly again.

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    A new newly-emancipated Kryten turned human by a DNA machine complains about the lack of features in the eye sight function.

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    A new newly-emancipated Kryten joins in the process of drafting a human rights charter and believes several rights will need to be included.

    Oh I see.

    It’s possible the theme was remastered for Dave era, HD broadcasts, or it’s just a less compressed sound file. Plus again, better quality of equipment you’re watching on etc. But I doubt the mix was any different.

    Firstly, how the hell is this 5 years ago. If you’d asked me I’d have said this was discovered in 2019!

    And Jenuall, it’s only because you’ve been made aware of it that you’re hearing it more clearly. It was always there but your brain ignored it in the mix. Better speakers may offer slightly better clarity, but given it’s in there like it’s just a weird sound effect, you wouldn’t be picking out that particular bit of instrumentation whilst listening.

    I’d imagine for the most part, most people aren’t picking out anything more than the guitar and drums and everything else just blending into the background, because it’s mixed that way really.

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    After a frustrating afternoon setting up the new Grav-Pool table, the landlord of the Aigburth Arms gives up trying to align the grav-plates and just hangs it from he ceiling instead.

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    So they are a solution to a problem created by inventing a game that in itself is rather untenable.

    Just put bloody legs on your table and let gravity do its job!

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    Rimmer quantum skips to a dimension where ‘Mott the Hoople’ were safely sealed in the hold.

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    Rimmer quantum skips to a dimension where David Platt off of Corrie is safely sealed in the hold.

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    Rimmer quantum skips to a dimension where another Dave original sit-com was safely sealed in the hold and immediately skips out again.

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    MR FAT

    Rimmer quantum skips to a dimension where Rob Grant was safely sealed in the hold.

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    Rimmer quantum skips to a dimension where Dennis Thatcher was safely sealed in the hold.

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    Yes but, the thing about series VIII, the thing you have to remember about series VIII … series VIII … series VIII is a goit!

    Perhaps there is a real low level guilt routine that runs to keep his behaviour in check, but that has developed into something much greater since the Nova 5. He killed the crew. At first he didn’t even notice and then 3million years later when it became apparent, the routine went into overdrive trying to figure out why it happened and to compensate for the years of just merrily going around serving soup to skeletons.

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    I just quite enjoy it as a very obvious example of the ‘make it up as they go along’ scrappy approach Rob and Doug took to writing.

    Agreed, and I think no where is that more obvious than with Kryten, who in some ways needs to be Data-esque but also needs complete autonomy for him to function as a character within the show.

    it’s interesting that Polymorph has to make quite an effort to establish that Kryten has an overriding emotion of guilt

    There’s something quite sadistic about using guilt in mechanoids to ensure they do what they’re programmed to do isn’t there.

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    Last Day seems like an exception though as a) Kryten is lying to another mechanoid and b) he is doing it to prevent lose of life. Not just his own but everyone else is in danger too.

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    Futuristic Irish pool table

    in reply to: Jokes you don't/didn't get #267853

    Pool with planets is sort of meant to be the exception though isn’t it. Lister sees it as 2D and says he’ll take the shot, but Rimmer reminds him that, amongst other things, it’s a 3D situation.

    He also has the benefit of being able to fire a nuclear warhead into a sun to take the shot.

    in reply to: Jokes you don't/didn't get #267851

    surely the point of pool is that it’s played on a single plane.

    Unless you made the “table” the inside of a cub and somehow where able to play in that 3D space from the outside

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    In the future, pool tables are covered in a layer of gravel to further up the stakes.

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    ‘Grav-Pool’ suggests the table should hover like a Star Trek anti-grav pallet, so I can only make sense of the chains meaning that either

    You say that, and I suspect that is what they were going for. But …

    Grav-pool is just “gravity-pool” … which is just normal pool. It’s not Anti-Grav or Zero-G.

    That said I prefer option A of your solutions to the chains.

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    In what is widely accepted as trying too hard create quirky futuristic sports, pool with the balls suspended in a lake of gravy causes fans to question how the Red Dwarf universe got to this.

    in reply to: Jokes you don't/didn't get #267833

    I know with Red Dwarf we’re talking hundreds of years rather than a few decades, but even then you can usually point to things and see the progression.

