I'd always assumed that Red Dwarf associate (or should that be "exec"?) producer Andrew Ellard spent his entire life immersed in the show, even when it wasn't being made. I've always had this picture of him sitting at his desk, watching the DVDs over and over again, occasionally having a chat with Doug, and just counting down the days until Friday so that he could post news items on the official site.

But it turns out that no. That perception is a good few years out of date. Because Andrew actually has an entire non-Dwarfy CAREER as a writer and somewhat renowned script editor, a career that's just yielded a radio sitcom pilot that you can download for free RIGHT NOW.

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Just a quick update to bring you this nice little post made by Andrew Ellard on the TOS WebBoard, who today took his place on the new production team for the specials.

I moved into my office on the new Red Dwarf production. It is number 13. The schedule includes not one but TWO Friday the 13ths.

I choose not to be superstitious. Since we have a very cool story to tell.

Expect updates on the site in the next week or two now things are up and running, as opposed to 'roughly planned'.


News coming soon, everyone, SO STOP COMPLAINING.

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