Oh, oh, it’s started…

Though it’s already been posted in a comment thread by one Andrew Ellard (whom you might have thought to have a rather better place to post news bits, but we’ll not quibble if he wants to do our job for us as well), we thought this was rather worthy of promoting to its own front page post. You’ll find we’ll probably do a lot of this in the coming weeks.

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Radio Blah Blah

Well, this has been quite a day, hasn’t it? I was going to give you a run down of all the press/blog/etc coverage, but then when I spotted that GMail had split my daily Google Alerts e-mails into two threads – which happens when a thread reaches a hundred messages – I realised that this wasn’t the most practical idea. Ah well, most of the interesting things are being picked up in this comment thread, thanks to our loyal band of excellent link-dumpers.

Anyway, instead of a big pile of links, we offer you mp3 copies of today’s Dwarf-related radio interviews. Hooray!

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Anything else coming, Mr. Ellard?

Andrew Ellard, via the TOS WebBoard, has given word that Tuesday 27th January is going to be a big day for Red Dwarf specials news.

Boys and girls, I would direct your attention tomorrow to one of the national newspapers, and later in the day to a great many websites which will be carrying Important News regarding the new Red Dwarf shows.

As you know, rd.co.uk updates of Fridays, at which point we’ll have our own take on things. But by then…well, you should be pretty stunned by what’s happening. Maybe.

So, what could he be referring to? Information on the plot for the new episodes or some brand new piece of information that will be completely unexpected? Keep an eye out tomorrow and be sure to report your findings/opinions in the comments section.

UPDATE: The news has broken early–the specials will feature the crew returning to Earth. More after the jump.

UPDATE II: The new episodes will be titled Red Dwarf: Back To Earth as revealed by the Telegraph.

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“Things are up and running”

Just a quick update to bring you this nice little post made by Andrew Ellard on the TOS WebBoard, who today took his place on the new production team for the specials.

I moved into my office on the new Red Dwarf production. It is number 13. The schedule includes not one but TWO Friday the 13ths.

I choose not to be superstitious. Since we have a very cool story to tell.

Expect updates on the site in the next week or two now things are up and running, as opposed to ‘roughly planned’.


News coming soon, everyone, SO STOP COMPLAINING.

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