    Like, iPhones might be mind blowing but also you can break them down to all the different things that did exist in the 70s and 80s and just track their development 30-40 years on.

    And we’ve had sci-fi prepping us for a lot of these things for decades. Phones, smart watches, computers that talk … hell, Red Dwarf is in a way partly responsible for our easy acceptance of things like Alexa.

    Whilst decor and styles change, core functions don’t. Like, why the fuck would you hang a pool table form the ceiling? And why, after millennia of doors being rectangular, would you suddenly make them any other shape? Especially on a planet.

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    Isn’t the pub in Timeslides meant to be The Aigburth Arms as well then?

    I never thought it was, just a random pub the band were playing in.

    The Ouroboros pub is a really, really ninetiesy vision of the future.

    It looks like part of a Laser Quest arena which would track with exactly that.

    in reply to: Jokes you don't/didn't get #267824

    I’d never really considered it to be futuristic. But now you mention it, and I just rewatched it, I see where you’re coming from.

    I always say it as really dive-y and rough, which it is, but it definitely has elements of future in it.

    The door is a futuristic coffin shape, I’d never notice the twinkly lights outside but they’re there … and it makes it look more like the interior of a space station than a pub in Liverpool. Especially with everything being metal and riveted.

    I don’t think the clothing really matters too much. Lister just has a similar style to the people he grew up around. Except for a brief period in his teens when he ostensibly rebelled and dressed like a disco ball with wings.

    Other than Timeslides and Ouroborus, we don’t see any other future Earth so it’s hard to say what it’s like really.

    The Aigbuth Arms is future-y, but there’s plenty of old pubs and buildings that stand now from hundreds of years ago. It’s not unusual for the pub in Timeslides to have a 1980s interior feel, when there’s pub that have pre-victorian feels knocking around.

    Other than that, we see rich Lister and a butler. And upperclass “fashion” always seems to revolve around suits and shit so that stands that it would survive.

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    Chapter title for that one bit in Balance of Power where Rimmer has Petersen’s arm.

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    A drunk Petersen breaks into supplies, eats all the ice cream and drinks all the coke and shits everywhere.

    in reply to: Unanswered Questions #267807

    It is quite amusing how even the catering staff are office grade yet the techies aren’t!

    in reply to: Unanswered Questions #267799

    If Petersen were the bridge catering officer, then it would explain how he knew how Rimmer performed in an exam and was able to rely it to Lister.

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    Lister corrects Rimmer’s assumption that he has been jabbing himself in the left with a compass again, and in the process highlights why pets aren’t allowed aboard space ships.

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    Lister teaches his friend Petersen how to safely tie him up and verbally abuse him as a demonstration a variety of sexual fetishes.

    in reply to: Unanswered Questions #267756

    As second in command, he was able to order Rimmer to fix the drive plate, knowing it was cause a radiation leak thus fulling his promise that Lister “will die for this” for embarrassing him in front of two beautiful ladies.

    What he wasn’t aware of was that Lister had just been sent to stasis and that radiation leaks have a nasty habit of killing everyone.

    in reply to: Unanswered Questions #267727

    Maybe none of the piles of dust were the crew at all, but the first of many practical jokes Holly played on Lister.

    in reply to: Mundane observation dome #267724

    Maybe he starts to prefer curry more and more as it covers the awful taste of all the food that has been sat in storage for 3million years.

    I had a prawn vindaloo once because Lister hadn’t, I wouldn’t recommend it.

    in reply to: Mundane observation dome #267721

    Maybe he doesn’t want to ruin it for himself. Or all the food will be slathered in vindaloo sauce, chutney in the doughnuts etc

    But really it’s a slight change in Lister’s character isn’t it. He becomes much more curry obsessed from III onwards. He likes curry but he eats a variety of things in the early years.

    in reply to: Mundane observation dome #267719

    oh yeah I think I meant that when I said burgers.

    in reply to: Unanswered Questions #267717

    He says “Holly made if for me”. Now, it could be CCTV footage but that fact it is dramatised in the way it is lends itself to the idea he re-created it digitally.

    in reply to: Mundane observation dome #267716

    The quote’s true to what I saw in some hot countries where people are used to not walking the shortest distance because of the heat + cheap public transport. Space bike and lifts have probably spoiled him.

