Big changes are afoot at Baby Cow, the production company that currently co-produces Red Dwarf alongside GNP. Co-founder Henry Normal is stepping down after sixteen years, Steve Coogan is stepping up to fill the gap, and most intriguingly, BBC Worldwide has gained a controlling stake in the business. It's an amusing twist of fate that Auntie Beeb is once more involved in the production of our favourite show, but the big question remains: how is all this going to affect Red Dwarf?

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Following the recent revelation that The Naylors’ new sitcom would be co-produced by Baby Cow, many of us were pondering whether this had any implications for the future of Grant Naylor Productions and/or Red Dwarf. It seems like it might, as even the most cursory of Google searches – for “baby cow red dwarf” – reveals some pretty interesting results.

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