    Also, this is someone who planned a three-week “fishing” holiday that involved sitting around drinking. The lyrics of the theme song are similarly low-effort.

    A fishing holiday is quite different though. The point of that is to sit around and do sod all, but outside. For them it’s just getting off the ship and stretching their legs a bit in the fresh air.

    Don’t forget, Lister’s dream is to own a farm (and inexplicably a hotdog and burger restaurant). The farm is pretty manual labour stuff.

    in reply to: Mundane observation dome #267715

    It would make a lot of sense if the living and main working areas of the ship, where all in one place. Then there’s huge cargo bays and landing bays and engine rooms and decks that take up the bulk of the ship that you rarely need to access day to day, and if you do you have the tube system that’s talked about in the books and seen in series viii, or there probably are some scooters, buggies etc for medium trip transport etc. Maybe to get around the large engineering decks etc

    The only discrepancy to this is Stasis Leak as Jenuall points out, it takes them hours to descend hundreds of floors, and they emerge in a part of the ship people are again, ostensibly living and working in. It would be impractical for people to have to make the journey on a daily basis so it’s curious how that fits in, other than being a joke of course.

    I don’t buy that Lister’s character is so lazy that he wouldn’t walk down the road a bit. I think he uses that bike post accident because he can. There’s no-one around to tell him not to and he is bored.

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    He’s a catering officer, maybe it was his duty to bring Hollister his lunch.

    The “flashback” is a re-creation of Rimmer’s death made by Holly. He probably just left them out.

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    One thing I’ve just thought of that always bothers me a little is Lister in Better Than Life, when he is told there is a restaurant just a couple of miles down the beach, he asks “a couple of miles! how are we going to get there?” as if two miles is some insurmountable and inconceivable distance to cover on foot. It’s a 30min walk down the beach! If anything a stroll along a sandy beach after being stuck on Red Dwarf for the last year old so would be welcomed.

    I appreciate it’s there to introduce the “think what you want and it’ll appear in front of you” mechanic of the game, but it’s just the way the question is phrased that bothers me.

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    Muse pen an entire album revealing what a white hole is.

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    Muse pen an entire album detailing the writing processes behind one latter series Red Dwarf episode.

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    Doug Naylor joins the writing team staff of Eastenders and starts making suggestions for the character of Beppe Di Marco, as he hasn’t seen the show in over 20 years and was unaware he had left.

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    Kryten is kidnapped and reprogrammed to host a daytime auction channel for cheap tat you couldn’t flog at a car boot sale.

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    Kryten leaves his Silicon Heaven beliefs behind and converts to Judaism

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    Yes, him standing there watching it all – even taking his mask off in time to see his face changing – has always been very clunky.

    Honestly, given the fact they have nothing to live for on Red Dwarf, staying on Legion’s space station with an additional person for company, the holosuite and a seemingly great supplies situation seems like a no brainer.

    As Kryten (?) points out though, as nice as it all is they are still prisoners. They have no freedom. And I think that’s important.

    It would be a bit like quarantine, knowing they can’t leave if they want to would drive them nuts.

    They have no idea how their lives will go if they go off in search of Red Dwarf. But settling on Legion’s space station seals their fait. They no there is nothing new going to happen etc.

    Nozick (yes I’m going to get all wanky and philosophical now) devised the thought experiment of the Experience Machine. A bit like Better Than Life really. If you could choose to experience nothing but the best, everything that makes you happy, the ultimate pleasures, would you choose to plug in?

    Flip the question around, and if you were told your entire life was in this machine and it was a lie (sort of like the Matrix) would you choose to leave?

    Cutting through a lot of the crap, Nozich’s says you probably wouldn’t plug in full time and would definitely choose to leave if you were told of it.

    Whilst pleasure is may be valuable, it isn’t good final moral value on it’s own. As with BTL, what’s the point of being given everything you want if you know it not to be real. And where is the value of having pleasure if you have no pain (or disappointment or struggle etc) to weigh it against.

    Legion offers the illusion of everything Lister et al could want, but that isn’t really true. It takes away Lister’s freedom, he doesn’t have Kochanski, he doesn’t have a goal or a purpose (get back to Earth). No matter how flimsy his objectives are, he has them and it is what drives him and keeps him going. To just stop would be to accept fait and give up, and that isn’t Lister.

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    Lister deduces from his bowel movement that he is about to have on backwards Earth, will result in him having spaghettios for dinner yesterday night.

    in reply to: Unanswered Questions #267651

    What’s more curious is how early on their explaining how it could solve all of their supply issues and yet don’t think to mention they’d have to solve the “only lasts an hour” problem.

    in reply to: Mundane observation dome #267650

    This might be a well-known mistake, but not to me. In Dimension Jump, there’s a rogue frame of Starbug at 16:15 (my copy) between the pan under Ace’s ship and the cockpit interior (“they’ve ditched into the drink” scene, when Starbug is already crashed). Three consecutive frames:

    I’s never noticed this too but confirmed mine (ripped from DVD) is the same.

    I wonder if it is the same on the blu-ray. Feels like it might have been the sort of thing to be picked up and taken out?

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    Taking on the persona of a mouse, a G&T forum user thanks another for solving an irritating problem for him

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    Rimmer is taking his astros again, and is just one question away from passing. He must correctly fill in the blanks in the following, using whole numbers from one to nine, so that each statement is true and accurate:
    Below this line of text, and above the line of text that reads “END OF EXAM”, there are, in total:
    __ instance/s of the number 1;
    __ instance/s of the number 2;
    __ instance/s of the number 3;
    __ instance/s of the number 4;
    __ instance/s of the number 5.
    What numbers should go in the blanks?


    A G&T forum user is driven crazy by constantly looking back at a MATHS IN THE RED post and being unable to figure out the answer

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    Robert Llewelyn in full Kryten garb records a series of adverts for a mobile operating system.

    in reply to: Idea for an episode. #267620


    Craig Charles in full Lister garb hosts a gameshow that is a cross between tennis and golf.

    in reply to: Idea for an episode. #267619


    A whiney Robert Llewelyn in full Kryten garb hosts Naked Attraction

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    Rimmer alludes to the fact Ace has a fondness for preserving raw herring.

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    Pilot episode of an entire series focused on the powers that be at GNP deciding how to stylise the “and” in a series XI episode title, and how a few people who run a fan site react to the inevitable decision.

    in reply to: Jokes you don't/didn't get #267540

    Spoilers in the 90s wasn’t really a thing was it. Details would be revealed to entice you into watching a show. Hell, that still happens now with soaps and such. But you’d regularly see details in TV guides things about shows weeks before they aired.

    I distinctly remember knowing the character of John Hallam was going to die in London’s Burning the actor went off on a round the world boat race. So I was allowed to stay up that Sunday and watch it go out rather than wait to watch in taped the next day.

    If you knew something like that now there’d be fucking outrage wouldn’t there.

    Hell we even knew Chris was leaving right? Not quite the same thing now returning characters are tried to be kept secret probably in a way the wouldn’t have been back then.

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    Who was the guy associated with Daleks? I always get his name and Davro mixed up, so that was my first connotation when catching on to ‘Davro’!


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    They’re just topical to the era names that aren’t scientists.

    If anyone is over thinking this Pete it’s you.

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    As an absolute complete aside to this, though it has prompted me to remember this from the deep recesses of my mind.

    Does anyone remember that SimCity 2000 used the names of the crew as neighbouring cities to your own?

    in reply to: Jokes you don't/didn't get #267503

    Just because the studio audience doesn’t laugh until the end, doesn’t mean that those names aren’t there for comedic value.

    What’s better, make up a bunch of random names for scientist in the 23rd century, or use the names of famous people at the time of writing?

    Even if Quayle is the specific “joke” because he was renowned at the time, the other names are still there for comedy.

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    in reply to: Jokes you don't/didn't get #267498

    I don’t think anyone is implying that the “the greatest minds” are literally the people referenced. The names are just fun references to modern people, but they clearly aren’t meant to reference the same people in the show.

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